The Real World

Episode 21.06 : Battle of the Sexes

  • The Real World
    • Episode Premiere : February 11, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 1992 - now
    • Production Company: Bunim-Murray Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

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The Story

It's the battle of the sexes at the Real World: Brooklyn house. Devyn is still hurting from JD's harsh comments about her singing abilities and the boys of the house are still curious about Katelynn's secrets.

Katelynn is proud of her body now that she has gone through her gender operation, but the rest of the house isn't too comfortable with Katelynn walking around in her underwear. Katelynn says that at home she's usually naked so the roommates shouldn't be upset with her since it is her house, too.

JD, Katelynn, and Sarah visit the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center to talk to the Director about volunteer opportunities. Katelynn wants to help out the transgender community while JD would love to work on marriage equality programs. Sarah mentions that she aspires to be an art therapist and hold art classes for those at the community center. The three roommates decide to help out with the Brake The Cycle bike race which begins in Ryan's hometown of Gettysburg.

Katelynn buys a stripper pole for herself and sets it up in the Real World: Brooklyn house as part of her daily work-out. Katelynn thinks that pole dancing will help her get in touch with her sensual side now that she's more comfortable in her own skin. Ryan and Chet overhear Katelynn talking about her body and are now positive that she is a transgender. JD then spills the beans on Katelynn's trip to Thailand to Ryan and Chet.

Ryan wakes up all the roommates early next morning for their trip to Gettysburg but no one is very happy about it. The girls climb into one car while the boys claim the other as the eight roommates head on their four hour trip to Gettysburg. The girls decide not to follow Scott and veer off on the highway by themselves.

The guys arrive at Gettysburg safely and catch the tour bus, but the girls are still left on the road to fend for themselves. The girls catch up with the tour bus but the guys aren't very welcoming so the girls decide to go on their own tour of Gettysburg.

The group meets up with Ryan's family for dinner but Katelynn decides that the night is too boring and tries to pole dance on a support beam on the dance floor. The Real World roommates are embarrassed about Katelynn's pole dancing and crazy antics.

The next morning, the guys leave the girls behind to be on time for Braking The Cycle, the AIDS/HIV bike race. The girls show up late to the event and then the girls start to get annoyed by the guys trying to make light of the ceremony.

Katelynn comes out about being a transgender to Devyn and then the girls wonder if the guys are starting to catch on yet. Back at the house, there's a lot of tension between the girls and guys. Chet and Scott get angry with Sarah and Katelynn about the girls scorning the boys at the bike race.

Sarah gets upset about being blamed for tensions in Gettysburg and it only spurs into a fight between Devyn and JD in which JD calls Devyn a college drop-out. Devyn and Sarah end up walking away from JD when they feel that he belittles them.

As a separation between the guys and the girls begins to become more obvious, Ryan decides to be more aggressive in finding out Katelynn's secret. Ryan pulls up a chair to Katelynn and flat out asks her if she was born as a male, in which she responds yes. Katelyn explains that she didn't want to be defined as a transgender and Ryan understands because he didn't want to be defined as an Iraqi veteran.

Ryan is open to Katelynn's story and then tells Katelynn that the rest of the guys do know about her being transgendered. Later on, Sarah tells Katelynn that it was JD who told the guys about Katelynn's secret. JD tries to tell Katelynn that it wasn't his fault that Ryan approached her but Katelynn tells him she knows he's lying to her.

Now that Katelynn knows that her secret is out, the guys feel that she's more comfortable around them and they can finally begin to bond.






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