Knight Rider

Episode 1.13 : Exit Light, Enter Knight

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : January 28, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gary Scott Thompson
  • Screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Amanda Musso,
    • Jack Impellizzeri,
    • Keith Woulard

The Story

After a tough mission, everyone on the team sleeps, except for KITT, who rolls through the city in the early morning hours. When Mike wakes up, he insists that he'll need some coffee to keep pace with KITT, so KITT pulls into a coffee stand across the street from a bank. When Mike spies several men with body armor and assault weapons approach the bank, he tells everyone to get down.

The gunmen open fire on approach to the bank. KITT calls 911 as Mike runs towards the bank without his earwig. KITT calls into the SSC, waking everyone up. Sarah immediately calls for satellite surveillance. Billy reminds that they haven't had it since the government shut them down, and Zoe claims it's too risky to co-opt a feed from the NSA or CIA. They'll have to rely on KITT's cameras.

Sarah orders KITT to get Mike out of there, but Mike has spied a little girl, Maddie, who's sitting in an SUV in the line of fire. Maddie's mom Tina is trapped at the ATM machine in front of the bank. Mike grabs Maddie and puts her in KITT, then runs to join two cops, claiming he's a DEA officer. The cops give Mike a gun and they all return fire, until one of the cops is shot.

KITT realizes that the bank robbers' armor is impenetrable. Mike orders him to bring the wounded cop and Maddie to the closest hospital, and then runs into the bank. As the gunmen order everyone onto the ground, Mike tackles one of them. The robbers' leader, whom we'll call Steve, puts his gun to Mike's head and offers to blow it off.

As cops, helicopters and news trucks descend outside, the robbers close the blinds and rig the bank with explosives. The only way the SSC will be able to see inside is if KITT returns and uses his infrared; until then, they'll have to rely on news coverage. KITT reports that he's almost at the hospital, and introduces Maddie to the gang. Sarah asks Maddie to keep KITT the talking car a secret.

Inside the bank, Mike counts four robbers. Fellow hostage Lynn informs them that a fifth went in the back room. Sarah wants to tell the cops that Mike is in the bank, but KITT and Zoe disagree -- the robbers may be monitoring police frequencies, thus putting Mike in greater danger. Mike grabs hostage Derrick's cell phone and starts writing a text to Sarah, as KITT activates his infrared to grab images from inside the bank.

Steve grabs Tina and orders her to call her husband Frank. Steve tells Frank to turn on the news and await further instructions or he'll kill Tina, then hangs up the phone. Steve tells another hostage to run out of the bank, and then shoots him in the back in front of cops. Mike uses the hubbub to send his text to Sarah, but she doesn't notice, as she watches live footage of the hostage being shot on the news.

The SWAT team arrives, and its leader tries to call into the bank, but Steve orders his men to cut the phone lines, leaving only one phone off the hook. KITT knows that Steve has made a call, but can't determine anything else, since Steve used a satellite phone with scrambler. When Sarah realizes that the shot hostage is still alive, she orders KITT to create cover so the police can retrieve him. The robbers fire on KITT, and Steve notices that he's no ordinary car.

Mike crawls over to Tina. Why would Steve have called her husband? Steve knocks Mike out with a gun butt to the head, and drags him into the vault, along with Derrick and Lynn. Steve discovers Mike's cell phone and demands to know who KITT is. Mike laughs and admits that KITT is his car, earning another gun butt to the gut.

KITT reports that he's lost contact with Mike; his infrared can't penetrate the vault. Steve promises Mike that he has plans for him, and he better not try to be a hero. After forcing several hostages to take the cash out of the vault, Steve instructs them to put the money into bags. KITT informs that SWAT is in position for an assault on the bank, just as Sarah notices the text from Mike: the bank is wired with explosives.

Steve gives Lynn a master key to the safe deposit boxes, and orders her, Derrick and Mike to empty them. Then he tapes their mouths shut. Sarah orders KITT to stop the SWAT strike, but they're already counting down. Using voice duplication, KITT makes himself sound like the SWAT leader and tells the team to stand down.

Sarah orders KITT to text Mike, as Billy replays footage of the initial incident outside the bank. Bank robbers usually fight their way out of a bank, not into it. And why did the robbers seem to target Tina? As Mike drills open a safe deposit box and finds a loaded gun, Steve receives KITT's text and texts back, asking about his location. KITT concludes that the person texting him isn't Mike.

Sarah asks if there's any other way into the bank. There are miles of tunnels under the city, but none of them lead to the bank or surrounding buildings. KITT informs them that the police have made contact with the bank. Sarah demands audio. Steve asks for five identical vans and clear passage to the nearest airport where an empty running jet should be cleared for take-off. If it takes longer than an hour, or if there's anyone in or near the plane, he'll start shooting hostages.

KITT claims that SWAT protocol won't allow the gunmen to take hostages onto the plane. Zoe deduces that one of the hostages might be a pilot, so Sarah focuses in on Tina, ordering KITT to track down Maddie. KITT calls Maddie at the hospital to learn that Tina's not a pilot. The bank is a sub-branch and doesn't hold much money. Sarah wonders if the robbers are after something in a safe deposit box.

Mike attacks Steve. During the fight, Lynn opens a safety deposit box containing a gun, and holds it on Mike. She tells Steve that she's found what they've been looking for -- a list of accounts. Meanwhile, Billy discovers that mob lawyer Joe Carter controls many of the bank's offshore accounts. In the bank, Lynn pulls a hood off Joe and commands him to write down the codes for all the offshore accounts.

When the vans pull up to the bank, Billy insists that the robbers are planning another way out. Meanwhile, Steve dresses Mike in body armor and face mask to look like a robber, tapes an assault rifle into his hands, then tapes him to a group of hooded hostages. Steve calls Tina's husband Frank, and orders him to shut down the city's power grid.

KITT reports Steve's untraceable call, and together the team figures that Frank works for the Department of Water and Power and is going to shut down the power grid. Steve pushes Mike out of the bank with the group of hostages as the SWAT leader gives the order to fire on Mike. Using his voice duplication, KITT orders the snipers to stand down, then lasers the gun out of Mike's hands. Freeing himself from the group of hostages, Mike runs back into the bank.

Lynn uses a sophisticated measuring system to locate a spot on the floor, then burns a hole through it with acid, tapping into a tunnel below. Steve gives the last man into the hole a transponder, ordering him to blow the bank after clearing the first tunnel. As the bank blows up, Mike dives into the tunnel, while KITT races through the city streets, tracking the cell phone that Steve still has in his pocket.

Mike catches up with the last robber and takes him out of commission, as Steve and Lynn reach a boiler room where they've stashed electric motorcycles. They take off, as the two other robbers jump Mike. Mike knocks those guys out, then jumps on the last motorcycle to follow Steve and Lynn to a hatch, which leads outside.

Steve and Lynn jump into a car in a deserted parking lot, just as KITT crashes through the gate and Mike exits the hatch. KITT cuts off the car, causing it to crash. Mike knocks out Steve and Lynn runs up a hill. Mike catches Lynn, who offers to share the money, then tries to punch him, causing her to fall and roll down the hill. After everything is cleaned up, the team joins Maddie and her family at the hospital for a happy reunion.






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