Warehouse 13

Episode 1.01 : Pilot

  • Warehouse 13
    • Episode Premiere : July 07, 2009
    • Distributor : Syfy
    • Genre : Sci-Fi, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2014
    • Production Company: Universal Cable Productions
    • Official Site : http://www.syfy.com/warehouse13/

Cast and Crew

The Story

At a museum in Washington, Secret Service agent Myka Bering is checking security for the President's visit. She convinces the curator, Chet Greenfield, to come with her as she double-checks the security arrangements.

At his apartment, Secret Service agent Pete Lattimer is hanging out with his current girlfriend Kacey. She admits she doesn't know much about him and he simply kisses her and they end up back in bed.

Professor Gordon Letanik is working on an Aztec blood stone in the shape of a head and drops his tool into its mouth. As he prepares to get it out, Myka and Greenfield arrive and ask him to move some artifacts. As they leave, Gordon reaches into the statue's mouth and cuts his finger.

As Kacey leaves, she tells Pete she'd try to get her into the museum reception where she works as a waitress, but the Secret Service won't let anyone in who isn't on the guest list. As she leaves, he puts on his gun and considers an invitation to the reception.

That night, Kacey is serving champagne and a sweating Gordon takes a drink and then walks by the Aztec blood stone, prominently on display. Myka is checking security and spots Pete as he comes in. He notes she changed the protocol he wrote up and she tells him she'll go to their boss, Daniel Dickinson. He says he's getting a bad vibe as they receive a message that the President is coming in. Pete tells them to hold the President but Myka overrides him and tells him to get back to station. Once he's gone, she orders a perimeter check.

A bearded man with an old-fashioned case slips into the museum. He uses an electrical stun gun to knock out one of the perimeter guards, Morris, and takes an elevator to the basement.

As Pete checks the guest, he spots the Aztec blood stone and notices blood oozing from it. He picks it up and prepares to leave, and Kacey spots him. He runs off with the blood stone and takes it to the basement. Meanwhile, Myka spots Gordon and notices that he's dripping blood. He draws an obsidian knife and goes after the Mexican ambassador's daughter as the President arrives. She orders Gordon to stop.

Pete gets to the basement but trips and drops the stone. The bearded man stops it with his foot.

Gordon manages to grab Myka with superhuman speed and uses her as a hostage.

The bearded man picks up a piece of stone soaked in a purple fluid and inserts it into the stone head.

Myka manages to spin and take out Gordon.

Light flows from the blood stone as the bearded man inserts the stone piece. Above, Gordon screams in agony and he reverts to normal. Pete looks up and discovers the bearded man has escaped and the blood from the stone, on the floor and his clothing, disappears.

Later, Dickinson tells Pete that no one believes his story and he wants him to submit to a drug test. Morris doesn't remember anything and Gordon is in a coma. He puts Pete on a two-week suspension while Myka gets a personal thank-you from the President. Pete goes back to his apartment and hears someone. He turns and finds a woman waiting for him. She tells him that she's Mrs. Frederic and with the government on a matter of national security. She gives him papers with orders and the legitimate authorization codes. Pete figures it's a joke but Frederic informs him that she's no joke. She tells him to be at the coordinates in South Dakota tomorrow, he's to tell no one, and he'll be there indefinitely.

In South Dakota, Pete follows the GPS coordinates to a huge building in the middle of the badlands. As he approaches it and knocks on the door he hears a whistling noise and a football shoots down from the sky. Myka pulls up in her car and explains that Frederic sent her there with all the proper authorization codes. The warehouse door opens and the agents approach it. A man appears behind them: the bearded man from Washington. He introduces himself as a Secret Service agent, Dr. Artie Nielsen. He tells them the blood stone is in the warehouse and thanks Pete for his help. Pete and Myka finally go in as he warns them not touch anything and throws the football back up into the sky.

