Episode 1.04 : What They Saw

  • Life
    • Episode Premiere : October 17, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: NBC
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Straiton
  • Screenwriter Jonathan Shapiro
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Sonia Rockwell,
    • Rodney Rowland,
    • Leena Huff,
    • William Sanderson

The Story

Crews sleeps on the floor clutching a high heel as two hotties gather their things. Constance walks in the unlocked door, not too happy to see "the cupcakes." She doesn't think Crews should be living on cupcakes; he's not sure that he's been living at all. Constance has unlocked Rachel Seyboldt's Children's Services records, but she wants to know why. Crews thinks he might be the only one in a position to help Rachel. Turns out the file is empty - Constance insists it's not a conspiracy, just inefficient bureaucracy.

Crews stands outside a swank Hollywood Hills home, where wealthy Len Sands has been shot in his bed. Noticing a homeless camp, Crews spots scrawny Easley in a tree, and orders him to come down. Easley throws a toaster at Crews, so he climbs up the tree, and pulls Easley out. In the house, Dani notices a photo of Len and his handsome partner James, dressed in tuxes and flashing matching rings - Len's is missing. When she finds Crews, she slams Easley into a tree, and finds the ring in his pocket.

Bitching at husband Drew, neighbor Stephanie Borns tells police that she heard a scream, and called security guard Smith, who admits that he didn't respond until it was too late. Smith wears gloves. Back at the station, Crews connects with Easley. He knows that Easley can't stand to be inside, and catches him stealing Dani's pen. Alcoholic Easley claims he found the ring and has never been in the house. He saw James throw the ring down the hill after he shot Len. Crews believes Easley, but Dani doesn't.

Crews is disturbed to find smarmy Neil Cudahy in Constance's office, and asks her not to take him as a client. The cops bring Easley's odd belongings to the station, and he claims he doesn't steal, he only finds what rich people throw away - once he found nine clay pigs. The neighbors have told cops that James and Len were happy, so it's hard to believe that James is the murderer. Did anyone know Easley was living there? He claims that Smith knew, but Smith denies it.

Crews and Dani show Easley's stuff to James, which he recognizes. Crews whips out the wedding ring, and James asks where's the rest of the stuff, explaining that several of Len's favorite items were stolen the night of the murder. Whoever killed Len must have known him well. Dani and Crews proceed to question the Borns. Drew's theory is that Smith, a homophobe, killed Len, and the couple starts fighting. The cops already tested Smith's gloves - he's clean.

Stephanie runs after Crews and Dani to confess that she thinks Drew killed Len. Even though she loves her husband, she knows he's gay, and that he was having an affair with Len. She saw him leaving the house last night after she heard the scream. James admits that Stephanie's theory is not impossible. Crews is happy they might not have to book Easley; if Crews was a cowboy, Easley could be his goofy sidekick.

Intent on booking Easley, Dani has him processed in to county jail, where Easley thinks he will die. Crews asks Easley to describe the murder scene, and when he mentions the killer wore gloves, Crews pulls him out of jail, telling incredulous Dani that they'll take him to the DA instead. They stop by Constance's so Easley can use the bathroom. He overhears Constance tell Crews that he shouldn't have Ted paying his billls. Also, the liquor license from Crew's bar has been re-issued, a sizable asset.

Dani questions Smith, who's been fired, admitting that he did know about Easley. Crews takes Easley, (who is now calling him "boss") to lunch with Ted. Ted wants to open a bar with the license, and isn't pleased when Easley asks to work there. Easley points out that Constance said Ted steals. Later at a motel, Dani relents to getting Easley a drink, knowing he needs alcohol to function in front of the DA tomorrow. They get a call - Drew is at the station - and leave, handcuffing Easley to the bed.

Drew can understand why his wife thinks he's gay - she's an intolerant homophobe - it's the killing thing he doesn't get. He loves her, and he has nothing to hide, but he didn't kill Len. Dani admits that she doesn't think Easley is lying. The fire department is out in force as Dani and Crews return to the motel. Dani panics, but Easley is sitting in the ambulance, already drunk, admitting he fell asleep with a cigarette. Disgusted, Dani turns Easley over to Crews and bails.

Len's will leaves everything to James, and since Drew's rich, he had no financial motive to kill Len. Ted and Easley meet Crews for lunch. Ted's pissed that Easley used his toothbrush, but Easley denies it. In the morning, Dani spikes Easley's coffee as they're waiting for the DA. Dani gets a call - Easley's DNA is all over the house, despite the fact he claimed he was never in the house. Easley's not going to the DA, he's going to jail.

Crews presents Easley with Ted's toothbrush, and he admits to using it, and to using the bathroom at Len's house now and then. Dani insists that he needs to prove it. Finally Easley admits that he can prove that James is the murderer - but they'll need a shovel. Dani and Crews dig up a bag marked by a clay pig, containing the items that James said were still missing, including love letters from Drew, and a gun.

Drew confirms that he wrote the love letters - to his wife! Crews and Dani conclude that James and Stephanie conspired to kill Len and blame it on Drew, so they could both get their wealthy partners' money - but how do they prove it? James and Stephanie are brought to the station, and questioned separately. Stephanie breaks down; she is an accessory, but she didn't pull the trigger. When Dani leads her out in cuffs, James breaks down and confesses.

Crews invites Easley to stay with him, then proceeds to Ames' house, to declare that they both know Rachel witnessed the murder. Ames says nothing. Crews visits Constance to beg her once again to drop client Cudahy. Constance points out that he doesn't have the right to ask that, laying her cards on the table - she thinks about him when she's with her husband. Charlie can't do anything with a married woman, so Constance tells him he's still in jail, and he should find another lawyer to get him out.

Easley messes up Crews' house, leaving garbage around, and disappears. Crews retreats to the room where he keeps all the evidence from his case to read Rachel's psychiatric file. She is obviously having a hard time, refusing to participate in activities and drawing dark scenes of murder. There can be no doubt that she witnessed the murder of her family.






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