The Real World

Episode 21.03 : The BFF-O-Meter

  • The Real World
    • Episode Premiere : January 21, 2009
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 21
    • Show Period : 1992 - now
    • Production Company: Bunim-Murray Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

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The Story

There's more than what meets the eye at the Real World house in Brooklyn and the roommates are starting to love everything about their new city lives.

Baya and Ryan have been hanging out at the Brooklyn house despite the fact that Ryan still has his girlfriend Michelle back home. Ryan is hoping to get his music career off the ground so while he's not singing to Baya he's trying to make contacts in New York.

Katelynn's boyfriend Mike hasn't been talking to Katelynn since she's moved to Brooklyn. Katelynn finally gets in touch with Mike but he continues to act distant from her. Devyn and Scott have been flirting with one another since they moved into the house and Devyn admits to having a crush on Scott.

Ryan, Chet and Baya head over to Crush Management to talk about their musical aspirations. Baya wants to be a DJ while Ryan is looking into music and Chet wants to be a television host. Back at the house, Ryan shares some more of his songs that he wrote while in Iraq with the rest of the roommates.

Baya gets a chance to DJ at the bar Angels and Kings and the roommates come along to support her. Katelynn is still upset about he rlack of communication with Mike and starts to dance with guys and girls at the bar. Katelynn ends up making out with a girl she meets at the bar after drinking too much.

Ryan goes to the studio to show off his music and tell his story of being an Army veteran coming from Iraq. Ryan played what he called "The Tampon Song" and the producer told him that he needs to develop his songs more. Ryan is disappointed with being turned away politely and wished that he had played another song.

Devyn and Scott create a BFF-o-meter to track whether or not they should stay BFFs or take it to the next level. The BFF-o-meter will track Devyn and Scott's experiences together. Later, Scott's friend Alex stops by the house to visit and Devyn is annoyed by Scott bringing her over.

Alex goes out with the roommates and Devyn continues to flirt with Scott in front of his friend Alex. Chet asks Alex about her relationship with Scott but she says they're just friends. Chet starts to warm up to Alex and feels a strong attraction to her. Devyn confirms with Alex that Scott is definitely single and Baya and Ryan are getting cozy.

Scott then tells Sarah that there is a girl back at home that he's in love with. Sarah is shocked to see that Scott has someone else and promises not to say anything. Later on, Sarah confronts Devyn with the news of this girl back at home that Scott has been seeing. Devyn tells Scott to stop giving her mixed signals.

Katelynn is unsure of what to do about her relationship with Mike and is nervous about leaving him. Sarah tells Katelynn that she needs to be more vocal about her feelings. Katelynn opens up the next night she's out at the bar and gives her phone number out to a guy named Matt.

Katelynn and Matt go out on a date and start to hit it off. The two come back to the house and hang out but Katelynn is unsure about getting in a relationship with Matt since he doesn't know about her being transgendered.

The ladies of the Brooklyn house decide to take a pole dancing class and bring Ryan along for the ride. Ryan works out the best he can and flirts with Baya during the class. Later, Ryan sends Baya an email saying that he does like her but he can't be with her since he has a girlfriend.

On the next Real World, Baya will have to decide how to react to Ryan's letter and Sarah gets an unwelcomed call from her past.






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