Episode 1.06 : The Worst Kind of Hunter

  • Longmire
    • Episode Premiere : July 08, 2012
    • Distributor : Netflix, A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2017
    • Production Company: The Shephard/Robin Company, Warner Horizon TV
    • Official Site : http://www.netflix.com/title/70269479

Cast and Crew

  • Director Peter Weller
  • Screenwriter Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Peter Weller,
    • Graham Beckel,
    • Dean Chekvala,
    • Louis Herthum,
    • Matt Battaglia,
    • Jacamoe Buzzell

The Story

A spectacular spring morning in the green hills of Wyoming is shattered by the sound of a woman sobbing. She is a German tourist, crying so hard she can barely speak. Young Absaroka County deputy "The Ferg" is almost as hysterical as she is as he scribbles her information in his notebook. His stammered assurance that "it's ok, it's ok!" doesn't help. The woman makes it clear that she won't go back into the woods! The Ferg asks where she saw the thing that terrified her. The woman points a trembling finger down the hill into a canyon.

The Ferg cautiously makes his way down the tree-covered hill, his face taut with fear. The loud flap of a bird's wing makes him jump and grope for his sidearm. His hand stays on the gun as he continues down the hill. Suddenly, he freezes. On the ground in a clearing is a man's leg, and it's not attached to his body. The Ferg gawks at the bloody stump and the mangled torso next to it, and heaves so violently he drops to his knees.

On the cot in the jail cell at the Sheriff's station, Deputy Victoria "Vic" Moretti is asleep curled up in a Philly Flyers sweatshirt. A cell phone ring startles her awake, and she jumps up to answer it. A gravelly male voice demands to know if she's up. Vic responds that she is now, and pulls her uniform from a knapsack in her desk drawer.

Dusty cowboy boots impatiently tap the pavement outside a retirement home. It's Sheriff Walt Longmire leaning against his Bronco, with his cowboy hat tipped over his eyes and his leather jacket open revealing his gun. As he checks his watch, Vic pulls up. Walt tells her that a resident at the home shot out his windows and is demanding to see the Sheriff. He didn't want to go in because if he caves to this guy's request there will be no turning back. You can't negotiate with terrorists.

As Walt and Vic enter the home and hurry down the hall followed by the Residence Manager, Vic wonders why the Ferg isn't there since it's his turn to be on call. Not that she's complaining. Walt apologizes for pulling Vic away from home. It turns out the Ferg is already out on another call. Vic doesn't reveal she spent the night at the station. Instead, she asks who the whacko is that they're about to confront. She snorts when Walt tells her it's Deputy Branch Connally's Uncle Lucian. Figures.

Outside Lucian's door, Walt whispers to Vic to go in and not reveal that he's there. Vic asks if Lucian is dangerous, and Walt assures her that, while he's killed ten men, he's never shot a woman. Cautiously, Vic opens the door - BOOM! A shotgun blast sends her to the floor. Son of a b! Walt rushes in.

Walt grabs the shotgun from a wiry geezer who greets him with a wry grin: Lucian Connally. Vic is furious. Walt said he wouldn't shoot her! Lucian counters that he didn't, he shot the chair, which is now in tatters and raining pillow fluff. He declares it was the only way to get the nurses to finally change his medication. The Residence Manager is outraged that Walt isn't marching Lucian out in handcuffs. Walt offers a deal: Lucian will pay for the windows and chair, and promise never to do this again. Before anyone can reply, Vic's cell phone rings. It's the Ferg with bad news.

