Episode 2.10 : Election Day

  • Longmire
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      November 17, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : August 05, 2013
    • Distributor : Netflix, A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - Now
    • Production Company: The Shephard/Robin Company, Warner Horizon TV
    • Official Site : http://www.netflix.com/title/70269479

Cast and Crew

  • Director J. Michael Muro
  • Screenwriter Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Louanne Stephens,
    • A. Martinez,
    • John Bishop,
    • Katherine LaNasa

The Story

Walt and the entire team are gathered at Lizzie Ambrose's home for a get-out-the-vote election party, complete with a dance floor and live music. There's even a classy bartender chipping ice into cocktails from an enormous block with an ice pick. The Ferg works up the courage to ask Cady to dance, and surprises everyone with his fancy footwork. Henry, as Walt's campaign manager, makes a speech, arguing that change is good, but it's also wise to respect things that stay the same - although he does think Walt should get a cell phone. Walt makes his own speech, which he keeps short. "Thanks," he says to laughs and cheers from the audience.

Later, the sun has set and Walt and Lizzie are alone. They embrace and kiss, but Walt pulls away. The election is the next day, and he needs to be rested. He manages to get all the way to his truck before coming to his senses and rushing back into Lizzie's arms.

Cady stops by Walt's house the next morning and finds it empty. Before leaving, she writes the words, "PLAY ME" in the dust that has collected on his piano.

Branch exits the polling station after voting (for himself) and finds Jacob Nighthorse waiting outside next to a huge touring bus decked out with a "Branch Connally for Sheriff" sign. "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have," Jacob tells him. Branch appreciates the gesture, but says that he wants to be sheriff, not the lead singer of an '80's metal band. He decides to take his own car back to the office. Jacob notes that Walt is rubbing off on Branch more than he knows.

Cady arrives at the office and finds Vic and the Ferg, but no Walt. She mentions that he wasn't home, and Vic quickly realizes where he probably spent the night, although she keeps her thoughts to herself. The Ferg is happy to see Cady, and offers her a coffee, but she can't stay. She promised her dad that she would drive out to the reservation and give rides to anyone who wants to vote, but doesn't have a way to get to the polls.

Henry arrives at the Red Pony and finds Bob Barnes passed out drunk on the floor. He was in the bathroom when Henry locked up the night before, so he decided to stay. Henry is annoyed to discover he also decided to help himself to more drinks. Bob says that he would have called his girlfriend Yelena to come and pick him up, but she broke up with him. Henry tells him that, heartbreak or no, he still needs to have someone come get him.

Walt arrives at the polling station where Ruby is working the polls. He angles for a couple extra ballots to fill out, but she turns him down with a grin.

Cady helps some elderly folks out of her car and back to their homes on the reservation after driving them to the polls. In the distance, someone watches her through a pair of binoculars.

Jacob Nighthorse stands in the town square backed by a marching band and an army of cheerleaders working up the crowd with a rousing speech. Branch arrives, and he's all smiles at the reception.

Vic delivers some more "Vote for Longmire" signs to the Red Pony where Henry is decorating for the big night. Vic is about to grab a bite to eat when she gets a call from the Ferg. There's been a car accident, and Vic is the only one available to go check it out.

She drives to the scene where she finds two wrecked cars, but no drivers. She spots a tire iron on the side of the road and realizes that someone was changing a tire on the car when they were hit. In a nearby ditch, she finds one of the drivers. She shocked when she realizes it's Cady.

Cady is rushed to the hospital where doctors immediately take her in for surgery, but her prognosis is still uncertain. Walt sits in the waiting room, lost in memories of holding Cady as a baby. Henry and Vic try to comfort him, but he leaves as soon as Lizzie Ambrose arrives. His friends watch him go, helpless and confused.

Vic returns to the station where she finds an emotional Ferg already deep into the investigation. He managed to break his way into the vehicle that hit Cady and found an expired registration for a Darren Tooman in Montana. He also found a bottle of bourbon on the floor in the front seat. He tells Vic that he knows someone's supposed to stay at the station, but he's going to Montana to find Tooman. Vic decides to go with him.

Vic and the Ferg pass Branch as they exit the station. Branch jokes with the Ferg, reminding him to make sure and vote. When the Ferg storms off, Branch asks Vic why he's so upset. Vic tells him about Cady, and his good mood promptly vanishes.

Vic and the Ferg arrive at Tooman's address and find him in his yard. An overeager Ferg pulls his gun on the man, but Vic tells him to calm down. They interrogate Tooman, and he tells them that he sold his car a few months back to a guy calling himself "K-Dawg."

Branch finds Walt sitting in the hospital waiting room. He asks after Cady, but there's no news. He asks if Walt would like a coffee, but he just says no. Unsure of what else to do, Branch takes a seat near Walt and settles in to wait.

