No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.14 : No Ordinary Double Standard

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : February 08, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Stephanie and Lena, an old friend, say goodnight after playing catch up over drinks. It's probably not a good sign that someone's watching from a distance, or that the someone can inexplicably turn into mist.

At home, Stephanie gets a call from Lena, thanking her for the fun night. Before they hang up, Stephanie hears sounds of a struggle over the line. Stephanie speeds to Lena's house within milliseconds only to find her beaten. Stephanie's determined to find whoever did this, but Jim asks her to let him take care of it. It's what he does. The next day, Stephanie decides to take the case into her own hands. Lena's her friend. Therefore it's as much her responsibility to solve the case as Jim's.

Bailey Browning asks JJ out on a date. That's right, in one instant she breaks all rules of the high school natural order - a hot senior cheerleader asking out a shrimpy freshman guy. Daphne's convinced Bailey's using JJ to pass finals, but when she confronts Bailey she learns that Bailey the beautiful is honestly hot for JJ.

At the precinct, Jim prepares to get a sketch from Lena's across-the-street neighbor. The neighbor wants to know why he had to come down to the precinct since he already gave his statement to 'officer blondie' the female cop that sounds just like Steph --

Back at home, Jim tells Steph she shouldn't be crime fighting. She's not a cop. But then again, neither is Jim. Sounds like he's saying he can fight crime, but she can't. The debate continues until they see Chris drop Daphne home on his motorcycle. Jim forbids her to date a senior but then congratulates JJ when he hears he scored a date with Bailey. Annoyed by his double standards, Stephanie promises not only to continue using her powers to solve the case, but to beat him to it. Anything he can do, she can do faster.

Dr. King pays Joshua a visit. He threatens to tell Katie the truth about Joshua's murderous past unless he comes back, but Joshua's done working for King. King figured he'd say no and, as he leaves, politely reminds Joshua how alone he will be once Katie learns the truth about his past.

Jim and Stephanie visit Lena to get a sketch of the burglar. As Lena begins her description, Jim pulls out his pad and pencil. Stephanie improvises with a napkin and eye liner. Jim's sketch is spot on. Stephanie's looks like a stick figure. In the lair, George runs Jims sketch through the criminal database.

Meanwhile Katie downloads the same police sketch software Jim uses and is able to convert Stephanie's kindergarten portrait into a viable sketch. At the same time, each duo realizes the perp is Robert Gomez, one of the valets at the restaurant where Stephanie and Lena got drinks.

Stephanie gets to Gomez first, but he has no idea what her accusations are about. He gets in his car to drive away but in the blink of an eye his keys have disappeared from the ignition. He looks up and realizes Steph has them in her hand. She locks him in and calls 911. Unfortunately, the arrest doesn't stick. Gomez's alibi checks out. Why would Lena lie about her attacker?

Katie decides it's her turn to help Stephanie win the race. She shows up at the lair with a smoothie for George. She wants to keep things friendly between sidekicks While he's distracted by the fruit 'n yogurty goodness, she levels the playing field by stealthily installing a device to hack in to the lair's firewall. What the boys see, the girls see too.

Daphne apologizes to JJ, admitting Bailey actually likes him. She eavesdrops into JJ's mind and realizes he's the one using Bailey. He's trying to make Natalie jealous!

That night, Jim gets a call from George. The police are reporting a robbery in progress. Jim excuses himself to 'help George. ' Seconds later, Stephanie gets the same call from Katie. She leaves to investigate and arrives to the robbery first but has no idea what to do next. Jim arrives a few seconds later and busts open the door allowing Stephanie to zoop in and confront the robber. Jim charges in next and grabs the guy but the culprit evaporates and escapes through the air vent. Stephanie and Jim agree the race is over. If they're going to catch this super, they've got to join forces.

Friday night is date night for the Powell kids. Chris arrives for Daphne. Before she can say she's not allowed to go out with him, JJ runs out to meet Bailey. On second thought, this double standard sucks. Daphne's grabs her coat and heads out.

As George scans through the database looking for mist man's ID, Jim calls Daphne to apologize about Chris. Already out, she pretends she's at Megan's. Chris asks why she lied if Jim's just trying to protect her. She says it's because she can take care of herself. Angry Chris is sticking up for her dad, she decides the date's over and storms away.

Meanwhile JJ and Bailey are parked at lover's peak. She leans in for the kiss but all he can think about is Natalie. He apologizes, but can't go through with it. Bailey can't believe she's being blown off by a short 9th grader and decides it's time to stop babysitting.

King finds Katie in the lab. He explains Global tech runs background checks on everyone that enters the building, including her boyfriend Joshua. He hands her a file full on Joshua. He warns Katie that Joshua's dangerous and used to be a part of "Chiles's experiements." Katie's floored.

Jim finds out mist man's real name is Bob Seeley. He served time in Santos County prison alongside a number of other super villains they've come across -- think earthquake girl and fireball guy. Jim heads out to find more info as Stephanie steps into the shower. As the shower steam forms around her, it turns into mist and then into Bob Seeley. Her scream sends Jim running in. Jim grabs Seeley, but he slips through Jim's fingers and reforms across the room. Seeley just wants to know why he's like this. His memory's been stolen but he remembers Dr. Lena Perkins injecting him. He sees a picture of Dr. King on a flyer for an upcoming award reception and freaks out -- that's the man in charge. Before Jim and Stephanie can calm him down, Seeley vanishes.

Daphne walks home alone down a decrepit street when a mugger threatens her. Chris heroically swoops in on his motorcycle and tells the guy to back off. Instead of obeying, the guy pulls out a gun. Daphne begs the guy to put the gun down and walk away. Immediately he does exactly what she asked. Chris has no idea how they lucked out, but Daphne secretly knows she controlled his mind.

Seeley finds King at Global Tech and threatens to kill him. King begs for mercy claiming he never hurt Seeley. He was brought in paralyzed after a prison fight and King cured him. Seeley doesn't buy it and knocks King unconscious. Stephanie arrives and Seeley grabs her in mist form before she can run. Jim arrives and Stephanie yells for him to blast Seeley with the nitrogen tank. Jim freezes Seeley causing Seeley to drop to the floor in human form. A second later, Seeley's gone. Jim and Stephanie realize they have to leave too before King wakes up.

Joshua comes home to find Katie waiting to kick him out. She knows he's a murderer. Joshua begs for her understanding, but when it doesn't come he erases her memory. She's forgets about the file and loves him again. Joshua narrowly escaped heartbreak, but he won't be able to avoid the inevitable forever.

Jim and Stephanie decompress at home. Is King really dirty? What's their next move? As they ponder, Daphne comes home. Jim realizes she was with Chris behind his back and grounds her for a week. Daphne pushes a thought into his mind, you're not grounded, and Jim changes his mind. She's in control! Which means there's nothing stopping Daphne from getting everything she wants.

The next day at Global Tech, Stephanie asks King if he's okay and if he's spoken with Lena lately, as she just went through the same thing. King says he hasn't spoken to Lena since she was a grad student. Stephanie realizes he's lying. But worse, the mentor she trusted has been lying to her and ruining countless lives.

That evening, as Global Tech's finest fawn over the merits of Dr. King, Lena and Seeley are shot and captured by King's henchwoman, the shape-shifting Victoria Morrow. The twist tightens later, when King goes over the lab security footage and witnesses Jim's super strength. Now the question is will King expose the Powells' secret, or will he do something far worse?






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