Love Bites

Episode 1.06 : TMI (Too Much Information)

  • Love Bites
    • Episode Premiere : July 07, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Romantic, Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2011
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Working Title Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Bridget goes through a box of CDs to weed out duplicates as she and her boyfriend, Jeff, have just moved in together. While paying bills, Jeff comments that someone ordered some porn on cable a few weeks ago and it wasn't him. Stunned and embarrassed, Bridget says she forgot about it, then explains she was feeling lonely the weekend Jeff was in San Diego, so she picked a police-themed porn movie because she likes the uniforms. Jeff can't believe he didn't know Bridget had a fetish, let alone a uniform fetish.

The next day, Bridget calls her brother Brian to ask if his ex-wife had any fetishes. When Brian asks why she's asking, Bridget lies, claiming her friend Alexis told her boyfriend about her uniform fetish. Brian thinks fetishes have to come from something; maybe Alexis had an unhealthy upbringing? Bridget winds up the conversation, not feeling reassured at all. Meanwhile, Jeff and his buddy Eli browse at a costume shop while discussing Bridget's fetish. Jeff wonders what it all means - why does Bridget want a man in uniform? Eli tells Jeff not to overthink this, then grabs a cop uniform and tells Jeff to give the lady what she's asking for.

That night, Bridget is sitting on the couch in her bathrobe when Jeff pounds on the door, in uniform, pretending to be a cop. The role-playing is awkward and ends abruptly when Jeff starts laughing. Feeling stupid and embarrassed, Bridget asks Jeff to never mention her fetish again. But Jeff doesn't think her fetish is weird - everyone has a thing. When Bridget points out that he doesn't, Jeff claims he has a foot fetish. The next day, Bridget and her friend Alexis talk about Jeff's foot fetish over pedicures. Meanwhile, Jeff tells Eli that he lied about having a foot fetish to make Bridget feel better. Bridget tells Alexis that she'll let Jeff do whatever he wants with her feet because she loves him. And Jeff tells Eli that he'll go through with the foot fetish thing because he loves Bridget.

That night, Bridget lies on her bed with her legs stretched out as Jeff examines her feet. He tries pretending to have a foot fetish, but he can't and confesses to Bridget, explaining he was just trying to make her feel better about her uniform fetish. Bridget thinks she's weird, and Jeff's worried that he's boring and not cool like her. He wants Bridget to be able to tell him anything, so the couple decides they'll be completely open from now on. Bridget asks Jeff if he's sure there's nothing unusual that he's into. There isn't, but Jeff's confident that they'll have the rest of their lives to come up with something.

Colleen and Judd have coffee with Judd's sister Kristen, a single mom with two girls. Kristen has a date coming up on Saturday night, but she's too tired to be sexy because she's a mom. Kristen's frustrated because she thinks her 16-year-old daughter Becky hates her and doesn't tell her anything about her life. Kristen knows Becky has something going on with a boy named Ian. Offering to help, Judd tries to unlock Becky's phone, with no success. Becky walks into the kitchen and grabs her phone from Judd, telling Kristen they have to go because she doesn't want to be late for school. Judd promises he'll be back later for Becky's driving lesson.

Becky sits in a bathroom stall as her friends Natasha and Cara stand guard, using a mirror to look at herself because she has a "situation down there." She's worried that a bump might be an STD. Becky tells her friends she slept with Ian just once two weeks ago and she hasn't been with any other guys. Ian wore a condom, but "stuff touched." Natasha and Cara think Becky should talk to Ian about it. As the girls walk down the hall, Cara suggests telling Nurse Sue or Kristen. Becky rejects both ideas. Natasha spots Ian and urges Becky to talk to him, so Becky asks Ian if they can talk about the other night. Ian says he had a great time, but he's back with Jessica and walks away. Just then, Natasha's boyfriend Will walks up, claiming he heard about Becky's "situation" - it's no big deal. Becky's horrified.

Becky visits Nurse Sue, who asks if she's sexually active, then assumes she's pregnant. Anything other than pregnancy is outside of Nurse Sue's jurisdiction, but she can refer Becky to a free clinic that will only cost $80. After school at Becky's house, Natasha and Cara try to diagnose Becky through internet research. Cara narrows it down to one of three things: HPV, AIDs or skin cancer. Becky freaks out: she'll never have sex again; she'll die alone, and she better get to that clinic. Cara tells her to hurry because it closes at seven. Just then, Judd shows up - it's time for Becky's driving lesson.

Becky finds Judd in the driveway, putting a life-sized male dummy named Alfred in the car. Alfred will sit in the passenger seat when Becky drives alone at night, like a bodyguard. Becky's mortified. As it turns out, Becky has a long way to go before she should drive on her own, Alfred's presence not withstanding. When Judd glances in the back seat and sees a condom wrapper, Becky begs him not to tell her mom. Judd screams at Becky to watch the road, just as she slams into a mailbox. When Judd asks if she's okay, Becky blurts out that she thinks she has an STD. Judd doesn't know what to do, and Becky doesn't want to talk about it; but she does want to go to the clinic, which closes in 15 minutes. Judd offers to drive.

Judd tries to make small talk in the clinic's waiting room, but Becky's not interested. He apologizes - it's his first teenaged girl crisis. The nurse calls Becky, and she emerges a little later. Everything's fine. As they drive home, Becky says she feels stupid. She can't believe Ian went back to Jessica. Judd tells her that Ian is a nobody. Becky knows, but she wonders why she still feels bad. Judd reminds Becky that everyone's been through this and tells her to ask her mom about Bobby Holt. Kristen's waiting in the driveway, angry with Becky for not answering her phone. When Becky asks what happened with Bobby Holt, Kristen softens, puts her arm around Becky and walks her inside. Judd tells Alfred to take good care of Becky and heads home.

