Episode 1.11 : Fill It Up

  • Life
    • Episode Premiere : December 05, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Daniel Sackheim
  • Screenwriter Rand Ravich
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Bob Rusch,
    • Karen James,
    • Fawn Irish,
    • Jordan Marder,
    • Celestin Cornelle,
    • Jessy Schram,
    • DeLon Howell

The Story

Crews proceeds to the prison to meet with inmate Mark Rawls, who owes Crews a favor for saving his son. Rawls agrees to reach out and try to get in touch with Kyle Hollis, whom Crews believes killed the Seybolts. Crews and Reese report to an apartment crime scene, where Stark presides. When a man came home two hours late for dinner, his wife shot him through the door. Her hands are covered in meat sauce, the gun's missing, and the apartment is chock full of marijuana plants.

Stark can't find the gun, so Reese demands that he keep looking. Suggesting that detectives have better eyesight than grunts, Stark invites Reese to look for herself. Crews notices a rough-looking guy, who hands him a phone. Rawls is on the line. Kyle, now known as Reverend Orson Parker, lives in Indio with his daughter, and Crews isn't the only one looking for him. Charlie asks Reese and Stark to cover for him while he deals with something, much to Reese's dismay.

Crews drives fast listening to a Zen tape, which asks what's the sense of hurting another? How does it better me? Claiming it just does, Crews throws the tape out the window. He pulls up to a cabin on a lake, putting his service revolver under the seat, pulling a .38 from the glove box. The cabin seems deserted except for a tape on the VCR - Kyle preaching an evangelical sermon. When Crews turns off the VCR, a 21-year old girl lying on the kitchen floor with a stab wound, asks him to turn it back on. She wants to see her Dad.

Reese is searching the bedroom when Stark walks in and closes the door. She tells him to open it, but he wants to know if there's something she wants to ask him. Reese asks why he didn't back up his partner at the trial, when Crews said he had cuts on his hands from an arrest. Stark claims it was because IAD told him if he backed up Crews, he would go to prison, too. Hearing an odd noise, Reese finds a cage of mice in a closet, and realizes that they're food... for a really big snake, which is on the loose.

Crews comforts the girl and calls 911, but she doesn't understand why he's there, asking if he's looking for her Daddy, like the men who cut her. His phone rings - it's Kyle, who's heard Crews is looking for him. He called because Crews has a badge and money and is going to get Kyle out of LA. Kyle demands that Crews meet him at the Bank of Los Angeles in two hours. The girl asks Crews if he wants to kill her father like the men who cut her, just as cops arrive. When cops stay silent, the girl accuses Crews of cutting her, so he runs for it.

A woman from Animal Control arms the cops with snake sticks, and tells them they are looking for a constrictor, not venomous. Reese asks what constrictors like to eat, deducing that the wife covered the murdering shotgun with meat sauce and fed it to the snake. Crews calls to inform Reese that he's going to be a little longer; Stark wonders if he's doing something with hot girls. Crews pulls alongside some hot girls, and gives them his car, then buys a used Cadillac and drives to the Bank of Los Angeles.

At the bank, Crews tells Kyle that he made him call. He squeezed Ames, Ames squeezed Jack Reese and Kyle popped out. Kyle demands that Crews drop him at LAX with a suitcase full of his settlement cash, and he'll call with what he wants to know. He's got documents and photos in case something happens to him. Crews agrees, then knocks Kyle out in the parking garage.

Crews tapes up Kyle's mouth and takes him to his orange farm for a lecture. He knows there's all kinds of info that Kyle wants to tell him about killing the Seybolts, but it doesn't matter. Today, Crews only has one decision to make, and Kyle shouldn't have killed his friends. Meanwhile, Stark asks Reese what she would do if IAD said the same thing to her, just as she sees the giant snake just behind his head. Stark steps back, and Reese moves in for the capture.

Crews meets with ex-wife Jennifer while Kyle languished in the trunk of the Cadillac to ask forgiveness for his anger. He's been angry at the wrong person. Then he's off to meet with Ted, who's been doing research on Jack Reese. Jack gave money to his favorite charity for decades, but right after the Bank of Los Angeles robbery, the charity received an anonymous, untraceable check for $4 million. Crews calls Jack to inform him that it's his last day as a free man, just as a car smashes into his car.

Crews regains consciousness upside down, to find Kyle's pursuers pointing their guns at him, demanding to know where Kyle is. When they grab the keys to check the trunk, Crews shoots them, then loads Kyle into an SUV. High above LA, Crews digs a hole refusing to talk to Kyle, who begs for his life. He finally admits that Jack and Seybolt were laundering Bank of Los Angeles money through the bar that Charlie owned with Seybolt. When Seybolt was discovered skimming, Jack sent Kyle to make it right, but the situation got out of control. Kyle killed the Seybolts but he didn't set Crews up.

Charlie has called Constance, so that she hears Kyle's confession. She tells Charlie to come in now, but he fills up the hole, then returns to the apartment to ask for Stark and Reese's help. Charlie takes Jack onto the roof across from the Bank of Los Angeles and hands him some binoculars, so he can spy Stark and Reese arresting Kyle. He tells Jack that it's over, and to come in with him now, but Jack prefers to stay on the roof.

Crews, Stark and Reese lead Kyle through the police station, as everyone applauds Crews. Constance rejoices that it's finally over, but knows it doesn't stop with Hollis. He still doesn't have the guy who set him up. Later, Reese has questions to ask, just as Crews takes a call from Jack, who claims he has the girl Crews is looking for - Rachel Seybolt, witness to the murders. Funny how Crews didn't recognize her when she was in his arms - Rachel is Kyle's daughter. Crews rushes back to the hospital, but Rachel has disappeared. Crews stops on the road to pick up his discarded Zen tape.






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