Kitchen Nightmares

Episode 5.13 : Yanni's

  • Kitchen Nightmares
    • Episode Premiere : March 15, 2013
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2007 - now
    • Production Company: Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Phinney Ridge, Washington, to pay a visit to Yanni's Greek restaurant, run by Peter and his family. Peter's father opened the place in 1984 and passed the torch to him in 2007.

Things had been going well at the restaurant for a while, but now business is dwindling. Peter's wife Karen and daughter Alyse say the neighborhood is different but Peter refuses to change with the times. He claims it is their attitudes that need adjusting. Dad spends a lot of time yelling at the family, and Alyse constantly fights with her father. Peter's other daughter, Tariya, is often found crying in the kitchen.

When Chef Ramsay arrives in town, Peter spends a few minutes alone with him and tells him the restaurant is losing $8,000-$10,000 each month. He complains his family is not devoted to the place and they don't listen to him; he says he's not a strong enough boss and gives in to their whims. But he gives his food a 9 out of 10 rating.

Karen and the two girls greet Chef Ramsay at Yanni's. Tariya immediately breaks into tears and says it's hard to see her parents struggle. The women claim the problem is that Peter is too stubborn. The two sides of the family are clearly at odds.

When Peter joins them, Gordon sees firsthand the disrespect he has for his family. He's struck by the negativity of the situation and hopes to find something positive in the menu.

As he waits for the food, Gordon gets a chance to take in the dated décor. When his meal arrives, he discovers the pumpkin hummus is hideous, the moussaka is greasy, and the house gyro looks like a "plateful of puke." Peter and Alyse get defensive when critiqued, but Gordon tells them they need to get their heads into the 21st century.

That night at dinner service, Chef Ramsay watches how the kitchen operates. He's not surprised to learn that Alyse and Peter are constantly arguing and customers are sending back their meals.

His inspection of the walk-in reveals rotten veggies, moldy beef and raw meat mixed in with cooked meat. He shuts down the kitchen based on the danger to the customers, but Peter only blames his family for the problems.

The next day a disgusted Chef Ramsay demands the restauranteurs accept responsibility for the problems or he will walk away. Peter finally sees the light and begs for help. Gordon implores him to let go of the past and change his negative ways, beginning with being more respectful to his family.

Chef Ramsay gives the family an assignment - review the 28-year-old menu and cut out what's not selling. Initially Peter refuses to make changes, but he comes around in the end.

Overnight Chef Ramsay takes their recommendations and revamps the menu while his team remodels the dining room. When the family arrives the next day, the new décor is stunning. This time Tariya is not the only one crying - the whole family cries tears of joy.

Chef Ramsay then teaches Peter and Alyse new techniques in the kitchen and shows them how to prepare the innovative modern Greek classics he has created. At relaunch, dad and daughter begin to clash, but Chef Ramsay enforces the new system and gets them back in sync. Customers rave about the food, and the family is once again harmonious.

In the weeks that follow, Peter adapts to the changes made by Chef Ramsay. Father and daughter continue to work well together in the kitchen. And Tariya is doing more smiling than crying.






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