The Night Shift

Episode 1.06 : Coming Home

  • The Night Shift
    • Episode Premiere : July 01, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2017
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Another wild week in and around the hospital: After a bus crash on the highway, San Antonio Memorial Hospital is inundated with wounded soldiers and wounded egos, Drew's boyfriend lands in critical condition, TC and Scott lock horns and Jordan ends up feeling guilty about her kiss with TC.

Medical Report:

Drew's boyfriend, Rick Lincoln, is brought in with a crushed leg, putting a distraught Drew in a tough spot: how can he be a supportive boyfriend without outing himself? Luckily TC's got his back. Scott, the new head of Trauma, instructs TC to get Rick stabilized and bring him to pre-op for an amputation. Once in the OR, Drew begs TC to save Rick's leg. Against Scott's orders, TC decides to do an emergency external bypass, a procedure that directs blood flow to the foot. Despite TC's efforts, the leg becomes necrotic and eventually has to be amputated.

Krista is treating a sweet, young soldier named Wilson who's in the midst of asking her out when his nose starts bleeding. Topher examines him, finding a rash and a very low platelet count. After consulting with TC and Jordan they diagnose him with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and put him on steroids.

Later Topher and TC notice lesions on Wilson's torso. This isn't typical for ITP. Dismissing the lesions as bug bites, they put him on Benadryl. But when Wilson starts running a fever, a look of dread crosses Topher's face; it's not ITP but visceral leishmaniasis, a disease caused by sandflies. He's seen a similar case in Afghanistan. Wilson needs anti-parasiticals not steroids. Just then Wilson starts to flatline. Krista, Topher and TC fight hard to keep him alive but it's too late. As they carry the boy's lifeless body out of the OR, Topher is racked with guilt. The steroids he ordered took down the inflammation but suppressed Wilson's immune system. TC says they acted based on the information they had - Wilson was a dead man before he left Afghanistan.

Trauma Drama:

The tension between Scott and TC began the moment Scott saw TC arrive at work in Jordan's car, right after TC told Jordan he couldn't stop thinking about her. Jordan lies to Scott, explaining that TC asked for a ride because his bike was in the shop. She gets her story straight with TC but feels horrible about the lie and the kiss.

When Scott finds out TC performed an emergency external bypass instead of bringing Rick to pre-op as instructed, he's furious. TC was trying to save the leg but according to Scott, the procedure may have only made it worse. Scott tells TC that his "kamikaze battlefield surgery" won't fly anymore - the amputation is happening. The fight escalates and ultimately leads to blows. Ragosa breaks it up and tasks Jordan, head of the ER night shift, with finding a solution by the end of the shift.

Once Scott and Jordan are alone together, he admits that he doesn't like TC and doesn't want her driving him to work. When Jordan comes clean, explaining why TC was really there, Scott calls her a liar and storms off. Meanwhile Topher sees what's going on and urges TC not to screw things up for Jordan.

Poor Paul is having trouble being taken seriously by Pirate, a soldier with an eye patch. Ragosa tells Paul he'll have to earn their respect. Later Pirate has an accident in the whirlpool room resulting in a retro-orbital hematoma (bleeding behind the eye). Paul must get him to the OR before his optical nerve is permanently damaged, but when they try moving him he loses vision. This is Paul's chance to gain their respect, which he does when Jordan talks him through a successful lateral canthotomy and he saves Pirate's eye.

Rick is struggling to cope with the idea of losing his leg and the fact that Drew refuses to acknowledge their relationship. Krista urges Drew to man-up for Rick's sake but Drew is not going to be the "gay doctor." When Landry counsels Rick, he says he'd rather be dead than have his leg amputated. He fears his platoon won't respect him once he's an amputee. Drew tries to comfort him but Rick rejects his phony bedside manner and nearly outs them both. Alone with Drew, Rick admits that he's scared and reaches for Drew's hand. Even then Drew doesn't take it. Krista can barely stand to watch as a terrified Rick is taken into surgery. She urges Drew to go with him - his tough guy act is meaningless if he lets Rick go through this alone. Drew is unwavering at first, but when he sees the look on Rick's face, he has a change of heart. In front of everyone - his platoon, his co-workers - he professes his love to Rick and kisses him.

Meanwhile Wilson's death has had a profound effect on everyone. Scott forgives Jordan for her white lie but she's not quite off the hook because TC refuses to give up. He's not sorry about the kiss but he promises to keep it a secret - that is, if Scott is really who she wants.

Pain Relief:

Drew, Kenny and Krista find out about Ragosa's online dating profile. Kenny secretly offers to help him spice up his profile in exchange for two Saturdays off. As Ragosa describes his ideal woman - petite, smart and professional - Kenny starts to notice what's suddenly become very obvious. Ragosa has a big fat crush on Landry.

Landry is busy dealing with an old, recurring patient, Ms. Palmer, a woman with some serious issues. This time she believes she's pregnant and that she has been for two years... with Matt Damon's baby. Her family doesn't believe her so Landry humors her, taking her for a pregnancy test. To Landry's surprise Ms. Palmer does appear to be pregnant but Jordan's examination finds that the false positive was caused by an ovarian tumor. It's treatable and Ms. Palmer finally has proof that she's not crazy; something was growing inside her even if it wasn't Matt Damon's love child.

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