Zero Hour

Episode 1.02 : Face

  • Zero Hour
    • Episode Premiere : February 21, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Pierre Morel
  • Screenwriter Paul Scheuring
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Charles S. Dutton,
    • Samrat Chakrabarti,
    • Yolande Bavan,
    • Zach Grenier,
    • Nick Blaemire

The Story

The Arctic Circle-Hank tries to compose himself after seeing a long-dead Nazi officer who looks exactly like him inside a wartime submarine. White Vincent races towards the scene. He shoots the plane pilot before dragging Hank into the sub. He has no idea Beck is inside. She hides a navigational journal before drawing her gun on Vincent, who grabs the Commandant's nautical watch. Hank snaps a picture of the timepiece. It holds some kind of map inside. Beck wants to shoot the man who murdered her husband, but Hank convinces her to spare Vincent until they find his wife. BOOM! Vincent detonates a bomb that was inside the car he was driving. It's enough of a diversion for him to escape in the plane. Hank and Beck are left to watch the old sub sink beneath the icy surface to a watery grave.

Brooklyn, New York-Beck reveals that she'll kill Vincent the next time she sees him. This forces Hank to sever ties with her. Laila can't be collateral damage for her vengeance. Rachel and Arron are relieved to see their boss come through the Modern Skeptic office doors. They reaffirm their loyalty to Hank, as does Father Mickle. The recovering priest believes the engraving on the watch symbolizes the apostle Thomas, as in Doubting Thomas. The team determines the dots on the watch are for a celestial map.

Hank uses the date of March 18, 1938 to help lock in the constellation's location. It's in Chennai, India. That's where White Vincent is headed to find the next clock. Hank needs to get there first. White Vincent threatens to leave Laila drowning into a tub full of lye in a place where she won't be found for months. Then he books a flight to India. Hank is also headed for Chennai, so he sends Rachel off to dig for info in the journal that was found on the sub. Beck says the FBI already vetted the book, so it's fair game. She also lets Rachel know that Hank is in extreme danger if he's going after White Vincent alone.

Rachel and Arron learn that the name of the Commandant who looks like Hank is Korbin Sturm. The Nazi War Criminals Library (yes, there is such a thing) reveals that Sturm was a scientist whose field of research involved something called Zero Hour. A private collector has an old film that shows the Hank-like Commandant looking for the secret of life and death in India. A local girl named Sri Trailanga is also seen in the film. She is said to have had the ability to talk to the dead. She'd be 80-something now.

Chennai, India-Hank heads to San Thome Basilica, the holiest Christian site in all of India. He meets with a young priest, Father Satchet, who says White Vincent has been there. He was asking about the slums. Hank heads into this dangerous area. He grabs an old cricket bat when he sees Vincent in the distance. Hank loses sight of his target. He's then targeted himself by locals looking to rough him up. Beck shows up in the nick of time to scare off the thugs by brandishing her gun. She promises Hank that she will help him get his wife back.

A phone call from Rachel gives Hank the 411 on Sri Trailanga. It's possible that she could be New Thomas. Hank realizes that the thugs who roughed him up in the alley weren't trying to hurt him. They were protecting something. Hank brings flowers to the area where the thugs stand guard. He sees an elderly woman standing in the distance. It's Sri Trailanga. The birthmark under her eye confirms that she is New Thomas. She looks upon Hank as if she knows him. Old film footage shows Korbin Strum having approached her when she was a child. They were two people who came together to keep the species alive.

Sri says that if she was ever to see Hank's face that she was to destroy her clock. This message was given to her by Korbin Strum. If he returned to her, it would signify the coming of the angel of death. A letter that Arron found reveals that the old Commandant made a choice to leave the woman he loved for the sake of all mankind. That's not something Hank can do when it comes to Laila. BANG! BANG! Father Satchet, the priest who led Hank to the slums, shoots at him. Beck guns him down in alley. Father Satchet holds a thin golden crucifix with a rose at its center-the symbol of a Rosicrucian.

White Vincent makes his way through the crowd. Sri steps away so he can dig out the clock she kept hidden below where she stood. BANG! BANG! Beck and Hank see Vincent fleeing the area. They give chase, but Vincent eludes them. Hank sees Vincent get into a car. He sees Laila in the backseat. She's alive! Hank screams that he will find her as the car speeds away.

Hank returns to find Sri bleeding out from her gunshot wounds. The old lady says that she was wrong in her belief that Hank was the angel of death. She believes the darkness of the coming apocalypse is now upon them. Hank alone holds the key. If he continues on his quest, he'll bring about the end of the world. Then Sri is gone. The second sign of the end of the world is supposed to be when the angel pours out his bowl in the rivers and they become as blood. The water before Hank and Beck is completely red from the thousands of fish that have been gutted by townspeople. Hank says, "Maybe the signs were here and we just haven't been seeing them."

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