The Real World

Episode 21.13 : Saying Goodbye

  • The Real World
    • Episode Premiere : April 01, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 1992 - now
    • Production Company: Bunim-Murray Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

    No cast and crew available.

The Story

After Ryan got a call that would bring him back to fight in Iraq, the roommates took time to be together with a trip to Atlantic City. As the eight roommates who are no longer strangers pack up their things, will the good feelings last or will it be utter chaos?

While Ryan is preparing himself for his return to the military base, Scott decides to stay in New York and keep Devyn and Baya as roommates. Ryan coordinates a house dinner out in Brooklyn but with all the roommates showing up at different times, strangers start to take advantage of their large table. Ryan tries to get the other people to move when the situation gets tense and the boys end up in the middle of a huge bar brawl. The roommates get kicked out of the bar but make friends with the strangers they were fighting with and go home happy.

The girls decide to plot a final prank again the boys but the boys want the last word in this fight. The girls decide to mess with the boys' food and Ryan quickly discovers the soap that was put in his milk. When Chet decides to point a finger at JD, the girls go along with it. The girls still think it's a game but the boys start to get angry when they don't know who to trust.

When the girls say that Ryan's anger is directed at the military and not them, Ryan yells at Baya and the girls for talking about his service. Ryan tries to get the girls to admit to the pranks and apologize to JD but no one will budge.

Moving day finally comes and the roommates set aside their differences as they pack up their stuff out of Brooklyn. While Scott, Baya, and Devyn will be moving in together in Manhattan, the rest of the roommates are emotional when they take their last steps out of the Red Hook house.






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