The Michael J. Fox Show

Episode 1.04 : Hobbies

  • The Michael J. Fox Show
    • Episode Premiere : October 10, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Annie's going crazy: since Mike returned to work, the kids are more work than ever. One quick solution: find little Graham something to do after school. Mike agrees. Noting that their oldest, Ian, has no athletic skills whatsoever, Mike wants something manly and athletic, like hockey. Annie's thinking more like pottery, rhapsodizing about the "sexy pottery scene" in Ghost. Always ready to compromise, they agree they need a third idea. But somehow, it doesn't quite go that way. Mike secretly lobbies Graham to join the youth hockey team - only to discover the boy's already been signed up for pottery! Mike confronts Annie, who explains she pulled the trigger on pottery class signups only after discovering that Mike had bought a youth hockey helmet. Harrumph. They agree that the only fair thing is to enroll Graham in both activities and let him decide for himself.

Leigh mistakenly picks up Eve's cell phone and notices a nasty tweet directed at Eve. Eve explains she's in a tweet war with a schoolmate, Lisa Mitchell. Eve confesses she started it by tweeting that she liked Lisa's mom jeans. Leigh chomps at the chance to exercise her writing skills, even if it's in the guise of a teenager. Sure enough, the skirmish erupts into a full battle. Eve's nemesis makes fun of her for the way she runs - and now everyone else does too.

At work, Harris breaks some bad news to his old pal Mike: he's hired Suzy Rodriguez Jones as an anchor. Mike's blood boils. Suzy is his former field producer who left him stranded in the Everglades while she scooped him on his own story. She returned the next day in a fan boat to "rescue" him - after her story went national. As Suzy gives an introductory speech to the staff, Mike tries to out her on the story, but clever Suzy twists it into an appreciative tribute about how she had to save Mike so that he could save her. Afterwards, she warns Mike under her breath to never cross her again. But our hero is not rolling over.

Mike takes Graham to hockey practice. Clearly invigorated, he explains to his son how magical the sights and smells are. Mike picks up a stick and shows off a killer slap shot, impressing the coach. "I'm okay on the ice," he tells the camera. "If only I could live on an ice planet."

At pottery class, Annie's equally enthused, though Graham seems to like hockey better. Bored, he convinces his mom to jump behind the wheel to show him how it's done. Annie beams; little does she know Graham used the ruse so he can grab his game device. Back at home, Annie and Mike competitively compare notes as to which way Graham's leaning. An upbeat Annie shows off the lopsided vase Graham made on day one; too bad it leaks.

Suzy's gathered around her a gaggle of fawning staffers eager to hear her harrowing tale of getting shot and losing all feeling in her left hand. Mike calls b.s. publicly, but Suzy is indomitable: she sticks her hand in a stapler and bam! There's your proof, Mike Henry. Later, Harris catches Suzy in her restroom screaming in agony over the stapling stunt. He tells Mike about it. Clearly, we can't have a pathological liar In the newsroom, Mike tells Harris. But Harris has just the opposite reaction: anyone crazy enough to staple her hand to pull off a story is crazy enough to take them to the top of the ratings.

Thanks to Aunt Leigh, Eve seems to be winning the Twitter war. And more wonderful news: Leigh seems to have found her voice in the process (albeit a bitchy teenage girl's vindictive voice). When Leigh tells Ian about how she's put Lisa Mitchell in her place, Ian's alarmed: Lisa Mitchell is a renowned bully. They rush off to school to save Eve from a certain beatdown. They arrive to find Eve sprinting away from Lisa; the rumble ends in the principal's office, of course. Leigh arrives and comes clean about her vicious tweets, actually taking some pride in gems like "Lisa Bitchell" and "Thighly Cyrus." Eve's off the hook.

Annie has a revelation that she really shouldn't force pottery on poor Graham. Discovering that Graham appears to have forgotten his hockey skates, she heads down to the rink to deliver them and tell him it's okay that he's chosen his dad's preferred hobby. But Graham is actually up in the stands with all the other youth team kids, sitting around while the dads play each other on the ice. At home later, Annie tends to Mike's hockey bruises. They realize they didn't need a hobby for Graham - they needed hobbies for themselves. Mike's rediscovered hockey and Annie's found a great pottery workshop to join. It turns out that sometimes, the parents' job is to raise each other.






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