The Real World

Episode 21.05 : Friends and Enemies

  • The Real World
    • Episode Premiere : February 04, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 1992 - now
    • Production Company: Bunim-Murray Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

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The Story

The Real World: Brooklyn house is full of big dreams and broken hearts as the roommates set out to make their mark on the big city.

Scott has already revealed to his roommates that he has jumped into the modeling world and continues to go to photo shoots in New York. Scott isn't so lucky in love when it comes to his hometown girlfriend who Scott had to split up with before coming to Brooklyn.

The roommates head out to the Love Brigade fashion show where Scott scores a girl's phone number once he decides he needs to start dating again. Devyn is still attracted to Scott but is okay with only having a friendship.

Prankster Ryan pulls a shoelace joke on all of his roommates by tying their shoelaces together. Ryan even does it to his own shoes to avoid being blamed for the prank. JD decides to get Chet and Ryan back for their shoelace prank. JD wants to shoot shaving cream into Chet and Ryan's room while they sleep.

Ryan is mad at JD's messy prank, and goes into JD's room to tell him to clean up the shaving cream. JD refuses to take Ryan seriously when Ryan yells at JD to clean up the mess. JD and the other roommates are caught off guard about Ryan's reaction to the prank.

Chet has a TV host gig in Asbury Park, NJ, where he checks out a band called Hey, Monday, at the Asbury Lanes. Chet does his research on the band and puts the band on the spot with some outrageous questions to prove himself as a music interviewer. Chet's boss tells him to take it down a notch in case he's offending the band in any way.

Scott invites over one of the models that he met at the fashion show, but Devyn thinks it's just a rebound from his hometown girlfriend Marissa. Chet comes into room and Scott gets mad at Chet being immature by farting in front of his date.

Ryan gets a call from his brother who tells him that one of his army friends shot himself in the head. Ryan talks to Baya about how he's used to hearing about army vets who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ryan then tells Baya that he still gets flashbacks from his abroad experiences but doesn't want to talk about it with the roommates.

After scoring a strike at the Asbury Lanes, Chet heads over to the MTV Headquarters in Times Square in pursuit of his dream to be the next host of TRL. Chet talks to a security guard at the MTV building asking how he can be a part of the TRL audience, only to find out that the show has been cancelled.

Ryan starts to tell more stories about seeing his friends die in action and explains his Killed In Action (KIA) bracelet that he wears. Ryan shares with his roommates that he joined the army after the tragedy of September 11 and was only 17 years old at the time.

Scott brings over another girl to the house and the roommates are starting to see a different side of Scott now that he's single. Devyn is unsure if Scott is trying to make her jealous and also hopes that Scott won't be getting too intimate with any of his dates.

As a joke, Chet writes up a list which he calls, "The Unofficial Guide to Scott Dating." First, Scott takes all of his dates into his room to check out his hot modeling portfolio. Then they look at his modeling photos online before sitting outside to look at the view of Manhattan. Scott doesn't find the list very funny and doesn't even consider any of his new friends to be serious girlfriends.

Bummed about the cancellation of TRL, Chet talks to his boss about meeting up with Pete Wentz who is the host of FNMTV. Chet scores an interview with Pete Wentz in which he will have the opportunity to ask about his hosting experiences.

Chet gets ready for his interview with Pete Wentz and puts on his glasses with a bow tie and a vest. The roommates insist that Chet looks like Orville Redenbacher but Chet thinks they just don't understand style. Chet meets up with Pete Wentz and jumps into the interview and does really well. Pete Wentz gives him some contacts over at FNMTV and tells Chet that Chet was a great interviewer.

Back at the house, Devyn talks to Scott more about his new girlfriends and Scott gets defensive about being called a player. Scott doesn't see anything wrong with what he's been doing and plans on sticking up for himself more in front of Devyn and the other roommates.

Ryan goes to a September 11 ceremony at Ground Zero with his army friend Darren and the two discuss how they're handling their time back home. The date has a big meaning for Ryan, being that it was when he decided to join the army and it was the same day he returned home from Iraq.

On the next Real World, Ryan finally confronts Katelynn about her secret that she has refused to reveal to him.






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