Episode 2.10 : Evil...And His Brother Ziggy

  • Life
    • Episode Premiere : December 03, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Adam Arkin
  • Screenwriter Far Shariat
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • William Atherton,
    • Timilee Romolini,
    • Malaya Rivera Drew

The Story

Charlie wakes up in a poolside lounge chair at Rayborn's expensive house in the hills. Rayborn apologizes for dragging him there, but his well-paid security was just doing their job. He tells Charlie all he had to do was call if he wanted to talk to him. He has nothing to hide, and invites Charlie and a guest to his fundraiser on Friday.

Reese, after a night of passion with Tidwell, says she can handle his New York attitude, the four ex-wives who adore him, sleeping with a superior officer, and the fact that he sometimes refers to himself as Tidwell, but that his hair has to go. She begins to cut it. Later, driving through the desert, Crews notices Reese humming. Reese denies being happy about anything, just as they enter tribal land where a crime scene awaits. Sheriff's Deputy Smith shows them the body of Sheriff Hawes, the sole California sheriff for the territory.

Crews and Reese notice a sign for a new casino on the reservation. "Trainloads of money coming this way," Reese says. A rancher discovered Hawes' body. Smith explains that once the tribe got their own police force, the sheriffs were phased out. Smith doesn't know why Hawes hung around a place where no one wanted him. It's clear the tribal cops and some of the sheriff's department have no love lost between them. Crews calms things down and tells the sheriffs we'll take it from here.

Tribal Police Captain Whitehat says Hawes wasn't well liked on the reservation because he harassed the residents. Reese asks if anyone would want him dead. "Everyone." He recently came to blows with tribal council member Tomas Shasta, who Whitehat says is a good man who'd just had enough of Hawes coming on the rez. At the tribal station, Crews and Reese talk to Tomas and his fiancee Anna. Whitehat asks him where he was last night. Anna says they were at her father's house. Tomas says he fought with Hawes because he kept reminding Hawes that he was breaking the law every time he came on the reservation.

At the Sheriff's station -- a beat-up trailer where Hawes also lived -- Crews sees blood on the stones outside. Whitehat bags them to mail to the lab. Crews and Reese wonder why Hawes stayed, soon to be the poorest man among millionaires. Inside, they find Hawes' gun, meaning he didn't feel threatened when he went outside. Crews finds deer stew, a native dish with heating instructions written in what looks like a woman's handwriting. Whitehat doesn't know who could have left it, as anyone who was kind to Hawes kept it a secret.

Tribal Officer Ramirez radios Whitehat and plays a garbled message that Hawes left for her. Not much is clear except for the words "money, guns and evil." Whitehat wonders if Hawes got superstitious after being on the reservation for so long. They also find a letter Hawes sent to the gaming commission, protesting the casino. Apparently he feared it would have a negative effect on the population. Crews and Reese have a feeling that Tomas didn't agree. They deduce that Hawes was shot at home and driven to where he was buried.

They trace the route from Hawes' trailer to the body and see Anna paying her respects at the burial site. They exit their car and approach on foot, but she spots them and rides off on horseback. When they turn around, their car is gone. They get a taxi to Anna's house where they find her cleaning her rifle to go deer hunting. Crews catches Anna off guard when he asks if it's to make more stew. Reese notices the rifle is engraved with Hawes's name. Anna says he gave it to her. When asked why she's cleaning that particular gun to hunt, Anna says Hawes would have wanted it.

Loomis, Anna's father, confirms Anna and Tomas' alibi. He says Anna wasn't born on the reservation. They came to live here 20 years ago, after Anna's mother ran off. Anna hated the reservation at first. Their first week there, she got lost in freezing weather. Hawes found her and brought her home. Loomis says he saved her life and was like a father to her. He taught her how to ride, fish and shoot, and gave her the rifle when she and Tomas got engaged.

On the way back, after the taxi driver has a phone conversation in Luiseno, the native language, he stops and gets out. Reese and Crews ask why, but he's evasive. A gang of men approach in trucks. Tomas gets out, angry they spoke to Anna. Crews asks Tomas if he knew about Anna's relationship with Hawes. Tomas says she's compassionate, always taking in strays. Crews says they aren't leaving until they find who killed Hawes, then hint there was more to Anna and Hawes' relationship. Tomas insults them in Luiseno. Taking it in stride, Crews asks Tomas if he knows who stole their car. The men laugh, and drive off.

Crews and Reese stay in the one finished hotel room in the under-construction casino. Reese isn't happy with the arrangement and goes to bathe. While she's in the bathroom, Tidwell calls and not knowing Crews has picked up, asks Reese about her purple panties. Crews hangs up; the phone rings again. He can't bring himself to answer it and makes Reese pick up. Tidwell asks her why she hung up on him. Horrified, she tells Tidwell she'll call him back. Crews says he's happy for her. Reese kicks Crews out of the room.

