Roscoe Dash Biography

Roscoe Dash made a breakthrough in music scene when his non-album single "All the Way Turnt Up" was played all day back in 2009. He was only 19 years old at that time. Born as Jeffery Johnson, Jr., Dash hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. He was the baby of the family for he has an older brother, two half-sisters and two step-brothers. It was the older brother, Erik, who introduced him to Hip-Hop.

"My brother used to make beats in the basement. When he'd leave the house, I'd steal the beats off of his computer and record them on a karaoke machine," Dash recalled. He began rapping at the age of 12 and joined a rap group, where his brother was also a member, called the Blackout Boys, naming himself ATL. They became popular locally when they released a mixtape in 2006. Then Dash recording his solo mixtape titled "My Turn".

It was not until his daughter was born when he was aged 16 that Dash began to take his career in music seriously. "When my daughter was born, my life suddenly had a purpose. It wasn't just about me anymore. It was about spending time with her and making sure I could provide her with a great life," he said.

Writing and recording songs in his very own basement, Dash struck the opportunity to get bigger through his cousin Torrey "YT" hood. YT is an affiliate of trio Travis Porter, whose member Strap listened to "All the Way Turnt Up" in 2009. Strap wanted to work on it immediately so Dash made some changes to the verses to incorporate the established group's name inside the song.

The song was hidden inside Travis Porter's hard drive for weeks until the group's manager, Charlie Jabaley, stumbled upon it while putting together their mixtape "I'm a Differenter 2". Dash was immediately signed to their label. But his fame did not come instantly with the hit song because it was released with Travis Porter's mixtape and Dash was only credited as the featured guest. The trio also began performing it during their shows when the song received heavy rotation on radios.

Internal conflicts were inevitable so Dash decided to step out of the trio's shadow under a new name. Picking Roscoe Dash, the rapper met party promoter and entrepreneur L.A. Da Boomman in the fall of 2009. He was signed to MMI (Making Moves Inc) production company, re-recorded "All The Way Turnt Up!" and tagged Soulja Boy to the song. The song's performance on the chart was more than Dash expected. It climbed up to number 8 on Billboard rap chart and peaked at number 46 on Hot 100.

For his first full-length album, Dash brought in Polow Da Don in January 2010. The result was "Ready Set Go!" which was released in 2011. After that, an EP called "J.u.i.c.e." was scheduled to be released on December 20 in the same year. But already Dash announced that another album was on the way. "I'mma do another album at the top of March," he said before his latest effort hit the stores.