The trio passes through the security tunnel and enters Artie's office. Beyond is a huge chamber filled with boxes, crates, ships, dirigibles, and more. In other words… Warehouse 13. Artie explains that the place is "America's attic" and they're there as his teammates. The warehouse needs Pete's scattershot approach and her eye for detail. Artie informs them he doesn't have a phone and there's no signal, so she goes outside to try and call Dickinson. Pete notes an old photo of a group of people, including Frederic who looks exactly the same. Artie notes that all the others disappeared, died, or went insane.

Myka gets through to Dickinson and tells him where she is. He admits he has no idea where about the orders. The signal breaks up as she requests a recall, but Dickinson tells her to follow orders until he can get her out. Artie arrives with milk and cookies and informs her she's standing in cow manure. As she comes in, he tells her that the assignment isn't a reaction for what happened in Denver. She insists she got a commendation for that.

Inside, Artie takes the agents on the tour and explains the first storage facility was built in 1898, and they've rebuilt since then. They pass a training flight plane taken from the Bermuda Triangle. Balls of lightning flash by and Artie explains that the inventory kicks up static. Artie stores the blood stone while Pete admits he thinks the entire thing is kind of cool. As they talk, Myka puts her case down. Artie explains many of the items can move and influence objects and people. Pete suddenly discovers he's holding a kettle. Artie tells him not to move or make a wish. As he moves away, a wallet quivering with energy falls off the shelf and into Myka's case. Artie gets a container filled with a purple neutralizer liquid and tells him to put the kettle inside of it. He warns that more powerful items can generate a blast of energy. Myka decides to test it and makes a wish, and a ferret appears in the kettle. Artie confines the kettle and then explains that if you make impossible wishes, a ferret appears. He figures she wished for a transfer. Artie then explains their new job is to find items on the loose and bag it and tag it. He then tells them that there's rooms at Leena's Bed And Breakfast in the nearby town.

The agents make their way to the town of Leaving and find the B&B. Pete suggests that she relax and make the best of the situation. Leena, the owner, arrives and directs them to their rooms. She seems to know all about them. She says that Pete's a lucky man for being in tune, flirts briefly with him, and doesn't answer any of his questions.

Myka unpacks in her room while at the warehouse, Artie puts the kettle back. He fails to notice the wallet is missing: a wallet belonging to Harry Houdini. Myka tries to call out without success and then looks at a photograph of her with a man. She's unaware that the man's spirit has appeared on the bed behind her, until he says "Hey, Bunny." She turns but no one's there.

That night at the warehouse, Frederic checks with Artie and wants to know if he's selected a case for them. Frederic assures him she knows all about their baggage and he's not the one responsible for the agent's fate. She warns him that Dickinson wants them back and Artie has to get them back.

Myka can't sleep and Pete comes out to talk to her. He talks about how he used to go camping with his dad and Myka realizes his father is dead. She talks about the bookstore that her father owns and how she's an only child. Pete notes that what she did in Denver was textbook but she refuses to discuss it… ever. Pete makes a hasty exit but first she asks him if he heard anything. he admits he didn't and assures her that Dickinson will call.

At his office, Artie runs computations and finds a potential item in Seever City, Iowa. He checks the computer databases and captures security footage of a boy being arrested by the local sheriff, Travis. The next morning, he briefs Pete and Myka on the fact that Cody Thomas, whose parents died in an airplane crash, recently attacked his girlfriend. Artie is sure that it indicates the presence of an artifact. He has a list of questions for them to ask Cody that might reveal what the artifact is. He gives them a neutralizer container, a Farnsworth two-way video communicator, and a stun gun created by Nicola Tesla. Artie explains the gun also zaps short-term memory, which is why Morris doesn't remember him from the museum. He tells them that's it, leaving them a bit puzzled as to what exactly they're supposed to do.

As the agents leave, Leena reads their auras and then reveals she found Houdini's wallet. Artie confines it and notes that something spiked when it interacted with Myka.

