Episode 1.13 : The One Who Got Away

  • Motive
    • Episode Premiere : August 29, 2013
    • Distributor : USA Network, ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - Now
    • Production Company: Bell Media, Foundation Features, Lark Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Frazee
  • Screenwriter James Thorpe
  • Main Cast
    • Kristin Lehman,
    • Louis Ferreira,
    • Brendan Penny,
    • Lauren Holly as Tracy,
    • Warren Christie,
    • Roger Cross,
    • Cameron Bright as Young Jerry

  • Additional Cast

The Story

17-year-old Nathan Conroy was seeing Dr. Kate Robbins, a psychiatrist. He meets another patient, Cam Radcliffe, in the waiting room. The two of them chat about the reasons they are seeing the shrink. Nathan is a new patient. Cam has been seeing Dr. Robbins for years. He's also the person who murdered Nathan. The question is… why?

Angie and Oscar investigate the public park where Nathan Conroy was found dead. He had a deep abdominal stab wound. The victim was arrested months ago for possession with a deadly weapon. Nathan's parents say the crime charge was just a result of their son trying to show off. They felt he was turning a corner thanks to his sessions with a court-appointed psychiatrist: Dr. Kate Robbins. Angie remembers this woman from a past trial experience. Her office is across the street from where Nathan was found buried.

Dr. Robbins says Nathan had an anti-personality disorder. Her other patient, Cameron, has anger issues as well as issues with his Uncle Dave. In past sessions, he admits that he was afraid of losing her while clutching her hand. In the present, Dr. Robbins calls Cam to say she's worried about him. He doesn't hear the call, as he's busy crushing cars at his uncle's lot. He'd crushed one of those cars previously after hiding something inside of it.

Lucas tracks down a truck seen at the park where Nathan was found. Angie recognizes the name of the owner: Cameron Radcliffe. He's the kid her jury found not guilty on manslaughter charges in that trial she mentioned earlier. She wonders if they made the right decision in that case. Angie tells Dr. Robbins that her compelling argument that Cam couldn't have committed the crime led her to a not guilty vote. The shrink isn't so sure about things now. She's been thinking of sending Cam to a new therapist.

Cameron critically injures a police officer who pulls him over before going on the run. He later confronts Dr. Robbins about what she told the police. He admits that he killed Nathan. He wants his doctor to run away with him. Dr. Robbins says he killed a young man once before and she protected him. She says it's not too late to make this right. A short time later, Angie and Oscar find Cameron dead in a car that had a hose hooked up to the tailpipe. It looks like a suicide, but Angie believes somebody help Cam kill himself.

Manny is going on a trip to Europe. Needless to say, Angie is having a hard time letting her baby boy go. The fact that he's meeting his father for the first time only amplifies her uneasiness. As for the case, Angie turns her attention to Dr. Robbins, who owns a greenhouse. Pollen was found inside the first victim indicating he may have been stabbed with gardening shears. An audio recording reveals how Dr. Robbins seduced Cameron. She wonders if she did the same to Nathan. Cameron thought the same thing. That's why he stabbed Nathan to death.

Dr. Robbins knew she would be exposed, so she took advantage of his vulnerability. That's why she led him to believe the only way to prove his love for her was to kill himself. Only he needed help putting the hose inside the car. Dr. Robbins tries to make a run for it. She finds her gun and makes her way to a back barn area. When Dr. Robbins aims her gun in a threatening way, Angie has no choice but to shoot her dead. Vega comforts his partner. It was a clean shoot and this case is closed.






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