Episode 3.04 : F*** Me, Mr. Drecker or Let's Not Go to Jail

  • Hung
    • Episode Premiere : October 23, 2011
    • Distributor : HBO
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HBO
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The scene opens with Ray and Logan getting "busy" in his car and afterward, he asks why she is throwing a party. He asks her what she wants to do and she returns it and asks what he wants to do. At the café, Tanya says that she can't believe that Lydia is an actual cop. Charlie says that shouldn't matter and says that she needs to keep Lydia happy because if she doesn't, she is going to go to jail. Tanya says that she has to tell Ray about it and Charlie advises against it. However, Tanya says that they are partners. Charlie asks why she bailed him out of jail if she is not going to listen to him. She says that he asked her to. Charlie admits that he likes Tanya and she says that she likes him too. Meanwhile, Ray parties with Logan all through the night. He takes time in to get "busy" again.

Matt gets into work to find Jessica at work. She is sick and Matt tells her to go home. He says that she is doing a good job and says that she needs to take medicine. Jessica mumbles a song from a Musical. Matt asks if she likes Musicals and shows that he does too by singing the same song. Ray is feeling the after affects of the partying and Logan comes in and tells Ray to drink some water. He asks what she is doing later and Logan says that she is going to take a shower and go back to bed. Ray gets home to find Tanya there. She says that she called last night and Ray is hung-over. Tanya says that Lydia is a cop and that they have to keep her happy. However, Ray tells that they cut her loose already. Ray says that he is going to tell her that he can't see her anymore.

Lenore takes Jason and Sandee to buy a HDTV. Lenore tells them to look in the back. Sandee tells that Lenore told her that she can have any TV she wanted and tells Jason to talk to Lenore about the thing they talked about. He goes up to Lenore, who is trying to get them to buy a dented HDTV. Jason says that Sandee wants to have one from the front, but Lenore tells him that Sandee is a liar. Jason asks for $400 per person he sleeps with and Lenore tells him that she will send him back to the dishwashing job. Ray meets with Lydia and she tells that she can be sweet and Ray lies to her about being too rough. She asks for one more time and he gives it to her. She is sweet until she slaps him.

Afterward, Tanya talks to Ray about having sex with Lydia and says that she now thinks that she is still a client. Tanya gets into the Wellness Center and she talks to Lydia. She tells that Ray quit and that he is not available. She tells that she doesn't care and says that if Tanya wants to have the "Wellness Center" still, she will have a "burglar" come into her house tonight. Tanya tries to call Ray, but he is too busy at the Carnival with Logan. Later that night, Tanya and Jason are in her car and Jason is trying to have sex with her. She tells that she has a client for him and says that she will pay him $400. Meanwhile, Matt and Jessica are at the theater watching a musical and at 10:07 PM, Jason comes in to Lydia's house. However, she realizes that it is not Ray when he sees his "stuff" and punches Jason.

Ray is getting "busy" on his pier and his neighbors see the entire thing. Later, Matt is getting "busy" with Jessica and is singing the song from the musical. She is not into it at all. She lies and says that it is fine, but she can't fake it and says that she is good. He tells her that it was fun and she says that she has to go home. Meanwhile, Ray is in his home and doing some roleplay with Logan. Jessica comes over and tells Logan to get dressed. Ray asks what Jessica wants and Logan comes up and introduces herself. Jessica says sorry and says that she is a child. Ray says that it is nothing and that Logan is more then 18 years old.

Meanwhile, Tanya sits down next to Charlie and says that she is happy that he is there. He agrees despite her not listening to what he says. She says that she does and they kiss. Logan writes Ray a check for the time she spent with him and invites him to the club. He says that he is running on low. She leaves and a cop car comes up. It is Lydia. She tells Ray that he is under arrest for prostitution. The episode ends.






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