Back at the station, the Ferg has tracked down K-Dawg, AKA Kellan Dawes. The Ferg is pumped to hunt the guys down, but Vic stops him. She tells him that if he goes after Dawes all jacked up, he's going to end up doing something stupid. "Something that will either get you in trouble, or get the bad guy out of trouble." As emotionally invested as he is, the Ferg realizes that Vic is right. Reluctantly, he lets her go after Dawes on her own.

As Walt continues to wait, he thinks back to more memories of Cady as a child. Another man begins speaking to Walt about his son; a football player who suddenly began losing weight. His voice is distant at first, but slowly brings Walt back to the present. The man is frustrated that the doctors can't figure out what's happening to his son, Troy. Walt suddenly speaks up, saying, "It's our fault." He says that, as fathers, it's their job to take care of their children. "We go out and have a good day," he says. "We think about our happiness instead of theirs. So the world decides to even things out." The man tells Walt he hopes things turn out ok, and let's him know he voted for him. Walt realizes he had forgotten all about the election.

Vic talks to Dawes, but he claims that the car that hit Cady was stolen. He never reported the theft because he didn't want his insurance rates to go up.

Branch arrives at the station and asks the Ferg about the investigation. The Ferg seems upset, so Branch asks him what's bothering him. The Ferg reveals that he's had feelings for Cady, and is upset that she and Branch got together. Branch apologizes, and explains that he had no idea the Ferg had feelings for her. Branch heads out to dust the car for prints.

Vic visits Walt in Cady's hospital room to update him on the case. She tells him that they tracked down Dawes, but he wasn't injured. They found blood in the car that hit Cady's, so the unhurt Dawes can be ruled out as a suspect. Vic is frustrated that they're back at square one, but Walt tells her to check drug store security footage for anyone buying gauze or bandages. On the way out, Vic tells Walt that he won. "What?" he asks. "The election," she replies. Walt's only response is, "Oh," before he goes back to his vigil.

The Ferg scores a hit while reviewing security footage. Vic takes a look and is enraged to see that the person buying medical supplies just an hour after the crash is none other than Kellen Dawes. She returns to Dawes' place and he makes a run for it. Suddenly, he stops halfway across a footbridge, claiming that he's crossed the state line into Montana. Vic, not particularly caring about jurisdiction, grabs the young man and hauls him back into Wyoming. He admits that he let a friend of his borrow his car, then bought medical supplies for him after he returned all beat up. Vic demands to know the name of his friend.

Walt screeches to a halt in front of Bob Barnes' trailer home. He pounds on the door until Bob's son, Billy, answers. Billy is covered in bandages. Walt hauls him out and tosses him in his truck. At the station, Billy says that his dad called for a ride home from the Red Pony. He admits he had been drinking, but says the accident happened because he checked a text message. Walt is furious and tells the team to book him on as many counts as they can think of.

Branch wakes up, having spent the night in the car that hit Cady. Jacob calls him to inform him that he only lost by seventeen votes. He's angry that Branch missed the post-election dinner that was schedule with his supporters, but Branch tells Jacob he has bigger things to think about, then returns to examining the car.

Bob Barnes stops by Walt's cabin, claiming that he hit Cady's car, not Billy. Walt grabs him and throws him to the ground. He takes him to see the car that he wrecked, telling him to climb in and explain what happened. Bob tries, but can't make it inside the car. Walt knows he couldn't have climbed out. He realizes that Bob is trying to protect his son. Bob pleads with Walt to arrest him and let his son go. "My life is already over, Walt," he begs. "I've wasted it. Don't let me ruin my son's life too."

Vic, Branch and the Ferg watch in astonishment as Walt enters the station with Bob Barnes in tow. He says that Bob confessed to the crime, and tells the Ferg to let Billy go. The Ferg refuses, so Walt lets Billy out himself and locks up Bob. Bob and Walt share a look before Walt turns and leaves.

Branch takes Cady's flat tire to a garage, but the mechanic can't find any trace of the nail or screw that punctured it. Branch tests the wheel and finds a leak, not in the tread, but in the sidewall. The puncture hole is big, and based on its location, doesn't look like an accident.

Walt stands by Cady's hospital bed and tells her that he thought by catching the person who hit her, he might be able to help her. Now he realizes that what happened to Cady is his fault. He meets with Henry and tells him that what happened to Cady happened because of what they did in Denver. Henry tells Walt that he can't confess to a crime he didn't commit, but that's not what Walt has in mind. He asks Henry to help him perform a sacrificial ceremony.

Far from town, Walt and Henry perform the ceremony in the dark night. Lightning flashes as Henry chants and makes slices in Walt's chest. He then inserts wooden skewers through Walt's skin. Ropes attach the skewers to nearby poles, making sure that Walt will stay standing through the night, or suffer the consequences. "This is honorable," Henry tell Walt. "Your suffering will not be in vain as long as you maintain your focus on the healing vision." Walt grimaces with the pain, but suffer silently, hoping this sacrifice will be enough to set things right and save his daughter's life.






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