The Night Shift

Episode 1.05 : Storm Watch

  • The Night Shift
    • Episode Premiere : June 24, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Medical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2017
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A raging storm knocked down power lines all around Texas, leaving San Antonio Memorial Hospital short on staff and electricity. With hazards everywhere, it was all hands on deck, including Jordan's boyfriend, Dr. Scott Clemens. Scott and TC fought over exactly who was in charge of what, Landry's past came back to haunt her and Topher's wife went into labor under the worst circumstances. Here are the details from this week's episode of The Night Shift:

Medical Report:

When a car accident takes the paramedics out of commission, Scott Clemens volunteers to accompany TC on a search and rescue mission at a nearby trailer park. There they discover Shannon, a 36-year-old woman with a pulmonary hernia and contused lung. They're about to move her to the OR when they realize she's not alone. They find her son hiding in a cupboard but he appears unharmed.

Once they're in the OR, TC and Scott place Shannon on a ventilator and work together to get her stabilized. When her oxygen level and blood pressure crash they discover an air leak on the right side of her lung. They have to divert the ventilation to the left but there's no time for an intubation. TC knows what to do - a Texas Twist. With Scott's help he proceeds to rotate the lung. The procedure works - one point for TC. Later, Scott calls TC over to "watch and learn" as he repairs a tear in Shannon's heart. Mark that one point for Scott.

Meanwhile, Paul is watching Shannon's son, Ernie. The kid complains of moderate shoulder pain, but Paul realizes he may have a much more threatening condition: internal bleeding. Paul orders a CT scan, but during the scan Ernie loses consciousness. TC arrives and finds shrapnel in the boy's kidney; he's in renal failure. They get Ernie on dialysis before it's too late. TC praises Paul's quick thinking - he has a gift for pediatrics. But the relief is short-lived: the power goes out in the hospital again and the backup generators won't last long. TC doesn't miss a beat. He puts Ernie on peritoneal dialysis, a procedure that doesn't require electricity.

Topher's busy stitching up a patient when he gets a panicked call from his pregnant wife. She's been in a car accident that's left her and their daughter stranded - just as she's gone into labor with twins. Topher heads out into the storm to find her. While searching, he gives his daughter Lynn a cell-phone crash course on how to perform a cervical exam on her own mother. Ew. Topher finds his wife and daughter and quickly delivers one of his twins but the second baby is in breach. They have to get to the OR, ASAP. After finding a cell signal, Lynn calls TC for help. TC in turn, calls his bookie, a man who will apparently do anything for cash, including drive his monster truck through a raging storm to bring Topher and his family to the hospital. Uncle TC delivers a healthy baby girl.

Trauma Drama:

Ragosa, clearly professionally smitten with Scott, is trying to convince him to take over the San Antonio Memorial Trauma Department. Scott wants to observe the night shift before making any decisions. What better night to observe the action than during a mega-storm that intermittently interrupts power to the ER?

A stab wound victim arrives and refuses to be treated by anyone but Landry. It turns out it's Landry's father - but she wants nothing to do with him. He wants money again - five grand to be exact. He explains to Landry that he got involved with the wrong people and now he's in trouble. Landry's heard this all before and she's not having it. He abandoned her a long time ago and now it's her turn to walk away. When TC tries to comfort her, Landry shoots him down too. She knows he has unresolved feelings for Jordan and she doesn't want to be his plan B. She just wants to be friends and she doesn't want to talk.

When Landry's father refuses to leave she offers him five hundred dollars to get lost. If only it were that easy. If he doesn't get the full five grand, the thugs he owes will go after her mother. A panicked Landry says she doesn't have it. She's two hundred grand in debt from medical school. At a loss, she finally opens up to Ragosa who insists on loaning her the cash. Landry's touched. No one's ever done something like that for her.

Back in the OR, the competition has been heating up between TC and Scott as they try to save the woman from the trailer park. Scott assures TC that he's fine on his own - TC has other patients to attend to - but TC doesn't want to give up control. Jordan warns him that there's a pecking order and if Scott comes to San Antonio Memorial they'll have to learn to work together. Later, while performing a procedure to repair the tear in a patient's heart, Scott tells TC that things are going to change at San Antonio Memorial - he's decided to take the job as head of the trauma department.

After a long day, TC and Jordan find themselves alone in the locker room. Jordan takes the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart about Scott coming to work with them. She and TC are finally becoming friends again and she doesn't want anything to change that. TC says she's always been his friend and apologizes for messing things up between them. As he says this, he suddenly takes her hand. Jordan, nearly speechless, tries to walk away but TC impulsively grabs her and kisses her. Jordan doesn't resist and the two proceed to steam up the locker room until Kenny walks in to tell her that Scott's looking for her. Awkward.

Pain Relief:

Dwayne from radiology has a crush on Krista but she's definitely not feeling it. Meanwhile, Nurse Molly is trying to get Drew to date her niece and he's out of excuses. Krista offers to solve both their problems by pretending to be his girlfriend. Drew thinks better of it, but Krista kisses him in front of Dwayne and Molly - done and done.

Later, Drew tells Krista some good news: his partner Rick is coming home from Afghanistan. Krista is happy for him but clearly a little heartbroken about giving up the fantasy.

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