Man Up!

Episode 1.03 : Digging Deeper

  • Man Up!
    • Episode Premiere : November 01, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Tagline Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Alex Hardcastle
  • Screenwriter Victor Fresco
  • Main Cast
    • Christopher Moynihan,
    • Dan Fogler as Melvin Mittman,
    • Mather Zickel,
    • Teri Polo as Kristin Larsen,
    • Amanda Detmer,
    • Henry Simmons

The Story

Video games can tell you a lot about a man. Well, these men at least. And while they play, it's obvious Craig and Kenny are having problems at home. "You left it out for three days," Craig says to his roomie. "I wasn't finished with it," Kenny explains. "Why put something away if you're not done using it?" "Because it's cheese!" Craig replies. Will's on edge too because he's having issues with his TC-57 reports at work; namely, he hasn't completed as many as Dana, his hotshot coworker who's gunning for his job.

Brenda blows Theresa's mind with Grant's romance: At a pottery class, he "ghosted" her; slipping up from behind and helping her mold her work a la Swayze. And now he's ghosting her all the timeā€¦even while making sandwiches. "He's thoughtful and kind, and all that other crap I'm supposed to care about," Brenda says. Theresa feels like she and Will need to spice things up, and decides to take a cue from Brenda and Grant's success doing projects together.

But Will spurns her request to take an improv class -- he's swamped with work, and he doesn't really want to talk about it. When Kenny and Craig take their household problems to Will's office the next day and ask for assistance, the still-preoccupied Will suggests they do a project together. He probably didn't mean digging an in-ground pool in their backyard though, which is what they decide upon. Will soon learns that Dana's TC-57 secret is Henry Trunka, a creepy guy on the second floor who fills them out for gifts. Will balks at Henry's request for 500 Rice Krispie treats and four liters of homemade Dr Pepper and decides to go it alone, though Henry makes it clear he can always change his mind.

Kenny and Craig start digging the pool, and it actually does help them get along. When they spill the beans on Will suggesting they do a project, Theresa is miffed, even though Brenda explains that Grant's ghosting has taken a bad turn: It doesn't work for eating chow mein, signing for packages, or flossing her teeth. "Flossing is the least enjoyable thing a man has ever done to me from behind," Brenda adds.

Later, Craig finds Kenny's phone and learns that he'd been looking at other apartments. When he confronts Kenny, they each reveal that they thought the other hated their living situation, when really, they were both happy together. They just needed to communicate, and not through notes left on the fridge or the washing machine. Likewise, Brenda finally snaps when Grant ghosts her while applying lipstick, and they give each other some tough love -- but are both relieved by the honesty.

Theresa applies her leverage to force Will into the improv class. But as they take on fictional characters stranded on an island, Theresa and Will tackle his workplace dilemma ("Why didn't you tell me you were having clam problems with your work mongoose?" Theresa asks), and learn their own lesson about communication. And they start a new project: making 500 Rice Krispie treats and four liters of homemade Dr Pepper.






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