Royal Pains

Episode 2.12 : Open Up Your Yenta Mouth And Say Ah

  • Royal Pains
    • Episode Premiere : August 26, 2010
    • Distributor : USA Network
    • Genre : Drama, Medical, Comedy, Romance
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2016
    • Production Company: Prospect Park, Universal Cable Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

While enjoying his morning muffin, Hank is interrupted by AJ, a beautiful but spacey socialite with a taste for gossip and a habit of fainting at inopportune times. AJ, who enlists Hank's help when her health begins to worsen, seems to have a fascination with all things HankMed, but Hank's only concern is figuring out what's behind his new client's strange symptoms. Something is just not adding up with AJ...

Meanwhile, Divya is reunited with a former patient, documentary filmmaker/kidney donor Adam, and the sparks are still flying. But her feelings for her patient are putting Divya's professionalism - not to mention her relationship with Raj - to the test.

In other complicated relationship news, Boris' romance with Marisa, his beautiful Cuban doctor, is taking a new turn; Marisa has finally arrived at Shadow Pond after her incarceration in Cuba, and while performing a post-prison check-up, Hank learns some very surprising - and very secret - news about Marisa.

But when it comes to keeping secrets, no one can beat Eddie R. Lawson. Is it his plan to move in with Ms. Newberg that's been setting him on edge lately? Maybe it's the stress of getting his BlueSky venture off the ground? Or could it have something to do with the mysterious stranger Evan saw arguing with his father? Whatever the cause, there's no doubt that Eddie is acting strangely. Hank can't help but worry about his health, while Evan focuses his concern on his father's finances. But when the Lawsons are summoned to Shadow Pond for a shocking announcement from Boris, the brothers discover that all their fears about their father may be justified...






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