The Lying Game

Episode 1.14 : Black and White and Green All Over

  • The Lying Game
    • Episode Premiere : January 23, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Alloy Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

As Sutton begins to reclaim her life, she makes preparations for the Black and White Ball. Meanwhile, Emma tries to figure out where to go next without putting either of them in danger. Back at school, Sutton tries out a little P.D.A. on Ethan to keep up appearances, but he yells at her for kicking Emma out of her house. Sutton convinces Ethan to take her to the ball so that things don't look suspicious. Ethan talks to Emma about running away together, but Emma feels guilty about leaving Sutton in danger. Ethan then comes up with a plan to publicly break up with Sutton, but Sutton promises Emma that one day she can become a part of her family. Emma decides to stay, and Ethan is forced to attend the ball.

Laurel confides in the real Sutton about Justin's secret--that Ted was called away during the surgery on his mother, and his mother didn't make it. Sutton is freaked out and tells their parents. When Laurel goes to visit Justin, Ted interrupts them and apologizes to him. Kristin, however, is appalled by Justin's actions and is much less forgiving.

Mads avoids taking Ryan to the ball by going with Thayer. She also convinces Alec to invite Rebecca. When everyone arrives, Sutton forces Ethan to kiss her, but he pushes her away and storms off. We then learn the truth about Ryan and Sutton's past-he was her first, but she tormented him so that no one would find out. Sutton tells Ryan to let her know when he gets tired of Mads.

Dan calls Alec away from the ball because he found Annie Hobbs. Sutton overhears the conversation, and along with Emma and Ethan, goes to the hospital where Annie is being held. Annie tells the girls that she had a baby girl the same day they were born, but she is not their real birth mother. Before they can get more answers, a nurse kicks them out. Later, Annie Hobbs gets another visitor: Rebecca. Rebecca wakes Annie and asks, "What have you done now?"

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