Last Man Standing Episode 1.16 Tree of Strife
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Last Man Standing Episode 1.16 Tree of Strife

Episode Premiere
Feb 7, 2012
Drama, Comedy, Family
Production Company
20th Century Fox Television
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Feb 7, 2012
Drama, Comedy, Family
2011 - Now
Production Co
20th Century Fox Television
Official Site
John Pasquin
Kevin Hench
Main Cast
  • Tim Allen as Mike Baxter
  • Nancy Travis
  • Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter
  • Amanda Fuller
  • Christoph Sanders
  • Hector Elizondo
  • Alexandra Krosney
  • Molly McCook
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer
  • Jordan Masterson
  • Jonathan Adams
  • Molly Ephraim
  • Flynn Morrison
Additional Cast

A monster storm is engulfing the city. Mandy is extremely worried because Kim Kardashian is on a book tour that's headed to Denver. She could be bouncing around on a plane right in the middle of this mini-monsoon. Vanessa asks, "Isn't the thought of her bouncing around what made her famous in the first place?"

Mike assures his family that they are perfectly safe from the storm. That all sounds great until a tree crashes through the front window. There's more bad news when Mike learns he has to pay for all the damage cause by city-owned property. They also want to chop down the black walnut tree on his front lawn. On the bright side, Kim Kardashian's plane touched down safely in Vegas.

Mike doesn't like the idea of a city bureaucrat telling him what to do. Ed breaks out his copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War to help persuade his pal to fight city hall. But Vanessa is the one who gets a stay of execution for the family's beloved tree by reminding the smug bureaucrat that he needs proof that its removal won't adversely affect the soil. She's a geologist with a bad attitude and nothing to lose.

Mike doesn't really care about the tree. He does, however, care about the people who care about the tree. He rallies his family to present their case to the city forestry board. Eve does some pre-testimony Tebowing to help their case. Unfortunately, Vanessa's extensive soil samples and an impassioned plea from Mike aren't enough to save the family tree.

Mandy is beyond excited to meet her idol. She even wrote a limerick for the occasion. It goes a little something like this: "The fairest of Kardashian lasses, Kim K brought style to the masses. She did it with flair and a toss of her hair and one of the world's most spectacular..." Well, you get the idea.

Mandy was unavailable for the forestry board hearing because it conflicted with the Kim K Denver book-signing event. Things go south fast when an overly-excited Mandy tries to give her idol a hug. She ends up being dragged away by security. The entire scene is later played back on a celebrity news show.

Mandy is completely humiliated. This could have been her darkest hour if not for the fact that Kim K shows up with a film crew at her front door. Just like that, Mandy knows what it feels like to be a Kardashian. Kim assures her that she can get through any humiliation as long as she has the support of her family. Mandy says, "You are so wise." This is so true.Mike does a somewhat-unhinged online rant about what happened with the forestry board. He settles down long enough to buy a new tree to plant in the front yard. They may have lost the fight against city hall, but their spirit still has the strength of a might oak tree. Make that a black walnut tree.