Pete and Myka arrive in Seever City. As they talk to Sheriff Travis, Dickinson calls to tell Myka that he can't get a line on Frederic. He tells her to keep her head down and he'll have her out in 48 hours. They then meet with Cody in an interrogation room and read him Artie's questions. After the second question, Cody starts to space out. The agents give up the questions and ask him what happened to his girlfriend, Emily Krueger. Cody claims he doesn't remember anything and blacked out, and woke up in jail. He goes into a trance and starts chanting in Italian. A hot wind blows through the room and Cody rips the desk from the floor. He approaches Pete and Myka but the sheriff and his men arrive and take him away before he can get to them.

As Myka and Pete go out into the reception area, they see Cody talking to his godmother Lorna Soliday, who is also his lawyer. She refuses to let Cody answer any questions until she knows why Secret Service agents are involved in the investigation. She insists Cody's no danger to anyone and leaves. Outside, Myka notes that Pete sensed the hot wind first and wonders how his vibe sensing works. He admits it's erratic and one time that he should have trusted it, he didn't. They get a call from Artie who confirms what Cody was saying was Italian but all he can translate is the word "fear." He suggests they find a professor on campus to translate for them.

The agents find Professor Edward Marzotto in his office. As they arrive, a young blonde woman leaves. He tells them that the translation says that if people knew the speaker's fears, they'd understand his pain. Pete confirms Marzotto's credentials, although Marzotto admits he hasn't been in Italy for two years. They ask if he knows Cody and Marzotto says only what he's heard. However, Myka realizes he's lying and believes they're onto something.

In his office, Marzotto takes a jewelry case holding a book from his bookshelf and reads an incantation from it: the same one he translated. He prepares to call someone.

Myka calls an information source she has, Minnie Harris, and asks her to run down information on Marzotto. Meanwhile, Marzotto contacts someone and warns that he can't answer the agents' questions without getting into trouble. He notes that his contact's boyfriend is quoting from it.

As Pete waits for Myka to complete her call, Pete checks with Artie and describes the heat wave he felt. Artie promises to check the heat thing and then takes the translation. He seems to recognize it and says he'll get back to him. Meanwhile, Minnie confirms that Marzotto was in Italy two months ago. Her call breaks up and she hears a voice on the phone say "Hey, Bunny." She walks out and Pete asks for an explanation. She finally tells him that she heard a voice she shouldn't be hearing, the same one she heard at Leena's. He tries to reassure her but when she doesn't buy that, he suggests post-traumatic stress. Pete tells her that he knows what went down in Denver and she's a hero, but she notes that lives were lost. When she wonders if he trusts her, he insists that he believes her and they'll finish the case together. He tells her to focus on the case and figure out what's out of place, and she remembers that Marzotto said the last time she was in Italy two years ago. They go to talk to Emily Krueger.

At Warehouse 13, Artie goes through the files to find a picture but realizes he'll have to go down onto the floor to find it.

Marzotto is talking to a blonde woman in a oom and tells her that he'll have to take the item back next week when he visits Rome. The woman ignites a cigarette lighter and reflects the flame onto an item in her hand.

Artie pinpoints the location of what he's looking for and straps himself into a wire delivery system. He shoots out across the floor and drops down to the location of the picture he's looking for. He enters a quarantined area and finds a painting of a woman with a jeweled comb in her hair. He prepares to call Pete and Myka but realizes he left his communicator back in his office.

Pete and Myka go to the bakery where Emily works. She comes in late and apologizes to her boss, explaining she was working on an upcoming party. They recognize her from Marzotto's office and she explains she's in a Renaissance-era play and Marzotto is the technical advisor. They wonder why Marzotto claimed he didn't know Cody and Emily suggests the professor was trying to protect her. She says that Cody only spoke Italian once, when he attacked her. Emily's known Cody since the eighth grade and they got serious after Cody's parents died. Lorna helped Cody get the settlement for the plane crash and later got him into law school. Pete reads her the incantation and Emily suggests that Cody might have feared abandonment. She goes back to work and the agents leave.

Marzotto goes to a gas station, muttering in Italian. He goes to the pump, pours gas on himself, and then sets himself on fire. Meanwhile, Pete and Myka are discussing why Emily might be involved when they see an ambulance go past. They follow it to the gas station and discover that Marzotto is dead. Travis wants answers from them and Pete tells him to back off. Myka breaks them up and Pete secretly grabs Marzotto's office keys from the gas pump where he left them.

