Episode 2.04 : Donald the Normal

  • Rectify
    • Episode Premiere : July 10, 2014
    • Distributor : Sundance TV
    • Genre : Drama, Family
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2016
    • Production Company: Gran Via Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Lowery
  • Screenwriter Kate Powers, Ray McKinnon
  • Main Cast

The Story

Daniel takes a bus to Atlanta and wanders through the streets, marveling at the hustle and bustle.

At home, Teddy lounges on the couch in a disheveled state. Tawney asks why he's unhappy, even after she signed the loan papers. He explodes, saying he's still upset that she had feelings for Daniel. She leaves angrily. He guzzles a beer.

Amantha starts to pack for a move back to Atlanta. Janet calls to invite her to the movies and asks Amantha to stay in Paulie.

Daniel gazes at a painting at a museum and is joined by another museum patron, Peggy. They analyze the painting together. Daniel introduces himself as Donald.

Amantha orders a fast food burger and scarfs it down in her car. She watches a woman help her elderly mother buckle in.

Peggy invites Daniel to join her and her friends at the museum cafe. Daniel tells them he owns a bookstore in Alabama and then praises the café's "palini" bread. Peggy quietly observes his awkward manner.

Amantha shops for moving supplies at Thrifty Town. At the cash register, she sees a help wanted sign and requests an application.

Daniel tells Peggy and her friends that Tobias Wolff's Bullet in the Brain helped him cope with a difficult period in his life. The women get weirded out by Daniel and excuse themselves. Peggy lingers and asks Daniel if he's okay. She offers to stop by his bookstore next time she's in Mobile.

Tawney arrives home to find Teddy drunkenly chatting with their friends Kent and June, who've driven down from Hilton. Teddy starts the grill with Kent. June remarks to Tawney that Teddy loves her very much.

Wynn, the manager at Thrifty Town, interviews Amantha and emphasizes that she needs someone long term. Amantha promises she wouldn't quit.

Kent warns Teddy that a tire rim business could lose Teddy a lot of money. Teddy vehemently disagrees.

Daniel visits Kerwin's brother and mother, who greet him warmly. They reminisce about Kerwin together.

Teddy pushes himself onto Tawney as she clears the dishes. She shoves him away then softens, saying he just scared her. "So a convicted killer doesn't scare you but your husband does?" he sneers.

At a diner, Daniel is approached by a couple that recognizes him from the news. The man takes a selfie with Daniel and chatters on about the "oddballs" he keeps meeting. "I don't care about your boring story," Daniel says. He instantly apologizes but the man calls him an asshole.

Wynn calls Amantha to tell her she got the job.

Teddy stops by Carl's house and asks to discuss something in confidence.

Daniel arrives home to an empty house. He stares at the kitchen cabinets then proceeds to empty them out.

Teddy tells Carl that Daniel assaulted him and awkwardly provides details of Daniel's "sick lesson." Intent on keeping the incident a secret, he says he won't press charges but wanted Carl to know what Daniel is capable of. "I know what he's capable of," Carl says. "I saw it in those woods 20 years ago."

At home, Teddy apologizes to Tawney for his behavior. "I'm glad you made it back," she says.

Janet and Ted come home from the movies to find Daniel standing in the middle of a demolished kitchen. "Oh my," Janet says.






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