Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Episode 1.03 : Episode 103

  • Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
    • Episode Premiere : April 02, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: Fresh One Productions, Ryan Seacrest Productions
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/jamie-olivers-food-revolution

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jamie visits the cooks of Central City Elementary to see how things are progressing. In the cafeteria, Jamie sees that the kids are actually eating the food. But back in the kitchen, Alice doesn't have a lot of positive feedback. That's par for the course. If only Jamie could get her on his side.

Jamie was able to bring in some extra help to support the ladies during the two week trial of serving nothing but fresh food. The homemade shepherd's pie is a big hit. Some of the kids are even eating broccoli. Alice doesn't believe they'll be able to sustain this type of production without the extra kitchen help. Rhonda tells Jamie they will need money to pay for the training of cooks. As tasty as the meals may be, the program falls apart if they don't have the funds to support it.

Rhonda gives Jamie permission to take over the meals at Huntington High. The cafeteria has four lines for food. The lines for pizza and fries are pretty popular. The line for the salad bar...not so much. Since the kids have so many choices available to them, Jamie believes he needs a different strategy than the one employed at the elementary school. He recruits a few students to be his ambassadors of change. Let's meet his team:

- Marisa gets involved because both her father and her uncle died after being overweight.

- Brittany signs up because she's been struggling with her own weight issues all her life.

- Emily joins the team because she loves cooking and wants to go to culinary school.

- Brian wants get an early start with others to help them live healthier lives.

- Ryan has been in trouble in the past, but is turning things around by learning how to prepare meals for others.

- Robert is a football player who's trading in his helmet for a chef's hat.

Jamie needs to raise $80,000 to roll out training to all the lunch cooks in the Huntington area schools. He asks his new team of teen cooks if they'd be willing to help. See, Jamie has organized a fundraiser dinner with some of the most influential people in town, including a senator. He wants the students to do all the cooking for the event. The kids are nervous about taking on such a project, but everyone is onboard.

Before the fundraiser, Jamie must first serve the kids at the high school. He and his team of teens hand out samplers of the stir fry Chinese noodle dish he's serving. Back in the kitchen area, Rhonda notices that Jamie's menu doesn't conform to the meal component rules. He doesn't have enough veggies. The seven different vegetables Jamie put in the stir fry don't cut it.

Rhonda informs Jamie that he can serve fries, as they are considered a vegetable. No, really! According to school rules, French fries are veggies! Not for long. Jamie cuts off all French fry service and dumps any that have been already served into the trash. Well, he did say this was going to be a revolution!

The day of the fundraiser, the kids have three hours of prep time in the kitchen before the guests arrive. Jamie divvies up the duties to make the deadline. He gets a little ticked when, fifteen minutes into the mission, Robert reveals that he has to go to football practice. He'll be back, but in the meantime they'll be totally shorthanded.

The team hits a few snags as they do the prep work for 80 meals. But they come together to work in perfect harmony. Every plate goes out looking delicious. Jamie says, "That whole cooking session was a mixture of catch-up, chaos and, bizarrely when we got into actually serving it, 95 percent of the time it was like heaven." The results of all that hard work are amazing and the guests in the dining room enjoy a very tasty meal.

When dinner is done, Jamie breaks the news that he wasn't one who cooked the meal. He brings out the real chefs of the evening to a room filled with applause. Each one of the kids takes a moment to address the crowd. The most touching moment of the night comes when Brittany steps forward. Tears flow as she talks about the possible repercussions of her weight. But having her friends and Jamie behind her gives her the motivation she needs to continue to fight the good fight. We're behind you, too, Brittany.

Later, Jamie introduces the kids to the senator who says what they are doing here will change the way they do things in West Virginia as well as in the United States. In short, they are making history. But they still have a long way to go.






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