Crews sleeps at Hawes' trailer and dreams Hawes is at his table eating deer stew. He tells Crews he always wanted to be an Indian, then looks at his bullet wound and says, "dammit." Crews wakes to see Anna where Hawes was sitting. She's there to be close to him before she says goodbye. Anna says there was nothing romantic between them. Hawes taught her the skills to survive the journey when she wanted to find her mother. Anna grew to love it here. She doesn't think Thomas killed Hawes. Crews asks if Hawes ever mentioned evil. Anna asks, "You mean evil with the convertible Mercedes and the pointy red shoes?"

The next morning, Tomas calls Reese to tell her he found their car full of teenagers and halfway to Vegas. He says they'll bring it to the hotel and advises her to have the rugs shampooed. At the station, Crews tells Reese and Tidwell that evil is really Eval Vadas, who was hired with his brother Ziggy by the tribal council to set up the casino. Eval visits the reservation a few days every month. Tidwell is more interested in the rooms at the casino, perturbed that Crews was in Reese's room. Reese changes the subject back to the investigation and Tidwell sends them to investigate Eval.

Ted calls, worried that Rachel didn't come home last night. Crews calls Rachel on her cell phone. Rachel, dressed in a towel at her boyfriend's, doesn't feel she needs to explain to Crews who he is. Reese and Crews visit Eval, who thinks they're there responding to his call about a stalker. Eval shows them Whitehat, who is parked down the road watching his property. Ziggy, Eval's sister and the "brother" in the business name, enters and determines the cops aren't here because of the stalker call. She tells them to leave.

At the station, Tidwell talks to Captain Whitehat. She says Hawes had never called her before so it must have been serious. If there's a gun problem on her reservation, Whitehat wants to be there first. Tidwell says a gunsmith called Hawes to tell him that Eval wanted him to work full time on the reservations, converting rifles to fully automatic weapons. Whitehat says Eval has something in his garage, locked up tight. Tidwell knows they can get a warrant. The guy's name is Eval, after all.

Whitehat stays at Crews' house for the night. Crews asks Ted why he ordered Indian food, hinting at Whitehat. Ted says it was the first menu he grabbed. At first, Whitehat thinks Ted and Crews are a couple, especially when they say they met in prison. Rachel joins them, angry at Crews for not being worried about her. She storms off, after which Ted admits his love for Olivia, Crews soon-to-be stepmother. He gets up from the table and leaves. Crews looks at Whitehat and says derisively, "White people," and shrugs.

The cops serve a warrant to search Eval's home. Angry, he asks why all cops are obsessed with him. "It's just a name, you morons!" The raid turns up boxes of Civil War musketoon replicas. At the station, Eval says they're for his high-end Asian clients who want to re-create Custer's last stand. Whitehat gets a laugh out of that, saying that happened in Montana. When Crews and Reese tell Eval he's facing federal charges for the guns and that they have a dead Sheriff, Eval's alibi is that he was with his mother, playing bingo.

Crews asks Eval if Hawes ever confronted him about the guns. Hawes confronted him about everything. He wanted him fired because he wasn't Indian. When Eval tried to buy him off, Hawes said he didn't have enough money. Reese, Crews and Whitehat wonder why Hawes didn't take the bribe. Tidwell wonders if Hawes was a hired by the Vegas casinos to put a stop to the Indian competition. Whitehat doubts that. Reese says Hawes' financial records are clean, but one things stands out. A personal check Hawes wrote to the Chillicothe County Courthouse to obtain records.

Crews finds a birth certificate for a female Anna's age in Hawes' trailer. They visit Anna and return her gun, then show her the birth certificate. She's shocked to learn she isn't Native American. Loomis lied when he came to the reservation. No one checked, since casino money wasn't coming in. Reese says they found dried blood in Loomis' truck. Hawes came to give him a chance to do right by Anna and Loomis killed him. Loomis was afraid Tomas wouldn't marry Anna -- and thus secure the casino royalties -- if he knew she wasn't Native. Enraged, Anna loads the gun and points it at her father. Crews talks her down and she gives up the gun. Tomas reaches out his hand; Anna takes it. They arrest Loomis.

Naked, Reese tells Tidwell to take a good long look and think about that the next time he's tempted to call her dude. She kisses him, trying to get him to admit he was jealous when he learned the room arrangements. He denies it, again and again, then says, "Dude, I wasn't jealous." Reese, angry, stops kissing him and walks off. Tidwell can't believe what an idiot he is.

At Rayborn's swank party filled with millionaires, movie and rock stars, Crews has a brief vision of Hawes at the bar, looking at him gratefully. Rayborn, who says he dreamed of parties like this once, says there aren't many people in their club: Cops with Money. Crews says he saw a photo and thinks there may be a lot more. Rayborn asks if he can tell Crews a secret. Crews wonders why he wants to tell him his secrets. Rayborn reveals he has six months to live, but that isn't his secret. Rayborn says his secret is, "There are some things I need to do before I go."






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