Episode 1.05 : Public Enemy

  • Motive
    • Episode Premiere : July 11, 2013
    • Distributor : USA Network, ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - Now
    • Production Company: Bell Media, Foundation Features, Lark Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Sturla Gunnarsson
  • Screenwriter Katherine Collins
  • Main Cast
    • Kristin Lehman,
    • Louis Ferreira,
    • Brendan Penny,
    • Lauren Holly as Tracy,
    • Warren Christie,
    • Roger Cross,
    • Cameron Bright as Young Jerry

  • Additional Cast
    • Molly Parker,
    • Camille Sullivan,
    • Cameron Bancroft,
    • Irene Karas,
    • Paula Giroday

The Story

Health food guru Jack Bergin is found dead in his indoor hot tub. There are prong marks on his neck from a stun gun. Across town, Chloe Myton frantically makes her way into her apartment. She works off her obvious anxiety on the treadmill. Chloe is flustered because she just killed Jack Bergin. The question is... Why?

In the past, Chloe was in the murder victim's place during an open house. She became uneasy after seeing a photo of Jack Bergin that was taken on the beach. She later befriends his wife, Lila, at a cooking class. Chloe lets her therapist know that she's ready to end their relationship. She believes she's ready to move on. As for her relationship with Lila, Chloe uses her friendship to swipe the house keys. She later returns them when her friend isn't looking. She also memorizes the alarm code. In the present day, Chloe hides her stun gun when a distraught Lila shows up to say that her husband has been murdered.

Angie notices that Jack Bergin had a big lion tattoo on his chest. The victim had a history of being very flirty with his lady fans who sign up for home delivery of his health products. Angie and Oscar theorize when Jack's alarm system was on and off in the time before he died. He had some visitors. There was a car parked in front of the house just before the break-in. It belonged to the victim's former business partner, Michael Park. Bergin was going to pay for a buyout after he sold his house. Park also mentions that his ex-partner loved the ladies. This becomes evident in a flashback showing him stalking one of his pretty fans.

Chloe is visiting Lila when Angie and Oscar pop by with a few queries. Questions of infidelity arise. Lila swears that Jack was a good husband. Chloe doesn't appear to believe this. Angie and Oscar believe the break-in was staged. They realize that the killer had the alarm code. Questioning of the victim's realtor leads to Angie discovering that Chloe was at the open house. Chloe explains that it would have been awkward to tell her friend that she'd been in her house before they met.

Chloe desperately searches for something in the Bergin garage. She's startled when Lila returns home unexpectedly. Things get awkward fast. Lila lets Chloe know that her sister is coming to town, so she'll be okay without her. Thanks to the charcoal found on the victim's hand, Angie finds what Chloe was looking for inside the grill in the garage. It's a box containing photos of the women Jack Bergin raped. Chloe is in one of the shots. She never saw the face of her attacker, but caught a glimpse of the lion tattoo on his chest. Once she saw the same tattoo in a photo, she knew Jack Bergin was the man who raped her.

Chloe got close to Lila to infiltrate the Bergin home. She caught Jack relaxing in his hot tub. He didn't remember Chloe, but she'll never forget the night he attacked her. Chloe made Jack apologize for what he did, but his words are insincere. He was never sorry. That's why she shot him with the stun gun causing him to be electrocuted to death. Angie lets Chloe know that there were many other victims. Some of them would probably thank her for what she did. As for Chloe, she finally feels free for the first time in so many years.

Once the case is closed, Oscar asks Angie to join him for dinner. It sounds like it could be a date. Angie considers his offer for a moment, but opts to do a little more work instead.






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