The Hills

Episode 4.12 : I Want You to Be With Me

  • The Hills
    • Episode Premiere : October 27, 2008
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2010
    • Production Company: MTV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

While Stephanie and Lauren go fabric shopping for class, the girls discuss the guys' over-the-top behavior with the group of random girls in Cabo. Stephanie dishes about her new boyfriend, Cameron, and when Lauren invites Stephanie to come Crown Bar with the group that night, Stephanie sees it as a perfect opportunity for Cameron to stand up to Brody. But when Lauren tells Brody she's invited Stephanie, Brody can't promise to play nice.

At Crown Bar, Brody's presence causes tension as soon as he arrives. Stephanie pushes Cameron to talk to Brody, but Cameron doesn't make a move.

Meanwhile, Audrina and Chiara are helping Brandy in the recording studio at Epic. The girls are sifting through photos when Audrina gets a text from Justin, asking her to come meet him outside. Even though Audrina had just vowed that things were over between them, Justin is determined to sway her opinion. He admits he knows they have something special, and he only wants to be with Audrina.

Audrina is thrilled, until she talks to Chiara about the situation. Chiara reminds her how many times Justin has said the right things, but hasn't actually followed through with them. She also points out what a great guy Corey is, and how well he treats her. Finally, she lays on the guilt; how could Audrina tell Corey he's the most amazing guy ever, but she's just not interested?

Stephanie meets Spencer and Heidi for lunch, bringing the bad news that Cameron's decided to skip out on another uncomfortable meal with them. As Heidi and Spencer call it a rude move, Stephanie confesses she's not sure how much she actually likes Cameron. Spencer immediately guesses that Cameron backed out on defending her in front of Brody, and as the brunch comes to an end, Stephanie wonders why she always feels ready to break up with Cameron after having a talk with Spencer.

Despite her meet-up with Justin, Audrina meets Corey for dinner. Corey makes his feeling clear when he gives Audrina a toy koala bar asks Audrina to come to Australia with him. But Audrina confesses that her heart still belongs to Justin, and she has to say a sad 'goodbye' to Corey.






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