The Ferg leads Walt and Vic down the hillside to the mangled corpse. Red faced, he warns them not to step in his vomit. The corpse is a mound of raw meat; limbs torn apart and fingers bitten off. Even Vic is appalled. Who would do this? Walt stares down at the corpse and rephrases the question: not who, but what. This looks like a bear attack. Vic pulls on gloves and searches the pockets of the dismembered torso while the Ferg takes pictures. She finds a brand new wallet. The Ferg reports there's nothing in it but a state issued ID. Walt is impressed; the Ferg was on it! The ID reads Ed Crawley, born in '67. Near the body Vic discovers a bag of crystal meth, a pipe, and a lighter. Maybe this idiot was out partying and passed out in the wrong part of Jellystone. Walt notices puffy purple wounds on the thigh, possibly injection marks. The Ferg is confused. Do people shoot meth and smoke it? Vic assumes this guy must have really wanted to party. Walt uses his pocketknife to hook a small slab of bloody flesh from a gouge in the victim's arm and asks Vic for a bag. She looks like it's her turn to throw up.

Driving through the idyllic countryside a bit later, Vic points out that she's arrested murderers and rapists, but a bear? Walt explains that in Wyoming, even bears are brought to justice. As the Bronco passes a giant wood sculpture of a bear on the grounds of the Absaroka Bear Institute, Vic wonders if they need a warrant to arrest an animal. According to Walt all they need is Pete Brooks, a PhD candidate who has been studying bears in the area for the past seven years.

Walt and Vic pull up to Pete's log cabin office and speak with his rosy-cheeked receptionist. She claims Pete is investigating a report about a grizzly bear up in the Big Horn mountains, so he has no cell phone reception. Walt counters that there are no grizzlys in the Big Horns, and she should be able to reach Pete easily via satellite phone. There's an aggressive bear on the loose, and he's going to have to contact Omar. Hearing the name, the girl looks worried.

As they leave the office, Vic wonders what caused the girl's alarm. Walt explains that to Pete and his staff Omar is the worst kind of hunter: a good one.

At the Sheriff's station, Lucian is lounging in the jail cell with the door open, playing chess. Branch urges Lucian to accept his father's offer of a place to live in his spacious home, or at least accept his help negotiating with the retirement home to drop the charges. To the Ferg's amusement, Lucian declares that even if Branch's father opened a whorehouse, he'd still refuse the bed. He doesn't need his brother to pull any strings. He'd rather stay in jail and take his punishment like a man! Ruby, the Sheriff's office manager, suggests that Branch leave the prisoner alone. Just then, Walt and Vic return with the evidence box.

Following Walt into his office, the Ferg reports that the victim was a murderer. Branch elaborates: Ed Crawley was serving 25-to-life but got out two weeks ago for good behavior. His current address is with his sister's family, the Greys. Walt directs the team to look into Crawley's prison records, find out what he was like on the inside, and see if he has any old associates in town. Vic volunteers to check Crawley's trial transcripts for evidence of grudges that never died. Branch offers to talk to Crawley's family, but Walt decides that Branch is too busy handling his own uncle. Walt will talk to the family himself, but he's got a stop another stop to make first. He grabs a bag from the evidence box and heads out.

At Durant Park under a sign reading "Longmire for Sheriff," a country band plays for a small crowd of families, bikers, and folks in cowboy hats. Walt's old friend, Henry Standing Bear, flips burgers on a grill. As Walt strides into view the crowd applauds, but he heads straight for Henry who ribs him about being late for his own fundraiser. Walt retorts that based on the size of the crowd he might vote for the other guy. He gives Henry the plastic bag holding the bloody flesh he removed from the corpse, and asks if Henry knows what it is. Off to the side, an argument between some bikers draws Walt's attention to a potential fight. Henry opens the bag and puts the flesh on the grill. Walt turns around just in time to grab it before it fries. Henry is confused - it's just flank steak! Walt stares at the meat. That's what he was afraid of. There's nothing wrong with flank steak, unless it's tied to a guy to turn him into bear bait.

The next morning at the Red Pony, Henry serves a bloody steak to Omar, a lean hunter with a salt and pepper beard. There is clearly a chill between the two. Walt sits with Omar and asks why he hasn't answered Walt's calls. Omar says he's been busy with a bunch of rich L.A. guys pretending to hunt and growing the beard he boasts is "the look" in Hollywood. Walt needs him to find the killer bear. Omar isn't sure. Isn't that the territory of that bear-hugging eco-maniac Pete Brooks? Walt admits that Pete isn't around. Henry approaches the table and offers to get Omar more coffee. And a conscience. Henry believes punishing the bear for killing is like punishing the wind for blowing, but Walt argues that it's his only option. He can't pay Omar to do the job, but the hunter offers to track the bear if Walt will lend him "that feisty little Italian deputy", Vic. Walt warns him to be careful what he wishes for.

