Episode 2.05 : Party's Over

  • Longmire
    • Episode Premiere : June 24, 2013
    • Distributor : Netflix, A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2017
    • Production Company: The Shephard/Robin Company, Warner Horizon TV
    • Official Site : http://www.netflix.com/title/70269479

Cast and Crew

  • Director Peter Weller
  • Screenwriter Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny
  • Main Cast

The Story

Sheriff Walt Longmire is on patrol when Ruby alerts him to a possible home invasion. Walt recognizes the address and slams on the gas. He arrives at the house to find the door ajar. Inside, he notices flower petals on the floor, and candles everywhere. On a side table are two cans of Ranier beer on ice in a champagne bucket. Lizzie Ambrose steps out of the shadows dressed in a negligee. She apologizes, telling him this is the only way she can get some time with him lately. They begin to kiss, but Walt gets a call. Lizzie isn't happy, but she understands. As Walt leaves, she cracks a beer. "More beer for me."

Walt pulls up to an alley where Branch is coordinating as Vic and the Ferg photograph the body of a young woman. She appears to have been shot in the heart, but the lack of blood at the scene indicates she was killed elsewhere then dumped in the alley. They find a pill in her pocket, as well as a key and a cell phone.

The cell phone account belongs to their victim, Tanya Dove. They go to her home and find a bottle of oxycodone prescribed to Gerry Solomon. The also find a photo of their victim with her sister, Lorna. They try calling Lorna, but there's no answer.

They learn that Lorna Dove is an MMA fighter and try to question her at a bar where she is fighting. Her trainer convinces them to wait until after the fight. Walt spots Henry at the bar and follows him to his table where he is unhappy to discover that Henry is spending time with Deena, an old flame. The fight begins, and Lorna flattens her opponent in a single round. Walt and Vic follow her back to the changing room, but Lorna gives them the slip.

The next morning, Walt and Vic go to the local pharmacist, named Gene, to see if the pill they found on Tanya matches the bottle they found in her and Lorna's house. Gene tells them that he knows Gerry Solomon, but the pill doesn't match his prescription. It's a different pain medication.

Vic calls Branch from Walt's truck to see if he had any luck tracking down Gerry Solomon. Branch says he hasn't yet, then asks if Walt is nervous about their upcoming debate. Unfortunately for Branch, Vic has him on speakerphone, so Walt hears every word. Walt informs Branch that he's fine, and tells him to get back to looking for Gerry.

Walt and Vic visit Tanya's boyfriend, Justin. They ask if she ever took drugs. Justin says that she didn't, because it wasn't her thing. They ask if he knows anything about the bruises they found on Tanya's face. He tells them that she and Lorna used to get in fights. Justin's mom informs them that Lorna used to have a drug problem and suggests that she could have had a relapse. As Walt and Vic leave, they both agree that Justin was clearly high on something during the interview, and his mother seemed to have no idea.

Lizzie walks through town and is surprised to pass by Cady, who she recognizes from photos in Walt's office. Lizzie introduces herself, but Cady has clearly never heard of her. Lizzie is hurt that Walt hasn't mentioned her, but she hides her disappointment and the women share an awkward goodbye.

Walt and Vic track down Lorna and her trainer at a gym on the reservation. Lorna refuses to talk to them, so Vic challenges her to a fight. If Vic wins, Lorna talks. She agrees, and the women square off. Vic lands a couple of solid blows, but she's no match for the highly skilled fighter. Lorna is impressed by her showing and decides to talk.

She tells Walt and Vic that she caught Tanya high a couple weeks earlier and tried to get her in a rehab program on the reservation. When she heard that Tanya hadn't been going, they got into a fight. Lorna told her if she was going to abuse pain killers, she was going to have to feel some pain. Lorna admits that she herself had substance abuse problems, but she had turned her life around to take care of her baby. Her trainer defends her, saying that Lorna had a fight the night they found Tanya's body, so she couldn't have killed her.

As they leave, Vic comments that Tanya had been dead for more than 24 hours when they found her body, so Lorna's alibi doesn't hold up. She also says that, based on the beating she just received, she wouldn't be surprised if a fight between the sisters had gotten out of control.

