Knight Rider

Episode 1.07 : I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : November 12, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Matt Earl Beesley
  • Screenwriter Teresa Huang
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • John Allen Nelson,
    • Kelly Kruger

The Story

Billy and Zoe sit in KITT munching popcorn, while watching Sarah and Mike spar in the gym. They think it's like watching porn, but KITT can't see how punching each other is an indirect request for intimacy. When Torres approaches with news of a mission, Billy and Zoe duck out of sight. Perplexed, KITT senses their hormone levels rising.

While showering next to each other, both Sarah and Mike have to turn on the cold water. They report to the SSC, where the gang is screening the latest online video post by Nikki and Max for a Free America. Nikki and Max make out passionately, celebrating a hack into Treasury files that transferred all congressional salaries to Iraq war widows. Their popularity on the Internet is skyrocketing, their primary objective to take down the military-industrial complex.

Mike wants Sarah to join him on this mission; her "female perspective" will be a valuable asset. Graiman doesn't like the idea, but when KITT figures out that Nikki and Max's next target will be the town of Hastings, Mike and Sarah take off. Graiman asks Torres why he didn't tell them Nikki's full identity; Rivai claims they don't need to know. Graiman predicts that it will all blow up in their faces.

Finally alone with Mike, Sarah wants to talk. Mike knows they're never alone, as evidenced by Zoe and Billy betting $200 on who will break first, Mike or Sarah. Mike tells Sarah that he wants to keep his personal life and work separate. When Billy informs that the number 15 keeps coming up in online chatter, everyone gets to work, trying to figure out what it has to do with Nikki and Max's unknown target.

Graiman and Torres debate the ethics of Nikki and Max's recent destruction of a nuclear waste facility as a "public service." Torres thinks they're anarchists, but Graiman points out that one man's anarchist is another man's Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Billy and Zoe flirtatiously admire each others' coding prowess.

Sarah and Mike park KITT in tiny downtown Hastings, still puzzling over the relevance of the number 15. Mike thinks it might mean 1500 hours and it's quarter to three right now. Mike has KITT check possible targets as Sarah spots a cop looming. Mike locks Sarah in a passionate embrace to throw off the cop, a kiss which stuns them both. Zoe collects $200 from Billy.

Mike wonders; what if the target is a place that makes something small that could affect something big. KITT identifies nearby Anderson Valve. They make check valves used in every major oil refinery in the U.S. If something were to disrupt the supply chain, the price of gas could shoot up to $10 overnight.

Mike and KITT drool over Nikki and Max's car in the Anderson Valve parking lot: a 1970 Super Bee four-speed hardtop. Mike and Sarah grab guns and I.D. badges out of KITT's glove compartment and enter the plant, as KITT locates the valve machine. Nikki and Max stash a backpack full of C-4 and run for it. Mike wants to disarm the bomb, but there's no time, so KITT drives over it to absorb the blast.

Mike and Sarah confront Nikki and Max in the parking lot for a stand-off with guns. Torres tells Mike and Sarah not to shoot; Nikki is Congressman Childress' daughter. Nikki laughs, shoots Mike in the shoulder, and takes off with Max. Sarah tweezes out the buckshot and Mike complains about the mission, just as Congressman Childress strides into the SSC, claiming Max brainwashed his little angel.

Torres promises that Mike will retrieve Nikki unharmed, a favor Childress promises to repay. KITT suggests that Nikki may be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, but neither Sarah nor Mike is buying it, since Nikki shot Mike with a smile. KITT figures that Nikki and Max's next target is Teetor Plastics, a manufacturer of turbo fans for missiles that's only 134 miles away.

That night, Mike and Sarah stake out Teetor Plastics. Billy claims that it's a rule; two people can't sit in a dark car and not make out. He and Zoe bet again as to who will crack first. Mike and Sarah get the jump on Nikki and Max. Max puts a knife to Nikki's throat and threatens to kill her, so Mike and Sarah let him leave. Nikki runs to hug Mike. She feigns fear, her smile indicating that it's all going according to her plan.

Back at the SSC, a pouting Nikki runs for her daddy, claiming Max made her do it. Childress wants to take Nikki home, but Rivai informs him that Nikki will be going to a federal detention facility. Nikki asks for a moment to talk to her father alone, and Graiman shuts them into the game room. Billy bets Zoe that Nikki will roll over on Max.

Childress tells everyone that Nikki will testify against Max, and Billy wins his bet. Still, Rivai refuses to take off Nikki's cuffs as they all climb into a van. Mike is angry; he doesn't like to leave loose ends. Sarah points out that it's not the first time politics sidelined a mission. They decide to engage in a friendly game of eight ball in the game room.

Billy announces that the firewall is mysteriously disabled. He and Graiman rush to the game room to learn that Nikki breached the system and downloaded their top secret files. Sarah phones Rivai as Mike hops in KITT, who transforms into Attack Mode and roars after the van. Rivai searches Nikki, but she doesn't have a drive on her. Graiman is just figuring that Nikki downloaded the files into her father's cell phone when the Super Bee T-bones the van, knocking out Rivai and Childress.

Nikki wriggles out of her handcuffs and plucks up Childress' cell phone to reunite with Max. He stuffs Rivai into the trunk of a waiting car and they take off. Mike shows up at the crash site too late. Billy wants to track Nikki and Max using Childress' cell phone, but Mike finds the battery on the street, making it impossible.Mike has KITT analyze an oil leak and a tire track to hone in on the whereabouts of Max's car, and takes off after them.

KITT finally locates Max's car, and confirms that Rivai is breathing, though still unconscious. When Max spots Mike, Billy determines that their purloined files are being uploaded to the Internet; Nikki must have had an extra cell phone battery. Mike wants KITT to employ his EMP, but it's too dangerous. Instead, KITT and Mike work to shoot out Max's rear tires simultaneously, bringing his car to a halt.

Mike, Max and Nikki pull out their guns for another stand-off. Mike wants to know who's buying, but Nikki and Max insist it's all about telling the American people the truth. They're uploading Knight Industry's files to expose the lies and hypocrisy of the people Mike works for. Does he even know who they are?

Billy jams Nikki and Max's transmission, but is able to make it look complete on their end, making Zoe feel all tingly with his genius. Mike wants Max to hand over Rivai, but he refuses, forcing Mike to drop his gun. Max and Nikki load Rivai into KITT to make their escape. Warning Rivai of what he's about to do, KITT locks the doors and turns on the gas. When Nikki and Max pass out, Mike helps Rivai out of KITT, mission accomplished.

That night, Billy and Zoe sit in KITT to ask what he learned about male/female relationships over the course of the day. KITT claims that men and women are erratic, unpredictable and irrational, and there's no such thing as a make-out rule, he checked. Billy and Zoe agree that rules are rules, and are just about to obey them when they duck, hearing Mike and Sarah approach.

Mike informs them that Congress has just quietly doubled their funding. Sarah wonders if this has anything to do with charges against Nikki being dropped... at least Max will be serving 20 to life. Rather than mix business with pleasure, Mike bids Sarah good night.






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