Warehouse 13

Episode 1.09 : Regrets

  • Warehouse 13
    • Episode Premiere : September 01, 2009
    • Distributor : Syfy
    • Genre : Sci-Fi, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2014
    • Production Company: Universal Cable Productions
    • Official Site : http://www.syfy.com/warehouse13/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At a dance club, a man in prison clothing, Lee Donaldson, wanders the crowd. A girl approaches him and asks if he wants a drink, but he refuses. She says that he drank five years ago and killed her. The prisoner insists it was an accident as the crowd stares at him in sudden silence. Dr. Cooper makes his way through the crowd and tells Lee to calm down. lee backs up and falls over a stairway... and in a prison, he falls over a balcony to his death as the other prisoners start yelling. Only one prisoner, Reverend John Hill, doesn't join the yelling.

At Leena's bed & breakfast, Myka receives an envelope from the Secret Service containing the final report on the 2008 Denver shooting. Pete comes in with a piece of soap on a rope and says they have been assigned to investigate unexplained suicides at a maximum security prison at Riverton. Meanwhile, Claudia is running inventory when a light bulb starts to flicker. She goes to Artie's office where he's working on a song for his father. He refuse to let her have the keys to the cherry picker, explaining the light bulbs never burn out. Artie tells her he'll tighten the bulb later and Claudia storms off.

At Riverton Penitentiary in Florida, Pete and Myka check in as Warden Corinne Huggins arrives to greet them, warning there's a tropical storm moving in. She tells them there have been four suicides in recent weeks and the last man, Lee, had everything to live for. The other three had similarly upbeat lives to look forward to. She took over just before the first suicide but there have been no new prisoners admitted in several months. They go to Higgins' office, which hasn't been repainted since the last warden left. As they look around, Myka sees a man behind her who calls her "Bunny" and says she killed him. She goes to investigate but the man has disappeared. Pete goes through Lee's personal effects and finds a manifesto on salvation written by Reverend Hill.

Hill is preaching to the prisoners about freedom when Pete and Myka go to see him. Hill warns that death has returned to the prison and history is doomed to repeat itself. As the agents go to see Dr. Cooper, Hill sees them and says that salvation can only be found in the heart and there's no room for salvation.

At the warehouse, Claudia finds Alessandro Volta's lab coat, which increases biomagnetic attraction. She activates it and discovers it lets her magnetically adhere to the metal girders. She climbs up to the light bulb while small metal objects become attracted to her. She finally screws in the light bulb only to have it go out entirely.

As they go to see Cooper, Pete suddenly freezes and asks Myka if she sees a fireman up ahead of them. She doesn't and Pete says that it's his dad. The figure disappears mysteriously and the agents call Artie. Myka tells him about her own sighting of her dead partner Sam earlier. When Artie learns that there's an approaching storm, he reminds them that the electricity can crank up the power of an artifact. He tells them to call him every hour and tells them to check out the dead prisoners. They go to see Cooper, who reveals that Lee claimed he saw Claire, the girl he killed in a hit-and-run. Lee was a trustee and Cooper's friend, but he didn't see the warning signs. The doctor explains that Lee had converted to Hill's religious beliefs, but he left when Hill started capitalizing on the first few suicides. Hill hated him ever since.

Warden Huggins insists that Hill's religious beliefs are strange but not dangerous. She takes the agent to see Hill in his cell and they notice he's wearing a necklace. Hill says that the necklace, with an Ouroboros symbol, says to learn how to walk the path of overcoming regret and guilt, and that feeling remorse shames God. Hill insists that Lee had to sacrifice his life to redeem himself. As they talk, Myka notices Sam walking away. When she says his name, he turns back to face her. Pete interrupts her before the hallucination can say anything.

At the warehouse, Claudia replaces the light bulb but becomes stuck to the girder and can't remove the coat. Larger magnetic objects start approaching her and she calls to Artie for help.

At the prison, the agent go over the files to find any patterns. Myka locates information revealing that Riverton was known for its riots during the last hurricane. It was closed for six months, and then reopened under Huggins' predecessor, Matthews. As they talk, Huggins briefly goes into a trance but insists nothing is wrong. They ask her what Matthews did differently and she explains that he instituted daily prayers. In one of Matthews' photos, they find an Ouroboros sculpture that Matthews got rid of when he took over.

Believing the necklace is significant, Pete and Myka put Hill's necklace in a neutralization cylinder but insists it's beyond their authority to explain to Huggins what's going on.

In the doctor's office, Cooper is recording a medical report when Lee gets up and blames the doctor for ignoring the warning signs and letting him die. Lee starts strangling him as Cooper grabs a scalpel and tries to cut Lee's arm without success.