Walt returns to the office and yells at Branch to stop talking on the phone with the press about the upcoming election and go out and find Gerry Solomon. He is, therefore, somewhat surprised to discover Gerry waiting in his office. Branch smiles smugly as Walt interviews Gerry. The elderly man tells Walt that a group of teenage boys broke into his house and stole his pills. He doesn't want to say more, but Walt convinces him to pick out a familiar face in their mug shots.

Walt and Vic track down the teens, who are hanging out in front of their run-down house dressed like "gansta" rappers. They ask the teens if they ever sold drugs to Tanya, but the teens deny selling drugs to anyone. According to them, they only sell magazines. Walt asks if they ever sold Tanya "magazines." They reveal that Lorna used to be a good customer, so when she told them not to sell to Tanya, they agreed. However, they say they have sold to Tanya's boyfriend, Justin.

Walt brings Justin down to his office and threatens to tell his mother what he's been up to. Justin admits that he bought Tanya pills in the past, but she had run out and he was too scared to buy more. He doesn't know how she got more pills.

Lizzie stops by the office and surprises Walt by telling him that she ran into Cady. Walt is shocked to learn that Cady is in town. Lizzie asks why he hadn't mentioned her, and Walt fumbles for an answer. When Lizzie notices the present she got Walt ages ago sitting unwrapped on his desk, Walt agrees that it's terrible he never told Cady about her and quickly exits to right that wrong.

Walt finds Henry at the Red Pony and the two commiserate about Cady not letting them know she's in town. He's not there long when he gets a call. It seems Lorna has been threatening Tanya's friends.

Walt heads back to the gym where he finds Lorna's trainer and her baby, but no Lorna. The trainer says she told him to wait there, but it's been awhile so he's heading out to find her. Walt decides to go with him, but as they leave he spots Lorna, beaten and bloody, struggling up the road. He rushes to her, but all she says is, "I never tapped out."

At the hospital, Lorna admits that she went to the teens who sold Tanya drugs in a rage and ended up fighting them. She held her own at first, but ultimately there were too many of them for her to fight off.

Walt and the entire team tear up to the "gangsta" house and round up the dealers. Walt finds one teen without scrapes on his fists, indicating he didn't take part in Lorna's beating, and asks him why Lorna thought they were behind her sister's death. The teen tells him they get pills to sell through a deal they made with Gene, the pharmacist. Gene tells them when elderly patients get big prescriptions, then they go and steal them.

Cady returns to her house to find a "Vote for Branch" sign in her front yard, along with Branch himself. The two reconnect as Branch asks where she's been. She tells him, but doesn't tell him what she was doing. He says that he hopes the two can be friends. She smiles and tells him, not unkindly, to remember to take his sign when he leaves.

Walt and Vic return to the pharmacy. Gene admits that he and the teens have a deal, but no one ever gets hurt. Walt makes him hand over a list of all the names he sold to the teens before Vic carts him off to jail.

A name on the list catches Walt's eye, so he heads to the address. Once there, he tests the key found on Tanya's body in the front door and finds that it works. He rings the doorbell, and Justin and his mother answer. Inside, Walt tells them that Justin's mother had recently filled a prescription that matched the pill they found on Tanya's body. Walking through the house, he discovers a recently spackled hole in the bathroom wall that matches up with the bullet that killed Tanya. He pushes mother and son, but when neither admits to having shot the girl, he starts to arrest Justin.

His mother begs Walt to stop. She admits that she shot Tanya. Late one night, she heard a noise in the house. Afraid it might be an intruder, she grabbed her gun and went to investigate. She saw a shape that she thought was a man leaving her bathroom and fired. She didn't realize it was Tanya until it was too late. Terrified that her son would hate her, she dragged Tanya out and dumped her in an alley, hoping her death would be blamed on drug dealers.

Walt returns home and is surprised, and relieved, to find Cady waiting on his front steps. As Walt sits with her, she tells him that Lizzie seems nice. Walt awkwardly tries to explain their relationship, but Cady lets him off the hook, saying she's sure he would have told her, eventually. She also says that he was right about how she'd feel once she knew the truth about her mother's death, but she's not ready to talk about it yet. In a serious tone, Cady tells Walt that she needs him to tell her something. Walt tenses for the question he knows is coming, but she only asks if he's ever going to finish renovating his cabin. Walt smiles, and replies, "Only if you come around more."






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