Man Up!

Episode 1.02 : Finessing the Bromance

  • Man Up!
    • Episode Premiere : October 25, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Tagline Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Beth McCarthy-Miller
  • Screenwriter Christopher Moynihan
  • Main Cast
    • Christopher Moynihan,
    • Dan Fogler as Melvin Mittman,
    • Mather Zickel,
    • Teri Polo as Kristin Larsen,
    • Amanda Detmer,
    • Henry Simmons

  • Additional Cast
    • Matt Jones,
    • Richard Voigts

The Story

As the boys shoot and stab their way through another multiplayer video game session, Kenny calls out Will for hanging out with his ex-wife's new boyfriend, Grant. Will claims he hates the double dates -- though the high-fiving and deep talks revealed via flashback tell another story. What Will has conveniently forgotten, and as Theresa inconveniently reminds him, is that he invited Grant to family dinner on Sunday, so Kenny's going to learn the truth soon enough.

In the office, Craig's being shadowed by the boss's nephew. He wants to be called Eggnog, and it doesn't get better from there. "Remember in high school when I soiled myself at the indoor skydiving place? This is worse," Craig laments. Craig outs Will's man-crush on Grant, as well as the family dinner invite, and Kenny goes ballistic after Craig reveals he's been hanging out with Grant too. "I hope you all have a nice life together as the Three Douche-keteers," Kenny shouts as he leaves -- not his best parting insult.

Will realizes that he needs to "finesse a bromance" between Kenny and Grant so they can all be friends again, and asks Theresa and Brenda for help finding common ground between the two. Theresa's take: "They both breathe oxygen and have had sex with Brenda. But that describes a lot of people." But when Will discovers that Grant's never seen Star Wars ("He was busy having sex with women and not being a nerd," Brenda explains), he's got a plan: Bonding over the film.

It starts out rough when Craig and Will spring Grant on Kenny, but he relents and presents the movie: original 1982 rental-only Betamax copy of Lucas's masterpiece. It's incredibly rare, and incredibly valuable." But once Grants starts asking questions and poking too many holes in the logic for Kenny's liking, Kenny shuts it down. Only problem: The tape is stuck. And when the guys take it to the repair shop, the owner tells them tape didn't make it.

Meanwhile, Brenda gets Lucy a henna tattoo on her lower back, and Theresa isn't happy about the tramp stamp on her seven-year-old daughter, especially when Lucy lobbies for a real one when she's old enough. The fix? Brenda shows Lucy a tough guy crying over the tattoo-removing laser. It ends Lucy's love affair with ink, but simultaneously kills her desire to be a doctor because "they hurt people." Brenda's content with her work: "At least she doesn't want a tattoo."

Kenny takes his revenge on the gang by bringing the charming Eggnog to family dinner. (Eggnog isn't happy either: "Dude, you said we were going to laser tag. This place sucks. Everyone here is old.") When dinner predictably devolves into a shouting match and nearly a brawl, Kenny explains he just doesn't want to be replaced within the circle of dudes. It'll never happen, say the boys. And when they realize the video repair guy never gave them their busted tape back, they begin to suspect foul play, and head back to the shop as a four-man team. After using a little, um, Force, they retrieve the tape, safe and sound.






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