Later, Walt enters the Greys' overgrown garden where he finds Russell Grey swilling beer and digging up weeds. Russell is not the least bit surprised to see the Sheriff. He hollers for his wife, Pam, to come down from the house, and sneers that he assumes this is about Ed. What did he do now? Walt delivers the news that Ed was mauled to death by a bear.

Pam is shocked and devastated. By her hollow eyes it's clear she's had her share of sorrow. Even so, losing her brother is a blow. Walt asks why the Greys were listed as Crawley's last address. Pam explains that her brother had no other place to go. Russell adds bitterly that Crawley was only supposed to be there for a few days until he found a job, but it never materialized. According to Russell, the best thing that ever happened for Pam and her family was when Crawley went to prison. Pam has no idea why her brother was out in the woods since he wasn't interested in hiking or the outdoors. Last time Russell saw Crawley he supposedly had a job interview through one of his prison buddies, but Russell thought it was bulls**t, and Crawley was actually out getting high. Pam defends her brother; he was scary when he was using, but she hadn't seen any of that behavior lately. Suddenly, Russell remembers that he lent Crawley his old Tacoma. Walt promises to help look for the car, and Russell goes inside to get a copy of the registration.

Alone with Walt, Pam apologizes for Russell. His hours have been cut back at work and he never knew the "good" Ed, her sweet little brother. Walt wonders if Crawley hooked up with old friends, or even enemies. Russell returns and suggests the parents of the girl Crawley killed.

Back at the Sheriff's station, Ruby gives Walt the records from Crawley's murder trial. She's also pulling together a list of all the men he was locked up with. Walt asks Ruby to pull some background information on Russell Grey while she's at it.

Heading for his office, Walt is annoyed to see the Ferg going over crime scene photos with Lucian who is no longer in the jail cell. The Ferg is excited that "Sheriff Connally" has offered to help with the investigation. Walt snatches the photos growling that Mister Connally is no longer the Sheriff. He's under arrest, and the investigation is none of his business. But Lucian charges after Walt asking if he noticed the marks on Crawley's ankles. He was restrained! And he was a druggy, too! Walt flips through a folder in his office telling Lucian they found crystal meth and possible heroin tracks, but won't know if Crawley was using until the autopsy and tox screen are done.

Walt finds what he was looking for in the folder and strides past Lucian without so much as a glance. Lucian asks who the suspects are and Walt mumbles "everybody." He ignores Lucian's wail "awww c'mon, Walt," and assigns the Ferg to find Russell's car. Just as Lucian wonders why his no-good little turd of a nephew isn't there helping Walt, Branch returns with tacos for his uncle. Walt tells Ruby to get the address of Ira and Donna Craig. When Lucian asks who they are, Walt shuts the office door in his face.

Out in the canyon where the body was found, Vic and Omar unload guns from his truck. Vic bends over to tie her shoe and Omar ogles her rear. Vic wonders if he makes a habit of leering at married women. Omar is surprised that she's married: she doesn't seem "domesticated." Vic holds up a large shotgun and asks if Omar really want to talk to her that way. He points out that she's not wearing a ring. At least Waffles wears a collar - Waffles being their ursine suspect. Her special collar makes it possible to track her, but Omar complains that it takes all the fun out of hunting. Vic points out they're supposed to trap the bear, not hunt it. Omar retorts that Waffles might not go along with that plan. He oozes condescension telling "Vicky" not to worry; Omar will protect her. Vic cocks her shotgun in reply.

