Evanescence Trivia
  1. Won the International Group/Duo of the Year award at the 2007 NRJ Awards.

  2. Called their latest member, guitarist Terry Balsamo who entered in 2004, "Banana Baggins" or "T Baggins."

  3. The only song which Lee and Moody composed in the same room that was ever recorded entitled "Catherine," but later was dropped from the album "Origin" before its release in 2000.

  4. Evanescence's first concert was in December 1998.

  5. Most of the songs on "Fallen" (2003) were written from 2001-2002, while some other were from earlier writing sessions, the oldest being "My Immortal," whose first recording was made in 1997.

  6. The band went by several short-lived names, like "Striken" and "Childish Intentions," before they came up with Evanescence.

  7. "Bring Me To Life" is featured in "Daredevil" (2003), starring Ben Affleck.

  8. "Going Under" is used in Atari and Shiny Entertainment video game, "Enter The Matrix."

  9. Guitarist Terry Balsamo who replaces Ben Moody was formerly from an alternative metal band, Cold.

  10. Singles "Bring Me to Life" and "Going Under" were directed by the award-winning director Philipp Stolzi.

  11. Sometimes considered as a goth rock band.

  12. The band's name means a 'sudden vanishing'.

  13. Was formerly considered as Christian band which sends Christian message.

  14. Describe their music style as "Epic, dramatic, dark rock."

  15. Debut album "Fallen" was certified 6x Platinum

  16. Had been told that adding a permanent rapper to the band was their only chance to reach success.

  17. Amy Lee and ex-guitarist Ben Moody used to write alone and then put their song ideas together.

  18. "Bring Me to Life" is originally a piano ballad.