Kitchen Nightmares

Episode 5.05 : Barefoot Bob's Beach Grill

  • Kitchen Nightmares
    • Episode Premiere : December 07, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2007 - now
    • Production Company: Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Prod.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Chef Ramsay heads to the beachside eatery Barefoot Bob's in Hull, Massachusetts, but quickly finds himself in a hellish situation. Mark and Lisa, a husband and wife team, opened the grill in the summer of 2004 but have a practically empty restaurant in the winter months.

To save money, Mark has fired the chef and taken over the kitchen, leaving Lisa to man the front of the house. Mark is drowning in work, while Lisa prefers to avoid it. They both have lost their passion, not just for the restaurant but for each other as well.

Upon arrival, Chef Ramsay orders from the oversized - and dirty - menu. He decides to bypass the fried Bob's Big Buoy platter to avoid needing a bypass himself. He finds that there's too much lobster in the roll and not enough clams in the bland, floury chowder. He tells the staff that the restaurant is a waste of an ocean view.

At service that night, Chef Ramsay is shocked to discover that the restaurant features an in-house psychic who does readings for the customers. While the clairvoyant sees that something is awry, she predicts that if the proprietors put in the work, the business can survive.

Food flies out to the customers, but the diners are dissatisfied and meals are consistently pushed back to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Chef Ramsay finds that the walk-in is not just a mess but is also dangerously unsanitary.

Gordon points out to Mark and Lisa that their dysfunctional system is costing them thousands of dollars in wasted ingredients. To top it off, Mark and Lisa can't even answer simple questions about the business' finances. But after a frank talk about their marriage, they both commit to working together to improve their restaurant and their relationship.

Then it's time for change. Chef Ramsay introduces them to a business consultant, helps update their menu, takes the staff on a multitown promotional tour, gives them a state-of-the-art point-of-sale system and takes the d├ęcor from "tiki to chic-y."

With a new menu in place, it seems like everything's on track. But it's not all smooth sailing at the reopening. Lisa's brother Robby feels that the new look will alienate their loyal clientele. He threatens to quit his post as bartender just minutes before the relaunch. But after stern talks from Gordon and Mark, he gets on board.

Chef Ramsay's mission is a success. Even when chaos erupts in the kitchen, Lisa takes charge and gets everything under control. Plus, the new and improved menu is a hit with the customers. And, most importantly, Mark and Lisa are clearly ready to work together as a team once again.






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