Last Man Standing Episode 1.19 Ding Dong Ditch
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Last Man Standing Episode 1.19 Ding Dong Ditch

Episode Premiere
Feb 28, 2012
Drama, Comedy, Family
Production Company
20th Century Fox Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Feb 28, 2012
Drama, Comedy, Family
2011 - Now
Production Co
20th Century Fox Television
Official Site
John Pasquin
Jon Haller
Main Cast
  • Tim Allen as Mike Baxter
  • Nancy Travis
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter
  • Amanda Fuller
  • Christoph Sanders
  • Hector Elizondo
  • Alexandra Krosney
  • Molly McCook
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer
  • Jordan Masterson
  • Jonathan Adams
  • Molly Ephraim
  • Flynn Morrison
Additional Cast
  • Luke & Evan Kruntchev
  • Uriah Shelton
  • Alex Skuby

DING DONG! Someone's at the door. Actually, that's not true because the Baxter home has become the target of a serial doorbell ringer/runner. Mike is determined to ID this fast-fingered fiend. He sets up a hidden camera on the porch, but the surveillance footage only catches the back of a kid in a red hoodie.

As it turns out, Eve knows the true identity of the Ding Dong Ditcher. It's a boy named Ben. The smitten young man rings the doorbell as a signal to let Eve know he wants to see her. As for Mike, he makes use of an air horn to spring a trap for his neighborhood nemesis. The plan works perfectly. Ben trips after hearing the loud noise allowing Mike to shuffle him into the house. Busted!

Mike wants to either call the police or throw Ben in a cage in the basement. Whatever works, right? Eve convinces her folks to let the boy go, though she denies knowing who he is. Ben's dad shows up the next day to say that his son sprained his wrist thanks to the trap. He threatens to take Mike and Vanessa to court if they don't pay for a $300 hospital bill.

Mike unleashes an online rant about how litigious people have become. This has Ed scrambling to make nice with Kyle, who fell off a ladder at work. He offers the kid some fine cigars and a three-night stay at an airport hotel as long as he signs a liability waiver. Kyle says he would never sue Ed because he's been like a father to him. This has the big boss feeling bad. Ed offers Kyle his car to make up for his shameful actions. He can also keep the cigars.

Kristin is taking her first college class. Things get off to a rocky start as she gets a 60 on her initial quiz. She's feeling like everyone is smarter than she is. It's enough to make her want to drop out. Mandy assures her big sis that she's a total nerd who will eventually leave her classmates in the dust. These inspiring nerd words are enough to convince Kristin to stay in school.

Mike comes home early to find Eve hanging out with Ben on the back porch. He wants to know why his daughter lied to him. Eve admits that she didn't want her dad to think differently about her. Father and daughter eventually agree to split the cost of the hospital bill. As for Ben, he can now ring the doorbell and come inside. He and Eve can watch TV on the sofa while Mike cleans his shotgun in the background.