Knight Rider

Episode 1.17 : I Love the Knight Life

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : March 04, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

While driving, Mike reviews a new case file on sexy Megan Connelly, a PhD in biochemistry, and assistant to Dr. Lawrence Matheson. Matheson has created an experimental hypercatalyst called HXP, which maximizes physical strength. Mike jokes -- whatever happened to vitamins? KITT scoffs, knowing that Mike receives most of his vitamins from beer. Sarah calls in to remind Mike to take the mission seriously -- HXP can turn anyone who injects it into a living weapon.

Mike orders KITT to deploy an EMP, rendering Megan's car and cell phone useless. Introducing himself as an insurance investigator, Mike offers Megan a ride to Balham Labs, where she works. He's investigating the theft report she filed. Back at the SSC, now a veritable ghost town, Sarah urges Billy to regain access to the government databases. Without them, FLAG is toast.

Megan shows Mike a case missing three vials of HXP serum. Matheson interrupts, annoyed that Megan called in the theft; he's already told the military all he knows -- it's a clerical error. Suddenly the power shuts down. KITT warns Mike that four heavily armed men with night vision goggles are approaching. Mike tries to fight the guys, but goes down as Matheson gets shot several times, and the thieves escape with the serum.

Mike sends Megan to get help, and orders KITT to stop the thieves from leaving the building as he attempts CPR on Matheson. Colonel Hegal and his military police run in, and immediately jump to the wrong conclusion. At that moment, Billy enters, introducing himself as Lieutenant Templeton Benedict, Mike's military liaison. His superior will be calling to ask for Mike's release. KITT calls Hegal, using his voice simulator to pose as General Stratton. Hegal rushes to acquiesce.

Billy wants to leave, but Mike orders him back to the lab to download inventory logs. KITT has a voiceprint on one of the thieves, but they'll need access to the government databases to ID it. Back at the SSC, Sarah complains to Zoe: doing both her dad and Torres' jobs is taking its toll. If only she could access the government databases... In a stroke of genius, Zoe realizes how to access Torres' secret password, and they're in!

Megan bumps into Billy just as he finishes downloading the lab's inventory log. She's already been fired, and the military now owns Matheson's work. Megan explains that HXP was meant to help the disabled, but the FDA refused to let Matheson test it on humans, so the military stepped in. She thinks the Army suspects her, and worries that Matheson might still be alive if she hadn't said anything about the missing HXP.

Sarah calls Mike with good news. Having accessed the government databases, they've identified freelance assassin Victor Galt as one of the thieves. The NSA thinks the North Koreans contracted him to steal the HXP, and he launders his cash through hotel and night club, La Soleil. Mike and KITT head to the club, where KITT finds a name on the VIP list, so Mike can bypass the line.

Mike has KITT change the club's music, and then asks him to dial all the cell phones in the club. Then he can access all voicemail and search for Galt. Just as all the phones in the club ring, sexy hostess Alexandra appears to escort Mike to the VIP lounge. KITT tells Mike to question her, since she has a message from Galt on her phone. Alexandra leads Mike into a storage closet where a huge guy tasers him from behind.

When Mike wakes up, he's tied to a chair. Galt demands to know who Mike works for. When Mike won't answer, Galt orders the huge guy to punch him a few times, until Mike admits he works for FLAG. Disgusted and confused, Galt takes off to meet the buyers, ordering Alexandra to kill Mike and make it look like an accident. Alexandra pours vodka down Mike's throat, and sends the thug to retrieve KITT so they can drive a drunken Mike off a cliff.

The huge guy is shocked when KITT takes control, making a bee-line for Mike. Mike punches out his captors, stuffs Alexandra in the trunk and stumbles into KITT. KITT refuses to allow Mike to take the wheel, and a drunken Mike insists on stopping at a drive-thru for hamburgers. Billy has just finished going through the lab's logs to discover that Matheson was the last one to check out the HXP. Why would he steal his own serum? Zoe advises Billy to ask Megan on their hot date tomorrow.

