Knight Rider

Episode 1.01 : A Knight in Shining Armor

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : September 24, 2008
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dressed to the nines, Mike Traceur attends an elegant cocktail party at a foreign consulate with a beautiful woman on his arm. Spying a bald man with a briefcase, he ditches the woman and whispers that he has the package in sight, but there's no response from his partner Sarah. KITT locates her in the vault room, where Mike is supposed to be already.

Sarah has just finished copying files to a drive which she sticks in her cleavage, when several armed paramilitaries bust in. Their leader Jackson demands to know Mike's whereabouts, just as Mike is being detained by security in a locked room. He punches his way out, and asks KITT to direct him to Sarah's location, while Jackson threatens her with a nasty-looking hypodermic.

Detected by security, KITT is about to be detained in the parking lot, so he transforms into Attack Mode to save himself. Mike bursts into the Vault Room to save Sarah in the nick of time. Jackson obviously knows Mike, but Mike doesn't recognize him. After they fight their way free, Sarah plants a hearty kiss on Mike, in thanks for saving her life.

Mike and Sarah run through the bowels of the consulate to escape on the far side of the building. KITT transforms into an F-150 pick-up truck, allowing Sarah and Mike to jump into the bed. Sarah doesn't have long to be upset with Mike over losing the package, as a helicopter fires a missile which tracks to Mike's body heat. With seconds before impact, KITT tells Mike and Sarah to remain calm, as he radios their situation to Sarah's father, Dr. Graiman.

Graiman fears the worst as the missile engulfs KITT. The fuel attaches to KITT's outer skin, but he can't shed it; they'll just have to wait for it burn out. The only problem? Despite shedding their clothes, there's no way Mike and Sarah can survive the rising temperature. Although KITT needs all available power to try to keep them alive, Torres insists that he upload the files Sarah stole from the vault room.

Billy thinks the fire will put itself out if KITT increases speed to 377 mph, but it doesn't work, and Mike and Sarah pass out. Graiman decides to bring KITT in hot, while sucking all the air out of the entry tunnel. It's an incredibly risky plan, since there will be no oxygen, but it does work, and the team scrambles to revive Mike and Sarah. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Carrie Ruvai peruses top secret files on Mike.

Carrie is furious with Mike for not returning with the package. He points out that Jackson was waiting for him.. is there a leak? Their argument is put aside as word comes in that the package is on the move, and everyone scrambles to get the plane ready. Meanwhile, Sarah asks Mike if Jackson knows him from Iraq, but he doesn't remember. Is Mike afraid to tell Sarah what he did or is this about what he's capable of? Mike admits that he's afraid of both.

On the plane, Carrie gives Mike his assignment: get the package and return to the plane ASAP. On the road, Mike has KITT check Torres and Carrie's files, thinking one of them may be the leak. KITT's more interested in Mike's relationship with Sarah. Mike claims they're just friends, but KITT knows that their biological read-outs suggest otherwise.

Mike and KITT find Jay Hunt, the bald man from the consulate, hiding under a bridge. Just as Hunt explains that he's the package, a hot girl in a hot sports car screeches up. Mike doesn't recognize her, but Kelli sure knows him, exposing the Special Forces tattoo on her breast. Kelli grabs Hunt, shoves him in the car, and speeds off.

While in pursuit of Kelli, KITT finds video of Mike kissing her in Beirut. Realizing that Sarah has just seen the video back at HQ, Mike orders KITT to open a secure chat line. Sarah tells Mike that just before he stopped calling her, he asked her to marry him - on the same date that the Beirut video was shot. Mike doesn't remember proposing. Carrie asks if he had anything to do with black op Secure Freedom, which Jackson and his men were all part of.

KITT wants to know if Mike is repressing memories or lying. He won't talk, but admits to remembering only some things. He orders KITT to zoom in on Kelli's car, where Hunt explains that he exfoliates and shaves every four hours so that no one can sample his precious DNA. Kelli smirks, chops off Hunt's thumb, and dumps him out of the car.

Both Torres and Hunt insist that Mike rush to retrieve the thumb. Mike jams Hunt's hand in the glove compartment, and KITT applies first aid. Hunt is afraid the Knight Industries team is going to dissect him, since he has created an unbreakable code, to which his DNA is the key. Once Kelli gets out of her car and enters a train station, KITT can no longer track her, so Mike tells him to convert to Attack Modge.

KITT transforms into an F150 pickup as he roars into a subway tunnel. Mike jumps out of the rear bed and onto the subway platform to chase Kelli. Carrie suddenly appears to shoot Mike in the chest. As he goes down, the glass container containing the thumb breaks on the ground, and Kelli escapes onto a train.

Back on the plane, Mike is confused when he finally regains consciousness. Tossing him the file for Operation Secure Freedom, Carrie explains that his past was interfering with his present, and she had to make the world believe him to be dead. Now maybe they can find out what really happened to Mike in Iraq. As for Kelli, it's as if she doesn't exist.

Mike drives KITT off the plane at high speeds. KITT warns that if Mike is planning to take off with Knight Industries' property, he will be forced to assume control. Mike confesses that he's just going home. When KITT explains that the FBI has already been there, Mike relents to going back to HQ. Now that Mike's past will no longer endanger Sarah, KITT wonders if Mike may become close to her again, but Mike knows that his past will always haunt him.

Back at HQ, Torres arranges for Hunt to enter the witness protection program, so his DNA won't fall into the wrong hands. Graiman warns that one day Mike will remember everything, and when he does, he'll come after Torres. Torres promises to make sure that Mike never remembers. After eavesdropping on this conversation, KITT scans Mike's top secret file.

Mike finds Sarah in her pod, and asks her if she wants to grab a beer. She's wary, having been down this road before, so Mike asks if they can start fresh, introducing himself as Michael Knight. KITT observes that they make a handsome couple as they head out.






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