Knight Rider

Episode 1.08 : Knight of the Zodiac

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : November 19, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director J. Miller Tobin
  • Screenwriter Matt Pyken
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Ron E. Dickinson,
    • Thai Douglas,
    • Fiona Gubelmann,
    • Brennan Elliot

The Story

In a parking lot, KITT positively IDs the guy who broke into an FBI field office to steal a drive. With an old-fashioned fist fight, Mike takes the guy down, but he's up in a flash, climbing over a chain link fence. KITT deploys a slick of "black ice," taking the guy down once and for all.

Back at the SSC, everyone scrambles for a Pentagon eco-audit, while Rivai interrogates the guy. The stolen drive is full of anti-terrorism files, which could land him squarely in Guantanamo. The guy takes off his ring, adorned with the Virgo symbol and asks to make a deal, admitting to participating in a $4 million payroll robbery in Anchorage, Alaska. KITT confirms that six expert thieves took part in the robbery, identified only by zodiac signs.

None of the Anchorage thieves have ever seen each other. "Virgo" was on his way to meet big-time money launderer Capricorn in Vegas to pick up his share of the loot. Rivai hands Mike the Virgo ring and sends him to Vegas; Billy will ride along as back-up. On the way, Billy uses the fingerprint generator in KITT's glove compartment to replicate Virgo's thumbprint, just in case.

Pentagon rep Tess Landafly arrives at the SSC to begin her eco-audit. Sarah takes her through the SSC's procedure for dispensing with top secret files, earning points. Tess recognizes Sarah as a fellow engineer, and the women bond. Sarah is surprised to find sparks flying between Tess and her father.

Billy promises not to disappoint Mike; if anyone asks he's Mike's little brother, in Vegas to drink, mack chicks and try to count cards. Inside the Corsica Casino, KITT warns Mike that he's being followed, so Mike ducks into a bathroom to ditch his earwig. Mike wrestles his pursuer to the floor, only to meet Capricorn, leader of the Zodiac gang.

Tess wants to see KITT, disappointed that he's on a mission. She claims there's a faction in the Pentagon that has it in for Knight Industries and she wants to help. Graiman asks if their relationship compromises Tess' ethics, but she's already told the Pentagon that they used to have lots and lots of sex. Meanwhile, Zoe and Rivai watch Tess and Graiman canoodling in the hallway, surprising Sarah.

Capricorn escorts Mike to his warehouse lair to meet the rest of the crew: Scorpio is a pickpocket; Gemini is the weapons expert; Leo is on communications and technology and hot Aquarius is all about distraction. After the crew toasts to the future, their glasses are scanned for fingerprints to confirm their identity. Back at the casino, Billy hits it off with cute dental student Courtney at the blackjack table.

It turns out that Capricorn is actually Steven Cordova, security chief at the Corsica, and he's been using his position to launder money. But the casino has been sold, so he foresees losing his job in the next ten days, thus he's planned a huge final score. He hands over Anchorage job proceeds to Mike, but there's a problem. Mike's fingerprints check out, but he doesn't match the real Virgo's driver's license.

Claiming that it's merely a technique to stay out of jail, Mike borrows Capricorn's cell phone to call KITT. He immediately subs a photo of Capricorn on the license displayed on a nearby laptop. Impressed, Capricorn lowers his gun. Back at the SSC, Sarah confronts her father. Why didn't he tell her about Tess? Graiman and Tess were former fierce rivals, and no, she's not his girlfriend.

After losing at the blackjack tables, Billy and Courtney part ways. Cursing himself, Billy calls Zoe for advice. Zoe is able to tap into the concierge's computer to locate Courtney. Billy finds Courtney poolside and they retreat to her room, where Zoe has sent champagne, strawberries and whipped cream. Thrilled, Courtney attacks Billy.

Mike hangs out at the Corsica's pool with the rest of the team, celebrating before Capricorn announces their target -- the casino itself. Later, Mike calls the SSC with this puzzling info. KITT suggests that Capricorn may be trying to solidify his position. If he foils the robbery, he might be able to hold onto his job. Mike wants to take the zodiac team down now, but Rivai claims they can't -- they need solid video evidence.

Tess begs Graiman to tell her anything about KITT; right now the Pentagon thinks the SSC is just another wasteful boondoggle. The morning after, Courtney cries, upsetting Billy. She admits that she just gambled her student loan check away and she's $100,000 in debt. Warning Courtney that if she's scamming him, she'll break his tender heart, Billy promises to get her money back.

Capricorn lays out his plan. A rich Chinese industrialist is scheduled to visit the Corsica. By law, the casino cage must hold enough cash to cover his bets -- $31 million. Leo will disable communication, Gemini will hold guards at bay, Scorpio will swipe a special magnetic key with Aquarius' help, and Mike will cut the power, use the key to enter the cage and take off with the money. The crew is flabbergasted to learn that this will all happen later today.

Mike states that the job will be a piece of cake, explaining to KITT that he had to make it look good -- it's called bravado. When they learn there's a "Win This Car" feature next to the slots with sight line to the cage, Mike and KITT plan to get KITT into the casino. When Billy calls to check in, Mike warns that Courtney may be a grifter; in any case, Billy should hurry up and win her money back, since Mike's going to rob the casino.

KITT disguises himself as a Ford Flex and pulls up to a loading dock, where a worker escorts him to the casino floor. Going all in on a big bet, Billy calls KITT to ask him to identify the dealer's hold card, but KITT refuses to cheat. Luckily Billy wins the bet. Mike buys valet Clarence's beater for $20,000 and asks him to leave it running at the side door in 15 minutes. KITT will keep his cameras rolling during the robbery to get evidence on the entire zodiac crew.

Mike instructs KITT to deliver an EMP pulse on his mark to zap the casino's power grid. KITT informs him that there's a redundant back-up system, so Mike will only have 30 seconds -- piece of cake. KITT asks if this is another example of bravado, but Mike insists 30 seconds is all the time he'll need. Within minutes, the plan gets underway...

Gemini pretends to lose a contact, distracting a security guard long enough for Scorpio to steal the cage key. Gemini pulls pistols out of her boots to threaten security, and Mike orders KITT to fire. Sadly, the EMP disables the cage key, so KITT bursts through the cage with a laser. Mike loads the money into a cart, and escapes out the side door, where Clarence's beater is waiting for him. What a rush!

Mike returns to Capricorn's lair to find the crew waiting for him. Leo uses a radio frequency scanner to locate Mike's earwig, and Capricorn pulls out a gun, convinced that Mike isn't the real Virgo. Billy gives Courtney the money and a big kiss good-bye, and she tells him that she loves him. Billy hops in KITT and calls Zoe, who directs him to Mike's location.

Capricorn tells Mike that the police are on their way. They'll discover Mike's body, and Capricorn will be a hero for killing the casino robber. He might even get to keep his job. Mike overpowers Capricorn and takes out the lights, then rushes for the door. Donning night vision goggles, Capricorn is just about to shoot Mike, when KITT bursts through the wall in Attack Mode.

Back at the SSC, Graiman gives Tess a report on KITT's specs. There's a brand new 2010 Mustang up on the gimbal, while the real KITT hides in the parking lot. Tess is able to file a great report, earning the SSC a carbon credit; Graiman earns a date for later that night. KITT points out that the specs Graiman presented were inaccurate -- is Graiman going to date Tess, even while he doesn't trust her? Yes, he is.

Everyone hangs out in the game room, replaying the highlights of the Vegas mission. The girls want KITT to play back the video of Billy leaving Courtney at the casino, but he can't -- for some reason, that video is password protected. Mike points out that what happens in Vegas, stays in KITT.






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