When Cooper's body is found, another apparent suicide, Huggins demands answers. When they can't, she tells them to leave once the storm is over. They look for cooper's medical recorded and Myka ends up searching his body. Pete finds it off to the side and finally shows it to her. They play it back and hear Cooper's side of the conversation. There's the sound of static at the points where someone else would be speaking. They pass the information on to Artie, who tries to identify the particular type of mineral that causes that type of static. He's distracted when he hears a banging sound in Morse code and goes to investigate. He finds Claudia hanging around and explains that each metallic object the coat sticks to makes it more powerful.

Myka makes a miniature metal detector to home in on the mineral the artifact is made of. Pete wonders if she's okay and tells her that she can tell him anything that she wants to. Myka finally tells him that she got the Denver report but hasn't read it yet. She insists she did everything possible, but wonders if she missed something. Pete assures her that the killer is the one responsible and she and Sam are heroes. She uses the device but it crackles at everything. They realize that there are quartz mines beneath the prison, and quartz was used in the building's construction. The prison is permeated with quartz, turning it into a giant tuning fork.

Artie sends some magnets up to Claudia but warns that the entire warehouse could implode if he doesn't do it perfectly.

Myka is unable to contact Artie due to interference from the storm. The agents try to figure out why the hallucinations stopped. They figure when Matthews died, his items went into storage and one of them contained the hallucinations. Pete sees his dead dad again and they quickly go to Huggins. She locks herself in her office while a prison guard panics. They try to get in but Huggins is hallucinating Cooper appearing to her and blaming her for his death.

The agents head for the storage room while in the prison, the prisoners begin to riot as the guards go crazy. Hill emerges from his cell along with the others while the agents search without knowing what they're looking for. Hill calls out to the prisoners, leading the ones who have listened to his words and cast aside their remorse.

Myka calls Artie on the Farnsworth and tells him that quartz is responsible. He explains that the frequency of quartz can be cancelled out by the proximity of another large piece. The storm cuts off the signal before he can fully explain, and he goes back to work slowly reducing the magnetic field without destroying her central nervous system. They're interrupted when a truck starts approaching them.

Myka tries to reassure Huggins while Pete finds a photo showing a cross made out of quartz.

As the warehouse starts to buckle, Artie comes up with a new plan.

Pete finds the cross but discovers that Hill and his prisoners have arrived. Hill is wearing the necklace and tells them to stand aside while he removes the warden's door from the hinges. He insists that the warden has supported his work and he wants to help. They free her but she fires a gun, wounding Hill in the chest. Myka tackles Huggins and the other prisoners run off in terror. Myka looks up and finds herself reliving the Denver incident. Myka hears Sam giving the order to move in, against her orders. She tries to stop him but he approaches the suspect and is gunned down. Sam then comes back, tells her it was her fault, and prepares to shoot her. She draws her gun and points it.

Pete is confronted by his father, asking why he didn't do something. Pete tries to explain that he was just a kid and didn't trust his feelings then. His father tells him to take responsibility for his actions and his regrets. Pete remembers Hill's words and says that his father would have gone to work no matter what he would have said, and he has no regrets or fears that he did the wrong thing. Pete embraces his father, who hugs him back. He finds himself free of the hallucination and picks up the cross, only to discover Myka pointing her gun at him, thinking he's Sam.

Pete tries to get through to her, insisting that she knows the truth. He insists she doesn't need the report to tell her what she knows is the truth, and that Sam screwed up by ignoring her. She tells Sam that she's sorry he made the mistake and lowers her gun. Myka steps forward and says she loves him and always will, but she has to move on. Her hallucination fades and she finds herself in Pete's arms. They quickly break apart and learn from the photo where the cross was on the wall. they put it back and the hallucinations disappear.

Artie comes back with a crossbow and some rope, and removes the radio antenna from the truck. He ties the antenna to the rope and it starts to draw electricity. He puts the antenna in the crossbow and fires it into the girder near Claudia. She grabs it and the charges nullifies the magnification field. Artie shoves an inflatable life raft beneath her to break her fall and Claudia quickly removes the coat.

As Huggins recovers, the agents check on Hill. They discover that his Bible partially slowed the bullet but he's still dying. He lives long enough to insist that God has chosen him for a new path. and then dies, smiling.

Later, Artie is working on his song and tells Claudia to keep writing "I will not disobey Artie" on a blackboard. She asks about his song and he explains he's been working on it since he lost his father. She expresses her condolences but Artie explains that his father is still alive and he hopes finishing the song will help them find each other again.

At the bed & breakfast, Myka is considering the unopened report when Pete comes down to invite her to get ice cream. She says she's not hungry and he asks if she's all right. Pete repeats his offer to listen to her and she says maybe tomorrow. Once he's gone, Myka tosses the report in the fireplace and watches it burn.






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