Man Up!

Episode 1.05 : Acceptance

  • Man Up!
    • Episode Premiere : November 15, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Tagline Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Eyal Gordin
  • Screenwriter Franklin Hardy, Shane Kosakowski
  • Main Cast
    • Christopher Moynihan,
    • Dan Fogler as Melvin Mittman,
    • Mather Zickel,
    • Teri Polo as Kristin Larsen,
    • Amanda Detmer,
    • Henry Simmons

  • Additional Cast
    • Markie Post,
    • Alison LaPlaca,
    • Emily Harrison,
    • Annie Tedesco

The Story

Over breakfast, Will gives Nathan a cell phone. Lucy would probably be jealous, but she's still asleep: She had another nightmare last night. It's news to Theresa, but then, she sleeps like a dead, hearing-impaired rock and no one can ever wake her. Will thinks his son is old enough to handle this new responsibility -- but he also installed a tracking app on the phone so he can monitor his son's whereabouts. Baby steps, you know.

Kenny's excited about Jane, the new girl he's been seeing. It's going well. Maybe too well: She wants him to meet her parents. Kenny's fine with dads, but with moms? "He's really bad," Theresa says. "Like, written apology bad. Wrapped-up-in-an-area-rug-and-dragged-into-the-forest bad." But it's working out great for Craig. Jane's parents own a coffee shop and they said he could play a gig tonight, just him and his guitar.

At the gig, the place is packed with women. Which makes sense, since it's a lesbian coffee house. Craig's bummed because he won't be plucking a new lover from the audience, but Kenny's more bummed, because Jane doesn't have a dad: She's got two moms. "You know my parents are lesbians," Jane says. "I keep saying ‘I'm excited for you to meet my moms.'" Kenny misunderstood: "I thought you were doing an urban thing, you know? ‘Don't talk about my moms.' That's why I kept saying ‘Word.'" It gets better. They're therapists.

But success awaits. Craig dolls up his songs with more lesbian-friendly lyrics, and makes a killing. The coffee house manager reveals that if she were still sleeping with men, she'd be all over him. So he's in love, obviously. And surprisingly, Kenny opened up to Jane's moms. They're helping him get a few mental monkeys off his back. The downside? "I realized my back is completely covered in monkeys," Kenny says.

Theresa tells Will she put the tracking app on the whole family's phones. But Will has a special place he goes after work to get a break, and he doesn't want Theresa to think he's shirking his parental responsibilities. He is, but he claims this mysterious place is what helps him get a much-needed break. Kenny won't help Will lie, because he's had a breakthrough thanks to Jane's moms, and is now all honesty, all the time: "In further honesty, Craig, I'm wearing your socks and have no plans to return them."

Brenda wishes she could get Grant on a smartphone, but he's not a techy sort of guy. Until Brenda shows him the game Angry Birds. He protests at first -- "I don't believe in throwing animals at each other" -- but soon he's addicted. "It's no longer clear whether I'm playing the game or the game's playing me," Grant laments. Will takes advantage and gets Grant's old phone so he can escape Theresa's supervision. Theresa knows something's up and puts Nathan's phone in his car so she can follow him anyway.

Craig gets too bold when he writes a song for the coffee house manager hoping that he can make her go for men again. "He's a turner!" the ladies yell. Just like that, his time as a lesbian folk hero ends. And Kenny blows it with Jane when he gets too honest about her body. Tough break.

Theresa tracks Will, expecting the worst. But she finds him with an informal Dad's Club, discussing parental woes, and explaining why the club makes him a better father. She explains that every parent has to have their little tricks to get through the day, and we learn through flashback that hers, for example, is pretending to be a really heavy sleeper when her kids have nightmares -- so that Will can take care of it.






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