The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.05 : Interns

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : October 17, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Eve is at the age where she doesn't want to be around her parents all that much, so Mike does the obvious thing and forces her to be his intern. There's nothing better than unpaid labor! Eve is not too hot on the idea, but begs her father to - at the very least - treat her like an adult... that means putting the lollipops away, Mike! When Ian hears about Eve's internship, he realizes that's the exact thing his start-up is missing. If he can find a guinea pig to do all the hard work while he focuses on the big ideas, Ian will put himself on the fast track to being the next brilliant tech innova - oh gosh, he spilled jelly on himself again. Who gave Ian jelly?!

Annie has been bringing working authors to her classroom in hopes of inspiring her pupils. It doesn't hurt that she gets an hour off to level up on Fruit Ninja, either! When Leigh gets hold of this information, she seizes the opportunity to share the first chapter of her own novel with Annie. It's called Mane Attraction, and it's about a young man that turns into a horse at night... "He was part man and part horse, and she was the only one that could tame them both." Annie is mortified, but has no other option but to agree to read Leigh's work. Both Mike and Annie know Leigh isn't looking for actual critiques, but instead unbridled affirmation. With a story about a Man-Horse, Annie knows that's going to be quite the challenge...

Ian is ready to hire his intern and has the WANTED fliers to prove it! Ian tells Graham he's going out to post fliers and interview candidates, but Graham says he can't be alone in the house all day. After all, Annie said Ian was supposed to look after him. Ugh, how is supposed to get off the ground if it's doubling as a daycare service?! Ian reluctantly agrees to bring Graham along for his interviews.

Mike runs into his workplace nemesis, Susan, as he shows Eve around the offices. Mike tells Eve to just throw water on Susan if she ever gives her trouble, as that makes Susan melt. Oh, Wizard of Oz jokes? Susan warns Mike about going down that yellow brick road... as it leads to Munchkins. Mike asks Susan if they can enact a truce while Eve is around, for propriety's sake. Susan agrees, but privately, she's got her eye on Eve. What better way to cripple your enemy than to take his daughter under your wing? Later, after Mike throws boring jobs like tape logging and voice-over supervision at Eve, Susan sweeps in behind his back and offers Eve something cooler - how does her own on-air piece sound? Eve is beyond excited, and her professional admiration for Susan blossoms... just as Susan planned.

Leigh corners Annie in her kitchen and asks for her thoughts on Mane Attraction. Whew, uh, where do you start? The beginning was there... and then the middle was also there... and... Leigh wonders why Annie can't name even one specific thing she liked about it. Unable to bite her tongue any longer, Annie spills the beans: the book is terrible! Leigh describes every character as the result of "if celebrity A and celebrity B had a baby..." and it's just a complete mess. Leigh exits sullenly, and Annie regrets her honesty. A couple days later, when Annie checks on Leigh, she is shocked to find out Leigh has been furiously rewriting! For once, Leigh took criticism to heart and used it to her benefit. Because she was so harsh, Annie agrees to let Leigh read her story in front of her class.

Ian interviews candidates for his internship at a local coffee shop while Graham loyally does all of Ian's dirty work behind the scenes: straw retrieval, locating sugar packets; if it's a minor inconvenience, Graham is on it, and he's ruthlessly efficient. The interviews, on the other hand, are anything but a success. Most of the candidates rush out when they hear of Ian's "parents' home" operations and ridiculously small workforce (just him). One candidate even thinks she's interviewing Ian for a job! Dejected, and with no applications left, Ian wonders if an intern is the right move for his company. But maybe the answer was right in front of him all along! Graham hands Ian his resume, filled out in crayon, and Ian decides to take a chance on his little brother.

Mike is sick of Susan interfering with his planned father-daughter time with Eve. Mike schemes to win Eve back by reserving the helicopter for a story of his - what's cooler than a helicopter? But when he tells Eve, she doesn't want to go. Susan has her featured in an underage drinking expose, and Eve couldn't be more excited! Later, Mike finds Eve at a local bar trying to order a drink. Absolutely not! Susan walks in and says it's for an expose they're filming from a button-camera on Eve's shirt, but when Mike throws a fit at the camera he's convinced is fake, the whole story is ruined. Back at the offices, Eve is frustrated that Mike only sees her as a pawn and is overlooking her natural talent for news. Mike apologizes to Eve and says he's just struggling to come to terms with her growing up.

Leigh reads her story to Annie's class, and it's so filthy the students are literally falling out of their seats. Annie puts a stop to it before things get further out of hand, but the damage is already done; Leigh feels super validated for her work and Annie feels good about helping in some way. At home, Ian and Graham are growing into a well-oiled one-two punch for And after Mike gives Eve the option to work with Susan, Eve appreciates the freedom so much that she "chooses" to work for her dad. Mike understands that sometimes you think you know someone so well, it's hard to see what new things they're capable of; but when you slow down enough, you can learn to appreciate the talents you never knew they had!






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