Walt sits in the Craigs' dark living room. Donna Craig's face is ravaged by grief and rage. Why did Walt come to tell her about Crawley's death? Is she supposed to feel bad? She asks Walt if he has children and he admits to having a daughter. Donna points a trembling finger at a portrait on the wall. It's an artist's projection of what their daughter would look like if she were still alive. That's all they have left after Ed Crawley stabbed their daughter twelve times. Ira, Donna's husband, tries to calm her down, but there's no stopping the rant. Crawley's lawyer claimed he wasn't in his right mind because of the drugs, but no human being would do that to a 17-year-old girl. Crawley was a monster who should have been executed years ago. Ira explains that they've spent the past 20 years trying to keep Crawley in prison, but the new warden allowed the board to release him on parole. The old warden, Dan Blackburn would never have let that animal out. Donna asks what will happen to the bear. Walt explains it will either be relocated or put down. Donna thinks it ought to get a medal.

Omar and Vic prowl the woods stalking the bear. Vic's nerves are showing. There's not much bear hunting to be done in Philly. Suddenly, there's a deep growl and they see her: a huge bear behind a tree. Omar whispers to Vic to stay behind him and tells her not to panic if the bear charges. He hands her a can of bear spray in case a bullet doesn't slow the bear down. Vic gladly takes the can, then - THWACK! She is hit in the back by a huge dart with a purple flower on the end. What the f***? Omar whips around, demanding to know who's there. Gasping with pain, Vic yanks the dart out of her shoulder. A man's voice cries "don't shoot!" as Pete Brooks steps into view with his arms raised, holding a tranquilizer gun. He has a delicate goatee, and is decked out in eco-friendly hiker gear. He apologizes frantically saying that he meant to shoot the bear! Omar calls him a moron - a blonde bear? Now the actual bear is gone. Pete exclaims it was an accident as Vic lunges at him, swearing. Suddenly, her eyes roll back in her head and she collapses.

Walt barges through the door at Durant Hospital flanked by Omar and Pete. Walt is furious with Omar for letting Vic get shot. Omar and Pete trail Walt down the hall to Vic's room trading accusations and blame. Pete insists it was only a small dart and it was an accident! Omar accuses Pete of shooting at them on purpose because he thought they were going to kill the bear, which they were because that bear is dangerous! Pete is sure that Waffles doesn't kill humans. He's been monitoring her for months and she's a good bear! Walt reminds him of the dead man. Pete begs Walt to let him test Waffle's hair for isotopes that would show if the bear consumed human flesh. Omar insists that Walt arrest Pete and revoke his granola son-of-a-b***h license! Walt turns on Omar, saying that it's going to be hard to prove this was anything but an accident since Vic wasn't wearing bright orange safety clothing. Omar is busted. They reach Vic's door and Walt asks the "idiots" to excuse him so he can visit the patient. Omar wants to know if he can come too. Walt barks, "NO!"

Walt takes off his hat and approaches Vic in the hospital bed with a lopsided grin. How did she like her first hunting trip? Vic rubs her temple, saying that this wasn't in the brochure. Walt asks if he should call Vic's husband. Vic asks why. He's out of town again! Walt gently insists that he'd probably want to know, but Vic says that he won't care. She and her husband are always fighting. Walt is embarrassed - it's none of his business - but Vic plunges on. Yesterday, her husband informed her that the gas company wants is promoting him... and sending him to Australia. She can't be a cop in Australia! Walt points out that she doesn't exactly love it here in Wyoming. Vic agrees, but insists that he should have at least asked her about it. What would Walt have done? Walt says he's a different man than Vic's husband. Vic's voice softens and she looks into his eyes as she agrees. Walt is different because he's a man... Walt is taken aback. What is Vic trying to say? Before he can respond, a nurse rushes in needing Walt to come quick.

At the reception desk, Walt finds Donna and Ira Craig in a screaming match with the nurse. They claim that Walt sent them there to identify Ed Crawley's body. Walt tells everyone to calm down. Ira apologizes, but Donna wanted to see the body and he was hoping it would give her some closure to see him laid out on a slab like their daughter. Walt gently asks Donna if she really thinks seeing Crawley dead is going to make her anger go away. He can tell her from personal experience that only time can do that. Donna isn't swayed. The first 20 years haven't made a dent.

