Episode 1.07 : Out of the Past

  • Motive
    • Episode Premiere : July 25, 2013
    • Distributor : USA Network, ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - Now
    • Production Company: Bell Media, Foundation Features, Lark Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Kelly Makin
  • Screenwriter Daegan Fryklind
  • Main Cast
    • Kristin Lehman,
    • Louis Ferreira,
    • Brendan Penny,
    • Lauren Holly as Tracy,
    • Warren Christie,
    • Roger Cross,
    • Cameron Bright as Young Jerry

  • Additional Cast
    • Svetlana Efremova,
    • Chance Kelly,
    • Anthony Shim,
    • Adrian Hough,
    • Seth Isaac Johnson

The Story

Hank Cousineau is a curmudgeonly shop owner who packs a punch. Just ask the three street thugs who try to collect protection money from him. The unsuspecting neighborhood lowlifes turn out to be the ones in need of protection. Monika Harper is a doctor who cares for young children at a local hospital. She's also the woman who murdered Hank Cousineau. The question is... why?

Judging by the way the victim's body was found, Angie believes this wasn't a grudge killing. This was personal. Hank's throat was slit but he never raised his hand to stop the bleeding. Someone stared into his eyes while he died. Hank Cousineau recognized Monika when he saw her picture in the paper. He began taking photos of her, her husband and their young son. Angie and Oscar find his camera. The pictures inside the camera reveal the object of his obsession. Flashbacks show Hank confronting Monika outside her home. He makes a veiled threat against her son.

Desmond Harper is surprised when he learns that the man he saw taking pictures of him and his son, Phillip, also frightened his Monika outside their home. He backs up his wife's story that the entire family was home around the time Hank was killed. She wasn't. The military lets Angie and Oscar know that Hank came back from a tour in Bosnia looking as if the life was sucked out of him. He often talked about taking responsibility for his actions. However, any hostility he had was projected inward.

Angie learns that the woman Monika is claiming to be is dead. She realizes there are no photos of her in the home before she met Desmond. Angie drops the hint that she knows her suspect isn't who she claims to be. Monika knows that the walls are closing in on her. She convinces her husband to run away. As for the investigation, Betty lets Angie know that the victim was paralyzed after being injected in the neck. The puncture wound was hidden within the slit of his neck. The drugs that were used to immobilize Hank Cousineau came from Monika's hospital.

Angie and Oscar show up at Monika's house just as the family is getting ready to skedaddle. The doctor's true identity is revealed. She's from Bosnia. Her real name is Djerica Simonovic. She was a Serb doctor who often took a cigarette break with Hank Cousineau, who had befriended a young Muslim boy. Monika/Djerica took part in the mass killing of Muslim children. Hank was powerless to stop her from all the murders including the killing of the young boy he cared for. In the present day, Hank threatened to expose her. Monika killed him before he could do so, just like she'd murdered so many others in the past. Case closed.






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