Mike asks Sarah if they can change the name FLAG before telling everyone that Alexandra is in the trunk, and she may know where Galt is. Sarah asks Zoe to help figure out how to get Alexandra to talk. When Alexandra wakes up, she's tied to a chair. KITT comes to life to interrogate her in a Darth Vader voice, while doing polygraph scans. Realizing that she doesn't know Galt's location, KITT calls him, posing as Alexandra, and is able to deduce the location of his meet with the buyers.

Hung over, Mike finds Galt and the buyers in an orchard. KITT literally drives into the middle of their deal. The buyers fire on KITT than give chase, as Galt runs into the orchard with the case of HXP. When the North Koreans' van crashes, Mike searches for Galt on foot. With nowhere to run, Galt slams one of the syringes of HSX into his arm, and begins an alarming and painful physical transformation.

When Mike finds Galt, he's already plunged all three HSX vials into his arm. KITT informs that Galt is undergoing a bio-metamorphic change at the cellular level, and advises Mike to take cover. With ten times normal human strength, Galt attacks Mike with the will to kill. When Mike is beaten within an inch of his life, KITT rushes in, but Mike wants to stay and fight. KITT claims that Sarah gave him a new protocol: in the event of serious injury, KITT must return him to the SSC. KITT drives off as the SUV explodes, causing Galt to cover his ears in agony.

Back at the SSC, Mike bandages himself and lays into Sarah for KITT's new protocol. Sarah explains that she's responsible now. Mike counters: if Sarah's going to wear so many hats, she has to delegate. Zoe finds Billy in the lab, deconstructing a sample of Galt's blood. When Zoe asks if the serum enhanced Galt's senses, Billy realizes the weapon they'll need -- a sonic cannon -- could shut down Galt's nervous system completely.

Mike confronts KITT about Sarah's protocol. He can't do his job if KITT and Sarah are making secret plans behind his back. From now on, man and car agree -- no lies, secrets or games. Billy puts his uniform back on for his date with Megan, and she really likes it. Megan admits that the reason she reported the serum missing was that she feared Matheson was using himself as a human guinea pig. Billy excuses himself to make a phone call.

While Billy's on the phone with Sarah, Galt screeches up and yanks Megan into a van. Billy rushes back to the SSC to install KITT's sonic cannon, as Zoe deduces that Galt must have grabbed Megan to make more serum. Billy wants to go with Mike, but Mike insists on going alone. Sarah backs him up, explaining that Mike is in charge in the field.

Mike calls Galt, offering to trade Megan for "the rest" of the HSX. When Galt insists that Megan can make HSX, Mike questions his logic -- it would probably take her six months. Galt points out that the remaining HSX was already stolen, but Mike claims he was the one who stole it. Galt relents, telling Mike to bring Alexandra with him.

Mike finds Galt and Megan in a junkyard, complete with a computerized car crusher. Galt wants Mike to inject himself with the serum, then thinks the better of it, jabbing Alexandra instead. When Alexandra gets woozy, Galt grabs his gun, and Mike orders KITT to deploy the sonic cannon. In the chaos, Alexandra grabs Galt's gun and demands that Mike stop the noise. Back on his feet, Galt prepares to grab KITT with the car crusher.

Billy sneaks into the junkyard as KITT chooses to unleash an electrical surge weapon, halting the car crusher with a giant arc of electricity. Billy uses the opportunity to knock Galt over the head and grab Megan. Mike takes out Alexandra then jumps on Galt, giving KITT a chance to deploy the sonic cannon again. Finally, Galt is knocked unconscious. Afterwards, Billy tells Megan his real name, as a badly injured Mike asks KITT to deploy his designated driver protocol before falling over.

Back at the SSC, Sarah is delighted that FLAG has completed their first case. She's put together a new FLAG emblem, and has been looking through the archives. Led by Mike's dad Wilton Knight, the old Foundation for Law and Government was pretty amazing. Wilton believed that one man can make a difference, and he did. Now the new FLAG is going to make a difference, too.






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