Walt leads Donna and Ira into the hospital utility room where the corpse lies on a gurney covered by a sheet. He looks at the Craigs. Are they sure? It's really quite unpleasant. They are sure. Walt pulls back the sheet and they stare down at Crawley's mauled body. Ira winces at the sight but stays calm, but Donna grabs a pair of scissors from a side table and stabs the body again and again, screaming like a wild animal. Finally, she collapses in her husband's arms sobbing from her soul. Walt is stunned.

Later, Walt visits retired prison warden Dan Blackburn at his log cabin. There's an easy camaraderie between the two as they share a pitcher of beer in the shadow of the Big Horns. Walt runs his list of suspects by Dan. What about Ira Craig? As opposed to his hysterical wife, Ira seemed peaceful when he saw Crawley's body, as if he'd already seen him dead. Dan is surprised. Didn't a bear kill Crawley? Walt reveals the victim was in restraints and the bear might have been baited. He says the Craigs wish Dan had been at the hearing because he would never have let Crawley walk free. Dan disagrees. The board was set on freeing Crawley to save money. Walt points out that Crawley's prison record was clean, but Dan claims he stabbed a guard to death and bribed another prisoner to take the rap. Budget cuts freed a murderer and forced Dan out of his job. Walt is all too familiar with budget cuts. As a favor, he asks Dan to check the list of recently released prisoners for any of Crawley's cellmates or close associates. Before Walt goes, Dan asks to put up one of his campaign signs. He hates to see another old pro forced out of his job by a young guy. Walt chuckles.

Meanwhile, the Ferg is in his car staking out a rundown meth-house. He radios Ruby that he tracked Crawley's brother-in-law's car to this shady-looking house. In a motherly tone, Ruby tells him not to go in there alone. The Ferg is too nervous for heroics. He's waiting for back-up.

Minutes later, Walt and Branch have joined the Ferg. As they creep towards the back of the house, guns drawn, Branch warns the Ferg that if he sees any signs of a drug lab he needs to get out fast - that stuff is highly explosive. Walt goes one way towards the house as the other two peel off in the other direction.

At the front of the house Walt freezes staring at the door. He flashes back to...

The door of another rundown house. Walt approaches without his hat or his badge. His eyes are wild as he draws a gun from the back of his jeans. Crazed laughter comes from inside the house. Walt kicks open the door...

WHAM! Back in the present the door is flung open and a large hairy meth head in an undershirt barrels into Walt, knocking him down, followed by a skinny bald man in his bare feet. The Ferg chases the skinny guy into the woods and tackles him to the ground. Branch dashes into the house with his gun pointed, while Walt goes after a younger meth head in a purple shirt trying to escape on the deck above him. Walt races him to the end of the deck, grabs him by the shirt, and flings him to the ground. Out of breath, but victorious, Walt stands over his prisoner.

Back at the Sheriff's station, the meth head in the purple shirt slumps against the bars of the jail cell watching Branch and the Ferg go through contraband from the meth house. The Ferg says he'll never forget the wet diaper smell of the meth house. Branch shows the Ferg a box of greeting cards. At least these guys are thoughtful tweakers. Wearing gloves, the Ferg examines one of the cards, which reads "To a special uncle on his birthday." Branch pulls a porn magazine from the contraband, noting that his uncle would rather have that. The Ferg laughs - so would he.

Walt questions the barefoot meth head, Tweaker Joe, in his office. Lucian listens in with his feet up on Walt's desk. Walt shows Tweaker Joe a picture of Ed Crawley, but Joe doesn't recognize him. He was driving Crawley's car, but insists it was a gift from Santa. Lucian pipes in, what does Santa look like? Tweaker Joe scoffs, Santa comes when you're asleep! One day he woke up and the car was outside the house, unlocked, with the keys inside. Walt gets Joe to reveal that the owner of the house they were crashing in is known as Patches, for the nicotine patches he always wears. Joe agrees to give Walt a list of all the people who crashed at the house.

