Episode 2.12 : Kali - Part 1

  • Sanctuary
    • Episode Premiere : January 15, 2010
    • Distributor : Syfy
    • Genre : Sci-Fi, Crime, Mystery
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2012
    • Production Company: Sanctuary 1 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Reports start coming in from Sanctuaries around the world of unusually violent and erratic behaviour from their most docile Abnormals. In an effort to find a connection between the disturbing incidents, Magnus holds a video conference with the Heads of Household from the international Sanctuaries.

Many on her team have theories, but none seem to fully explain the odd Abnormal behaviour. However, one piece of news from the Mumbai Sanctuary tweaks Magnus's attention. A man with the mark of Kali on his leg was found shot in Dharavi. As Magnus explains to Will, Kali is an ancient cult whose followers are rumoured to be able to foretell disaster.

Willing to consider all leads, Magnus sends Will and Kate to Mumbai to look into the murder of the man. Once there, Will is eager to get to work right away. Along with Ravi (Shaker Paleja), the Head of the Mumbai Sanctuary, Will and Kate head into the streets of Dharavi to investigate the crime scene.

Will surveys the area, noticing details that provide valuable information into the type of people who could have killed the man. But it's his curiosity about a nearby shrine that yields him his most significant piece of evidence - a hidden statue that he takes back to the Mumbai Sanctuary for closer examination.

As Will, Kate and Ravi head back to the Sanctuary, they are unknowingly being watched by an elderly woman, who looks concerned with what they have found.

Back at the Sanctuary, they inspect the statue closely, but find no indication of anything unusual despite its secret location in the shrine. Exhausted from jetlag and work, Will heads to his room, ordering some scans of the idol for the morning.

The next day, Will awakes to Kate banging on his door. Although feeling ill and barely able to drag himself out of bed, he gets dressed and meets Ravi and Kate. Tests on the statue come back clean, but the autopsy on the murdered man reveals a highly unusual finding prompting them to head back out to investigate more about the Cult of Kali to which he belonged.

Back at the Sanctuary, Magnus looks into a unique energy signature that Henry EM pulse that although nearly undetectable, was powerful enough to resonate around the world. And it originated in Mumbai.

Convinced that the answers they seek are in India, Magnus gets on the next plane to Mumbai to join Will and Kate.

Back on the streets of Dharavi, Will's condition is deteriorating. Confused and unable to focus, he gazes down the street and catches a glimpse of a flash of colour and a beautiful woman. Mesmerized, Will breaks away from Kate, determined to find the vision, but to no avail.

Aching, hot and nauseous, Will decides to head back to the Sanctuary to rest, instructing Kate to stay out and gather more information about the cult.

As Will walks down the crowded streets, trying to keep his composure, he suddenly sees the woman again. He gives chase, inexplicably drawn to her. But as he turns the corner, once again, she is gone. Short of breath, sweating and faint, Will passes out and falls backwards...into the arms of an old woman who had been watching them earlier.

When Magnus arrives in Mumbai, Kate is frantic. Will hasn't returned to the Sanctuary and is nowhere to be found.






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