Brian (Bridget's brother) and Kristen (Becky's mom) are on a first date. Their eight-year-old daughters are in the same class. The conversation is awkward as Brian keeps referencing his ex-wife. Kristen's relieved when Brian offers to get the check. The next day, Brian and another dad, Craig, are supervising the car line at school. They trash talk to each other via walkie-talkies and direct traffic as parents pick up their kids. Craig asks how Brian's date with Kristen, aka "Mrs. Goodrack," went. Brian thinks it went well. Afterwards, Brian finds his daughter Maddy looking sad. Maddy explains that everyone's going to Emma's birthday party tomorrow, but she wasn't invited. Brian realizes that Emma is Kristen's daughter.

The next day, Brian stops by Kristen's house in the middle of the party. Brian tells Kristen that Maddy was very upset she wasn't invited to the party; it was mean to exclude her. Kristen claims it was an oversight and blames her mistake on an outdated class list. Brian's skeptical because Kristen is in charge of the list. When he asks if this is about their date, Kristen denies it, but then Emma comes to the door and tells Brian that her mom said he's creepy and she's not allowed to play at his house. Flustered, Kristen excuses herself and shuts the door.

While fixing his Mustang, Brian tells Craig the whole story, then asks if he's creepy. Craig thinks kids are just a-holes who lie. Brian wonders if Kristen decided he's creepy because he followed her home after their date. He was just trying to be chivalrous, but maybe he freaked her out. Craig agrees, following Kristen home was creepy, but he also thinks it's a little extreme for Kristen to forbid Emma to play with Maddy because of it. Then Craig opens a tin of cookies that Brian made for the class meeting at school. Now Craig knows why Kristen thinks Brian's creepy - he made penis cookies! Brian insists they're rockets, then recalls that when he served the cookies at the meeting, all the mothers huddled around whispering and not eating them. Craig declares that Brian is in fact "that creepy dad."

That night, Brian can't sleep. He sits down at his computer while snacking on cottage cheese and finds an email from Kristen about a class meeting. Brian writes what he thinks is a heartfelt email about wanting to start over and sends a photo that he takes with his computer to prove he's not creepy. Of course, he doesn't realize that some of the cottage cheese he's been eating is still on his lips... The next morning, Kristen finds the email and reacts in confusion and horror. Later, when Brian picks up Maddy at school, none of the moms will look at him. Maddy walks up wearing her "stinky face" to deliver the bad news. Brian hit "reply all" when emailing Kristen, and now all the kids are calling her "Maddy with the Creepy Daddy."

That night, Brian shows Bridget the email he sent to Kristen. The picture makes him look crazy. He thought he signed the email "Fondly," but spellcheck changed it to "Fondling." Bridget thinks everything about the email is creepy, and she can't believe Brian hit "reply all" instead of just "reply." Maddy enters with a glass jar of jelly beans. Brian tells Maddy that he knows she had a rough day so he got her a treat. Then he remembers the class meeting - he can't go to the class meeting with all the moms that got his email! Bridget claims it can't get any worse. Besides, Brian is Maddy's dad and he has a right to be there. When Brian wonders what's wrong with him, Bridget points out that he was married to a shrew for 10 years who shred his confidence. This is only a phase. Now Brian's got to go to the meeting and kick some ass.

After the business of the class meeting has concluded, Brian stands up to clear the air. He apologizes for his email and assures everyone he's not creepy. If anyone has any concerns, he wants to talk about them. The moms start hurling criticisms at him, including the fact that Maddy's ponytails are never even. Brian explains he's doing the best he can; but his ex-wife is gone, and he's just trying to make things good for his kid. Maybe he's trying too hard. He doesn't care if they like him, as long as they don't punish Maddy for his mistakes. Just when it looks like he's recovered his reputation and touched Kristen's heart, Brian trips on his way out, and accidentally grabs a mom's boobs.

Brian returns home, where Bridget's been babysitting. He tells her it didn't go well; he's still the creepy dad. Bridget says she knows someone who might make him feel better. Maddy comes running in with a jar filled with 365 things she loves about her dad, one for each day of the year. Bowled over, Brian pulls Maddy onto his lap and reads one. As he reads, Becky bumps into Ian at the yogurt place. Ian sees Alfred the dummy in her front seat and wonders who he is. Becky explains he's a college guy she's been dating and walks away. In another scene, a meter maid approaches Bridget, who's sitting in her parked car. It's Jeff, who may be developing a fetish for public sex. We return to Brian, who kisses Maddy good night as he reads her note declaring he's "the best dad in the world."

Brian approaches Kristen the next morning at school and offers to bring cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Day. Kristen apologizes. She related to what Brian said at the meeting. Being a single parent is really tough, and she can see he's a good dad. She's having a tough time too; Becky crashed the car into a mailbox. Brian insists Kristen bring the car by his auto body shop. Kristen agrees, but only if she can take Brian out to dinner. Brian says he'll make dinner instead. It's a deal. Their daughters walk up, holding hands. Brian watches as Kristen and Emma get into their car, then asks Emma about Alfred, who's sitting in the front seat. Kristen explains that it's a safety dummy her brother Judd gave her, for when she's driving alone at night. Brian thinks it's a little creepy. Kristen smiles... it's a little creepy, alright.






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