A bit later, Walt fills Branch in that Patches real name is Greg Pierson who leased the house from a woman named Amy Stonesifer. Lucian steps out of the bathroom adding that Amy lives in the retirement home he was just kicked out of. She's lost her marbles, so she makes a pretty good landlord for drug addicts. Walt tells Lucian to butt out, they've got work to do. Doesn't he have someplace else to be? Heading back into Walt's office, Lucian complains that his "guest room" is filled up with hippies right now. Walt shuts the door on him and assigns Branch to cross check the list of names he got from Tweaker Joe against the list of newly released prisoners. Maybe one of the meth heads is connected to Ed Crawley. Branch's other urgent task is to get the retirement home to drop the charges against Lucian and take him back!

Ferg sits outside the cell going through the post cards. He reaches up to stretch with some cards in his hand and the three meth heads grab him by the wrists and mash his face against the bars of the cell. He cries out in pain as Walt and Branch rush over to help. The Ferg slumps to the floor and Walt sees the prisoners stuffing the cards into their mouths. What the f***?

At the hospital, Tweaker Joe is slumped over, handcuffed to a wheelchair. The nurse informs Walt and Branch that Joe has symptoms of a methamphetamine overdose. The greeting cards must have been laced with meth. Branch thinks there were at least a hundred of them, which means they weren't just using drugs - they were distributing out of the house. But why cards and not rocks? Walt tells Branch to think. What's the best way to get stuff in and out of prison? The mail! The meth house is supplying drugs to prisoners, so someone in that house must have a connection to the prison.

Suddenly, Vic rushes up to them in her hospital gown rolling her IV behind her. She demands that they look at her exposed back. Branch smirks, but Walt is embarrassed and urges her to go back to bed. Vic bares a shoulder and insists that Walt look at the puncture wound from the tranquilizer dart and compare it to one in her arm from a syringe. The tranquilizer wound is purple and puffed up, like the one on Ed Crawley's thigh. He wasn't shooting up drugs, he was hit with a tranquilizer dart! Walt pieces it together; restraints, flank steak, animal tranquilizer... Someone planned this murder very carefully.

Back at the Sheriff's station, Walt, Branch, and the Ferg go over the list of released prisoners while Lucian lounges on the sofa. Walt wonders if any of the prisoners are sophisticated enough to plan either a meth smuggling operation or an elaborate murder. Lucian points out that tying meat to a man and letting a bear eat him is torture. Vengeance must be the motive. Branch suggests that Ira Craig is a candidate for vengeance and doesn't have much of an alibi. Walt hones in on a signature on some of the prison forms. The Ferg makes it out: Stonesifer, the same name as the woman who owns the meth house. The fact that Crawley's car turned up there makes for one coincidence too many. Maybe Crawley's buddy wasn't another prisoner, but a guard! Walt wants to bring him in.

A bit later, Branch drags in a heavy-set man in a thick biker jacket in handcuffs. Shoving Jerry Stonesifer into a chair, Branch warns Walt that he doesn't seem interested in talking. Walt asks Stonesifier to confirm that he worked at the prison for eight years, and that he left last February. Silence. Walt tries again: does he know Ed Crawley? Jerry spits out one word: lawyer. Walt takes that as a maybe. Did he call Crawley up and offer him a job a couple of days ago? Jerry sneers "lawyer" louder. Walt goes on: is Jerry in possession of any sort of animal tranquilizer? Lawyer! Walt calmly delivers the final blow: has Jerry been using his aunt's house as a base from which to smuggle methamphetamines into the state prison? Jerry hollers in Walt's face: LAWYER!!! Walt's got nothing.

