Zeke & Luther

Episode 1.10 : Haunted Board

  • Zeke & Luther
    • Episode Premiere : October 05, 2009
    • Distributor : Disney
    • Genre : Comedy, Adventure
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2012
    • Production Company: Jetix Concept Animation, Turtle Rock Prod.
    • Official Site : http://disney.go.com/xd/zekeandluther/

Cast and Crew

  • Director Savage Steve Holland
  • Screenwriter Boyd Hale
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Adam Chambers

The Story

Zeke and Luther are haunted, when a cool looking board they bought off the internet, turns out to be the legendary cursed, "Eye of the Cat". Which appears to be possessed, and have a mind of it's own, every boarder who has ever ridden it being in an unfortunate accident (one guy just instantly being vaporized into a cloud of smoke). In the meantime, Stinky Cast strikes a deal with Ginger in which he bets that he can truly frighten her. If Stinky Cast is able to succeed in scaring her, Ginger has to go trick or treating with him in the costume of his choosing. Hilarious antics ensue as Stinky Cast tries time after time to take Halloween scare tactics to the next level. After trying everything to get rid of it, Zeke and Luther decide to let the Eye of the Cat take them where it wants to go, letting it steer they end up in the grav yard, where they run into the crazy gravedigger who they find the board used to belong to, but was forced to give up when he was a kid when his dad sold it. They realize the board wasn't evil, it just wanted to go home, shortly before running off screaming, when they remember there alone in a grave yard on Halloween. Afterwards the gravedigger shows up to thank Zeke and Luther for finding his board, and scares Ginger, winning Stinky the bet.






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