The Real World

Episode 21.04 : Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas

  • The Real World
    • Episode Premiere : January 28, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 1992 - now
    • Production Company: Bunim-Murray Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

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The Story

The Brooklyn roommates are feeling their oats in their Red Hook home. Katelynn is still adjusting to opening up to new friends while the others are chasing their city dreams. Love could show up in the most unlikely of places for the roommates on The Real World.

Devyn is focused on pursuing an acting and singing career in New York but wants to eventually end up in Los Angeles. Devyn believes she has a leg up in the game since she already has a long resume.

The roommates head out on the town and meet up with Scott's model friend Alex. Chet gets advice from Ryan on how to approach Alex and is hoping that their friendship will blossom into something more.

Back at the house, JD picks up a phone call for Sarah and the caller is a man who grills JD about Sarah's happenings. JD isn't sure who the caller is but the man at the other end of the line is very rude to JD.

Meanwhile, Katelynn goes shopping with Sarah for some new clothes and Chet tags along. Chet brings up a conversation about domestic abuse to Sarah, not knowing that it hits very close to home for her. Sarah was abused by her father and tells Chet this but Chet continues to tell Sarah that she should find forgiveness.

At the house, Sarah gets another phone call and it turns out to be her father. Sarah tells him to not call the The Real World house for her but her father tells her she is exaggerating. Sarah's father tells her that he wants to meet with her but she hangs up the phone. Sarah gets upset over the conversation and calls her mother crying.

At the bar later on, JD gets drunk and introduces her transsexual friend to the roommates. JD tells everyone that Angelique is a better transsexual than Katelynn and Angelique sings better than Devyn. Angelique gets on stage to sing at the bar and pulls Devyn on stage to have a sing-off.

Back at home, Katelynn finds out what JD was saying about her and is mad since it wasn't his secret to tell. Devyn then confronts JD about putting her in an awkward situation with Angelique. JD thinks that Angelique should be the one giving Devyn an apology, not him.

Devyn meets with her cousin who is an actress and lets her cousin know she is trying to start off her career. Devyn gets the name of a casting director and plans on sending out her resume. While some of the roommates are focused on their careers, Chet is lucky in love with model Alex and invites Alex over for some alone time.

Sarah gets yet another call from her father at the Brooklyn house and tells him once again that she does not want to speak to him. Sarah's father thinks that Sarah is a liar and doesn't understand why they can't have a relationship. Sarah tells Devyn that when she was young, she was molested at a day care facility. Once Sarah's parents separated, there was strange behavior between Sarah and her dad and Sarah quickly ended contact with him.

Devyn gets a call from a casting director and scores an audition to show off her acting and singing talent. Devyn gets prepared for the audition but is nearly a half hour late when she makes a wrong turn to New Jersey. The casting director allows Devyn to still audition and gives her some positive feedback on her talent.

Sarah decides to work through her dad's reappearance by volunteering at a local organization that reaches out to children through art therapy. Sarah has used art therapy for herself and believes that her role is to help others after overcoming her past.

Chet and Alex meet up in Little Italy for their first date and at first Chet thought Alex was going to show him up. When Alex does show up, the two hit it off and end the night back at the house. When Alex goes home, Chet tells Ryan that he had a great time with her but doesn't think they'll ever get into a serious relationship. Ryan thinks that Chet is wasting his time by dating girls that Chet knows he won't marry.

Chet talks to Sarah and Katelynn about how he hasn't had any sexual experiences and doesn't plan on doing so until he's married. Sarah and Katelynn are shocked at how strict Chet is in keeping away from temptation.

On the next The Real World: Brooklyn, tempers flare as the roommates see another side of jokester Ryan.






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