Episode 1.06 : Powerless

  • Life
    • Episode Premiere : October 31, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director John Dahl
  • Screenwriter Marjorie David
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Doug McKeon,
    • Visa May,
    • Jeffrey Pierce,
    • Deborah Ann Woll,
    • Dale Dickey,
    • Benjamín Benitez

The Story

During a training exercise, Crews mixes with the uniforms, hanging out with Stark and his new partner, Juarez. Stark and Crews reminisce about the good old days, swapping cop stories on stake out. Stark was always the best storyteller, and Crews asks him to recount his story of the Bank of LA robbery, the biggest case in the last several years; 5 dead, $18 million missing. Bobby was right in the middle of the action.

Reese nurses a beer at a bar. She notices a hot guy, they nod at each other, and then leave together. They're both heading to an AA meeting at the church down the street - great minds think alike. Rick flirtatiously introduces himself, and then sits with Stacey at the meeting. Reese is about to leave when Rick gets up to beg for help staying sober. He admits that when he drinks, he hurts women. The last time he went on a binge a year ago, there was an incident. The woman could have made trouble but didn't.

Reese waits for Rick outside the meeting. What's with begging for help to stay sober? Rick admits he slipped. He refuses to talk about the hurting women thing except to say it's over. He asks if he can call Reese, but she walks away. At the station, she tells Crews that she just heard Rick confess to rape and she thinks he is about to do it again. Crews wonders what Reese was doing in a bar, and claims her evidence is circumstantial.

Davis holds a press conference citing statistics that show crime is down. Loudmouth internet video newswoman The Stickler and her cameraman Bud, stand up to disrupt proceedings. Crews steps in to help. The Stickler admits that someone has been terrorizing her, regularly taking a dump on her lawn. Despite Davis' protests, Crews promises that they will personally resolve the case within a week. Ted is shocked to discover that he's the subject of the bestselling book "Earley Warning," by Winston Chambers.

Reese is surprised to find Crews at her AA meeting. He introduces himself to Rick, but Rick invites only Reese for coffee. Reese and Rick admit they're both living lies. He admits that some women make him so mad...but only when he's drinking. Rick asks about Reese's backstory, but knows what she tells him is a lie. Rick claims she doesn't know what she's doing, messing with him.

Reese sifts through 10,000 911 complaints to find Rick's rape victim Nancy. Reese contacts the victim for more details. An arrest was never made, and Nancy wants to keep it that way. She finally likes her life, living with her mom and working from home. Trying to convince her to make a statement, Crews tells Nancy that by letting Rick go free, she's putting herself in jail. Crews and Davis stake out The Stickler's lawn. Crews encourages Davis to swap cop stories in order to pass the time, like the Bank of LA robbery. Davis insists that the only story is the official story, and refuses to gossip.

Reese stakes out Rick, watching him walk to his car. Suddenly Nancy appears with a gun. Still in her car, Reese aims her weapon at Nancy, telling her to drop the gun. Nancy drops it as Rick hops into his car and drives off. Nancy still doesn't want to testify, because Rick threatened to kill her, but finally relents. Meanwhile, Rick disappears. So Reese goes looking for him at an AA meeting and runs into Stacey, who's meeting Rick later at a bar.

Back on stake out, Crews tells Davis Stark's version of the Bank of LA robbery, when he was in the middle of the action. Davis claims he couldn't have been, because all uniformed officers worked the barricades, which were four blocks south. Suddenly, someone drops his pants on the Stickler's lawn. It's Bud, the camera man. The Stickler treats him like a dog, so he's returning the favor.

Reese and Crews arrest Rick at the bar. His lawyer claims it was nothing more than consensual sex, but Rick is locked up anyway, pleasing Nancy. Ted confronts his ex-business partner Winston in a parking lot with a baseball bat. Winston did all the bad things Ted did, he just didn't get caught. Handing over the bat, Ted explains that he's learned some things in prison, like how to forgive.

Davis tells Crews that Rick was released. They're about to call Reese when she calls them. Rick's holding her at gunpoint and forcing her to drink a gallon of vodka. SWAT surrounds Reese's house, but can't get a clear sight line. As she chugs the last of the vodka, Reese confesses her backstory to Rick. He thinks he's bad? He has no idea. She smacks him over the head with the empty vodka bottle as Crews busts down the door.

Crews helps Reese to a waiting ambulance, as everyone watches. She asks him to make sure she doesn't fall. Later, Stark admits that he wasn't in the middle of the action during the Bank of LA robbery; he was working the barricades. Sober again, Dani finally decides to stand up and speak at her AA meeting.






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