Make It or Break It

Episode 1.16 : Save the Last Dance

  • Make It or Break It
    • Episode Premiere : February 08, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2012
    • Production Company: Super Delicious Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The Rock girls nail a move they never thought possible: prom!

It all starts when Heather convinces Payson to join the porm committee, and Payson invites Kaylie and Lauren over to help make decorations. Before you can say "John Hughes movie," Kaylie a d Lauren have convinced Payson that they're all going to the prom, including Emily.

Meanhwile, Kaylie's having trouble landing a double Arabian -- a move she needs to perfect if she's going to beat the Chinese at an upcoming meet. Carter volunteers to help. They train hard, but it isn't until Carter decides to let go of the harness and Kaylie attempts the move without a "safety net" that she nails it.

Over at the Tanners' house, Carter tells Lauren about her dad's secret rendezvous in the garage attic. Lauren makes it her mission to find out who the mystery woman is. She also makes certain her dad will never use the room again by telling him she uses it as her meditation place. Later, after seeing Emily in the dress she thought her dad had gotten her, Lauren puts the pieces together and realizes her dad is dating Chloe!

Prom night arrives, and the girls are stoked -- and gorgeous. Payson looks radiant. Seeing how happy she is, her parents struggle with whether to tell her that a Swiss doctor is interested in operating on her back. Kim and Mark visit with the doctor secretly and come away feeling that it may be too big of a risk. Besides, Payson is so happy now, they don't want to raise her hopes just to see her heart get broken again.

For now, Payson is oblivious to all that. All she knows is, she's having a great time at the prom. It just gets better when like shows up to be with her.

Emily's night starts off great too. She's wearing a beautiful designer dress, and all eyes are on her as she enters the ballroom -- including Damon's. His band with Razor, The Shelter Pups, are the evening's emergency fill-in entertainment. Damon seizes the moment to try to win Emily back. He takes the mike , opens his mouth to sing, and chokes. He runs offstage and out the door. Emily goes after him. He tells her he was in jail because he unknowingly bought hot recording equipment so he could record a song for her. Emily tells him she doesn't care about a song. She wants someone she can trust. She wonders if Damon can be that guy.

At the other of the ballroom, Carter asks Kaylie to dance, but she refuses. Lauren sees a chance to push them further apart and pays a cute guy to ask Kaylie to dance. She accepts. Carter breaks in. As they dance, Carter tells Kaylie that he loves her but he can't wait for her forever.

Later that night, back in the Tanners' garage attic, Carter and Lauren lick their wounds. Looking at the photo of Carter's mom, Lauren is reminded of how her own mom bailed on her. Lauren begins to cry and tells Carter that all she wants is for someone to choose her for once. With that, Carter takes her hand and leads her in a slow dance.

Payson comes home from the prom, bearning. She's had the night of her life. Her parents love that she's so happy -- but they have something to tell her. And it may not be easy to hear.






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