Episode 1.10 : Dig a Hole

  • Life
    • Episode Premiere : December 03, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Daniel Sackheim
  • Screenwriter Rand Ravich
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Morann Peri,
    • Victor Rivers,
    • Matthew Leonard,
    • Chandler Parker,
    • Fay Masterson,
    • Jude Ciccolella

The Story

Crews and Reese report to a building site, where a mummified body has been unearthed, holding a rose. The Foreman explains that the site used to house a Zen center, and Reese learns that the owner, Tim Chang disappeared ten years ago owing three months rent. At the morgue, Crews and Reese discover Tim Chang's driver's license and an old cell phone on the corpse, which was buried alive. Tech Beth retrieves two numbers that were called frequently on November 30, 1997, and Crews calls one of them.

Crews and Reese visit Amy Dujardin and her husband Luke, both physics professors at USC. Amy didn't know Chang, but Luke did. Luke speaks in Zen riddles like Crews, explaining that none of them are really here, since they are constantly in motion. Luke experienced a crisis of faith ten years ago, and Master Chang helped him out. He recalls that Chang made instructional videotapes with a couple of potheads, but he can't remember their names.

Beth tracks down nerdy potheads Sean and Ryan, who have moved into a glass mansion due to the success of their website, They didn't think it was weird when fellow pothead Zen Master Flash disappeared ten years ago, just Zen. Their sexy, ditzy wives, Sherri and Ginger make an appearance, and Crews realizes that the guys don't have a lot of dating experience. They admit that they owe everything to Zen Master Flash, who hooked them up with "broken yoga chicks" at the Zen center.

Crews visits his ex-wife Jennifer on the date of their 15th Anniversary. He pisses off her husband Mark, and Jennifer tells Crews to leave. Fulfilling a promise, Crews has gifted Jennifer with a large white horse, which is tethered on her front lawn. Beth calls with another number from Chang's phone, belonging to Graziella Molina, whose son Eric used to attend the Zen center. Crews and Reese visit intense Molina at his martial arts academy, where he kneels before an altar with a photo of Chang.

Molina doesn't seem too broken up at news of the death of his master, but he explains that Chang's spirit still exists and will return. He would be dead if it wasn't for Chang, who pulled him out of gang life. He recognizes a look in Crews' eyes just like Chang's - they both search for an illusion. Molina was sick at his mother's the week Chang disappeared. He claims that Chang was weak, and let Ryan and Sean take him to dark places, and would come back begging for forgiveness.

Crews and Reese return to Sean and Ryan's where a wild party is underway, filled with half-naked women and illicit drugs. Sherri plants a kiss on Danni, then runs off to get them a room with a camera. Crews and Reese bring Sean and Ryan to the station for questioning. They admit that Chang could take a lot of pain, and he liked to do it on film, but they didn't kill him. They recall a terrible fight between Molina and Chang. They thought Chang was dead, but when the fight was over he banished Molina from the Zen center for life, and no one was to utter his name.

The coroner's report confirms that Chang sustained six broken ribs and a broken hand a month before his death, so Crews and Reese return to the martial arts academy. Molina runs into the street where he is hit by a car. Woozy, he thinks Crews is Chang, and tells his master that he is lost. Later, Constance stops by the precinct to tell Crews that he's no longer a suspect in Ames' murder. He notices her pretty dress, and she admits that she's going on a date.

Jack stops by to talk to Davis, demanding to know why Crews is no longer a suspect. Choosing her words carefully, Davis admits there was a witness that saw two men leaving the scene. When they find them, they will go after whoever the witnesses identify. Crews cases the Bank of Los Angeles with Ted. The only way to take out the gunmen inside the bank was with snipers, which could only have been on one rooftop - the rooftop where SWAT Leader Jack happened to be training his team that day.

Molina admits that he ran when he could see that the cops knew he lied about Chang. He fought with Chang because he betrayed his trust, taking pretty girls into his office and having his way with them. He loved Chang, and could never kill him. The reason Chang called him before he disappeared was to say goodbye. Crews talks to Chang in the morgue, maintaining that he's not talking to a dead guy, just talking to himself in proximity to a dead guy. What's he going to do when he finds the man who sent him to jail?

Crews and Reese return to the martial arts academy. While kneeling in front of Molina's altar, they spy a photo of Chang with Amy Dujardin, and proceed to question her. She denies having sex with Chang, but when Luke returns home with their ten-year-old Asian son Alec, it all seems pretty obvious. Luke confesses to Chang's murder in exchange for the cops' promise that Alec will be left alone.

Crews returns home to find the white horse in his living room, and starts talking to it. Why look for something that isn't there? Finding an answer, he calls Reese, and they return to the precinct to question Luke and Amy. Why did Luke continuously call Chang when he disappeared if he had murdered him? When Luke fails to identify what he left on Chang's body, they release him, and tell Amy that she is now the lead suspect. Amy admits that she left a rose with Chang, who mistakenly thought he could leave her.

Crews tells Chang's corpse that he will be returned to the earth. On the way out, Beth stops the elevator, plants a hot kiss on Crews, and hands him a confidential file on Jack Reese. Back at home, Ted reviews the file, scared that Jack is a serious cop. Crews looks up Jack's confidential informant, Kyle Hollis, who looks just like the killer from Rachel's drawings. The next morning, Crews returns to the prison from whence he came...






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