Dickinson is trying to locate Warehouse 13 when Mrs. Frederic arrives. She says that Warehouse 13 is hers, and so are Pete and Myka.

As Pete and Myka drive to Marzotto's office, Pete explains to her that when he was 12, he didn't warn his father of a "vibe" he got that he wouldn't see him again. He didn't want to show his father how scared he was, but his father was a firefighter who died that night in a house fire. They arrive at the office and Myka finds the hidden jewelry case. Pete opens it and finds the book with the incantation. There's also a padded recess in the bottom but the item it holds is missing. Lorna comes into their office and objects, but they point out they're investigating a suicide. Lorna insists that someone forced Marzotto kill himself. She was with Marzotto until he broke up with her and moved on to Emily. Lorna reveals that Emily dropped the charges and Cody is out of jail. She suggests they talk to Emily at the theater party and insists on going with them.

Artie finally gets back to his office with the painting.

As they drive to the party, Lorna explains that she always protected Cody, keeping him from harm. She promised his parents that she'd always protect him. In the back seat, Pete looks at the indentation in the jewelry case and notices that Lorna is wearing a jeweled comb that fits the incantation. He asks Myka to pull over but Lorna starts mumbling Latina and grabs the wheel, sending the vehicle off the road.

Myka finds herself in a hospital bed with Dickinson there. He tells her she's been unconscious for two days and Peter has been in a coma since the crash. Dickinson tells her there's someone there to see her, and then transforms into her dead partner Sam Martino. He calls her Bunny and tells her she shouldn't be there. He apologizes, saying he jumped the gun in Denver, and tells him again to get up. Myka wakes up on the road near the car crash. She gets the unconscious Pete out of the car and then goes back and gets the jewelry case. Pete explains that he saw the comb and figured it was the one from the case. Artie calls and shows them the painting. Artie describes Lorna in exact detail and explains that the comb is transmitting Lucretia Borgia, the Italian schemer. An alchemist created the comb, which affects brain chemistry. The incantation is a phonetic trigger and Lorna wants love at any cost. The comb will drive her to kill anyone who interferes so she can love Cody. Artie warns that the comb could spread a "virus" of Lucretia's hatred across the country.

At the party, Cody and Emily kiss while Lorna looks on. She stands before the crowd and reflects the firelight from the jeweled comb. Everyone falls under the comb's influence as Pete and Myka arrive, carrying the neutralization container. Myka admits she's out of plans and Pete suggests he goes in while Myka takes the flank. After a moment, Myka agrees to Pete's plan. The crowd turns as one to face Pete and then let him pass.

Pete gets to the stage and Lorna commands Cody to throw Emily into the fire. The agent tries to get through to him without success and Lorna boasts that Cody will do whatever she says. Lorna uses the comb to raise the flames and then commands Cody to smash Pete down. Pete wonders what pain that Lorna feels. Lorna turns to see Myka behind her. Lorna reminds her of the pain she feels, of letting her lover die for a chance at glory. She shows the comb to Myka and compels her to kill herself. Pete stuns her with the Tesla gun while Cody grabs his gun. The agent tries to shoot the boy but the gun fizzles out. Cody pulls the trigger… and nothing happens. Pete reveals he removed the clip. Myka cold cocks Lorna and Pete grabs the comb and throws it to his partner. Myka puts it in the neutralization canister and the comb releases a burst of energy. Everyone snaps out of their trance and wonder what happened. Lorna looks at Cody, who is comforting Emily.

Later, Artie puts the painting and the jewelry case away. He tells the portrait of Lucretia that he knows that love can hurt.

Dickinson calls Myka at the bed & breakfast and tells her she can come back. However, whether she stays or goes, Pete will have to stay. Dickinson tells her she has five seconds to decide. Mrs. Frederick is in his office and counts down the seconds.

At Warehouse 13, Pete is practicing his passing skills with Arnie's super-football.






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