Episode 4.11 : Lady Killer

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : April 07, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A beautiful woman speaks directly to the viewing audience, as she attends a grief counseling session looking for a lonely man. After the session, they sleep together in the young man's car in the church parking lot. While doing so, for a second time she speaks to the audience, again suggesting that in order to move on to the next person, you must get rid of the current. So she stabs him in the back. Allison awakes.

While getting the kids ready in the morning, Allison sees a news report describing the SUV and the man she saw in her dream from the night before. Allison immediately calls Scanlon, who confirms the details from her dream, except no one can identify or recall the woman she described. In a meeting with Devalos, Allison and Manny discuss his campaign for DA. Manny asks Allsion to stand with him at his fundraiser the following night to answer questions about her involvement in his previous investigations.

Back in the dream, the woman returns, but this time sits at a bar flirting with the bartender. Again she talks to the audience, as though she's teaching the viewers how to do what she does - pick up younger men and kill them afterwards. Just as she finishes sleeping with him, she preps a nail gun to finish the bartender off. Just then, Allison wakes to a crying child.

While in the car taking their daughter to the doctor's office, Allison notices a sign on a restaurant door that resembles a martini glass from her dream. She calls Scanlon, who goes to the restaurant to investigate. When he gets there, he opens the freezer door and finds the bartender covered from head to toe with nails.

Allison asks Scanlon if people noticed this woman, but again no one recalls seeing anyone of that description. Allison tells him that there is a female serial killer who seduces her young prey, sleeps with them and then kills them. Later that night, Allison leaves Joe at home with the kids so she can attend Manny's fundraiser.

At his fundraiser, Manny speaks to his secret weapon, Allison Dubois. While there, Allison meets and speaks to a potential donor. However, she has a vision that the donor is working with current DA Van Dyke.

Allison tells Joe about the donor and that she knew something was wrong... something was off. Joe suggests she tell Manny, but Allison hesitates a bit. Joe also mentions that he left a message from Scanlon for her the night before.

Allison calls Manny to tell him about her thoughts on the donor. Although his check has cleared, Manny wants his campaign manager to look into it. Allison met Scanlon at the police station so she can sit with a sketch artist. After the sketch goes out, Scanlon gets a call from officers on duty who have spotted a woman matching the description in an Irish bar.

Once Scanlon gets to the bar, he calls Allison to find out if she's had any other dreams, but unfortunately, she hasn't. Scanlon stays at the bar and sees the woman leaving with another man. Just as she reaches into her purse, Scanlon asks her to step aside and pass over her bag. He arrests her for murder. However, she suggests that the stories he mentions sound like her book, which she wrote four months ago.

Allison agrees that the woman in custody, Ms. Todd, is the woman from her dreams. During questioning, she says that she has made a lot of money from loving men: from writing and selling books and blogs, and doing interviews. She tells them that on the nights in question she was home alone, reading. She says she's no killer.

Scanlon decides to keep Ms. Todd in custody. Back in Manny's office, Richard, the donor, comes in for a meeting. Once he enters, his campaign manager exits. Manny confronts Richard based on corruption in the construction sector, Richard's business. Manny lays it out for him, telling him that he knows Van Dyke persuaded him to contribute to his campaign in order to make him look bad.

Allison lets Joe know that her instincts told her the woman isn't guilty, but regardless, she is in jail for the night. In another dream, she sees the woman in a military outfit, bidding a young man farewell. She ties him to the bed and then strangles him. Back at the police station, Scanlon releases Ms. Todd.

Ms. Todd explains that the scenario Allison described from the night before was a chapter of her book that was cut prior to its publishing. She also described a few other scenes that were cut. Back at the DA's office, Van Dyke turns on the TV to see that Manny has turned his friendship with Richard to his benefit, allowing him to announce the corruption in the city and taking the benefit away from Van Dyke.

Scanlon speaks to the women at the publisher's office who worked on the book, but all of them have alibis for the nights of the murders. On his way out, Scanlon gets in the elevator with the owner of the publishing company, who tries to picks him up. He asks him to go to a basketball game and to dinner. Scanlon senses a familiar tone to this scenario and realizes the killer isn't a woman at all, it's the publisher.

Allison and Joe are watching the news report that the owner of the publishing company was arrested on three counts of murder, having confessed to seducing and killing the three men.






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