Later, Walt drives a very surly Lucian back to the retirement home. Walt suggests that he thank Branch for convincing the home to take him back in, clearly his nephew is fond of him. Lucian doesn't trust Branch or his father, who is set on making sure Branch beats Walt in the race for Sheriff. Lucian warns Walt that if he has any secrets, he'd better be ready to read about them in the paper. Walt's not worried. His secrets are buried deep enough. Swallowing his pride, Walt asks Lucian how he used to handle a suspect who refused to talk. Lucian would whoop his ass, a technique that's no longer allowed. The older man tells Walt to quit whining and do some sheriffing: dig in some trash cans, arrest some drunks, and analyze some bear s***! Thinking about bear s*** gives Walt an idea.

A bit later, Pete Brooks emerges from his office to find Walt perched on a picnic table tossing rocks into the river. Pete tenses up, is Walt there to arrest him? Walt hasn't decided yet, but he knows it wasn't an accident that Pete shot Vic. If he really wanted to tranquilize the bear, he would have used a bigger dosage. Instead, he used just enough to slow Vic and Omar down without killing them. Pete confesses. If he doesn't stand up for these bears, who will? He wishes he could relocate Waffles away from the human population. Walt notices that Pete is no longer protesting Waffle's innocence. He guesses that Pete must have done the isotope test on her and confirmed that Waffles consumed human flesh. Pete slumps in defeat. It doesn't fit her profile! Walt defends Waffles, saying that it wasn't her idea to kill. If Pete will promise not to shoot any more people, he can help the investigation. Walt wants him to find out if Jerry Stonesifer or anyone else was researching aggressive bears in the area. Pete quickly agrees to check his records, but Walt has one more request. Since Pete tested Waffles' fur, Walt knows that he must have the bear.

Retired prison warden Dan Blackburn sits beneath the hills painting the majestic Wyoming landscape. He is startled to see Walt pull up in a pickup truck towing a large trailer. Walt exits the truck carrying a grocery bag. Dan asks what Walt has in the trailer. Walt explains that he's transporting a bear up North, but first he has some questions about Jerry Stonesifer. Dan describes him as troubled, but a good guy. He got into drugs as happens sometimes when guards mix with the general population, but Dan believed in Stonesifer so he encouraged him to resign with partial pension so his life wouldn't be ruined. Why is Walt asking about him, anyway? Walt looks Dan in the eye and accuses him of killing Crawley with Stonesifer's help. Dan is stunned. Is Walt messing with him? A bear killed Crawley! Walt agrees, but the bear, that happens to be in the trailer, was just the weapon. Stonesifer lured Crawley out with a job offer, and Dan shot him with tranquilizer darts, tied him up, and covered him with meat so the bear would maul him.

Dan denies calling Crawley or buying tranquilizer. Walt has nothing on him. Walt pulls a raw and bloody steak out of the bag and throws it at Dan who catches it against his chest, smearing himself with blood. Walt points out that now he's got the scent of beef on him, a smell Waffles knows well. He threatens to open the trailer and let Waffles out if Dan doesn't confess to the crime Walt knows he committed. Dan accuses Walt of being crazy, but Walt just slides one of the trailer bolts open. Walt knows Dan did it because he called Pete Brook's office to check on aggressive bears and found one with two livestock kills. He made sure to tie Crawley up close to that bear and, knowing she had a taste for beef, covered Crawley in flank steak.

Dan explodes. Why is Walt doing this for a piece of garbage like Crawley? He slit his friend open with a knife - a guard he worked with for 20 years! He sentenced the Craigs to life without their daughter! Walt slides the other latch and Dan gets nervous, but he keeps talking. All he asks is that Tommy Lee Jones play him in the movie of his life because he is a hero! Walt sadly responds that this isn't the movies. We can't go around torturing and murdering people or we're all just animals, and the world could use a few more human beings.

Walt slides the latch all the way open and release Waffles, not into Dan's front yard, but instead into untamed country up North. Walt asks Waffles to promise to stay as far away from town as she can. There is a grunt from deep inside the trailer. Walt pulls the door open and holds his breath. The giant bear lumbers down the ramp. She turns to look back at Walt for a moment. He stands perfectly still, meeting her gaze. After a moment, the bear ambles off into the wilderness.

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