The Hills

Episode 4.05 : Something Has to Change

  • The Hills
    • Episode Premiere : September 08, 2008
    • Distributor : MTV
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2010
    • Production Company: MTV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

In Las Vegas, Frankie's birthday gathering is proving to be more about drama than fun. After hearing that Brody and Doug are in jail, Lauren, Lo and Stephanie scour the phone book trying to locate the boys. But before they can really put their Nancy Drew skills to the test, Frankie busts into their suite with Brody and Doug in tow.

Apparently, the boys were not arrested. Laughing, Doug explains that he was hassled by a random dude as he was leaving the casino. As Doug tried to walk away, the guy punched him in the chest. Instead of letting it go, Doug decided to press charges against his attacker ... which left him and Brody filling out paperwork in the casino jail for five hours. When the guys realize that the girls had been frantically searching for them, they lightheartedly make fun of their attempts to spring them.

As The Hills gang leaves the hotel, things get awkward when Audrina and Justin check out at the same time. Heading straight to Lauren, Audrina tells her roomie that they need to talk when they get home.

At Heidi and Spencer's place, Holly is painting her toenails when Spencer walks through the door. Holly says she's looking for jobs and an apartment ... from the couch. Spencer tells her "straight up" that he spoke with Heidi and, even though she loves her sister, they mutually agreed that Holly must get out. A visibly upset Holly takes the news to heart, grabbing her bag and leaving the apartment as Spencer pats himself on the back.

At People's Revolution, Whitney's sorting through jeans when Lauren comes in. Although she had fun in Las Vegas, Lauren admits she's seriously stressing over the Audrina situation. They didn't speak at all in Sin City, and she realizes that the pair has been putting off having a big talk.

On a date, Justin tells Audrina that Vegas was catty and uncomfortable. He doesn't see why Audrina puts up with the way she's been treated -- why not just kick Lauren and Lo to the curb? He offers to let her stay at his place if she decides to move out, but she says she can't just run away. She knows it's time to face the music...

At work, Lauren gets a text message from Audrina, who wants to talk. Before she can reply, People's Revolution owner Kelly Cutrone calls Whitney and Lauren into a meeting about an upcoming event that's taking place at Area with Lady GaGa. Knowing that Whitney wants to get her feet wet in styling, Kelly offers her prot�©g�© the opportunity to dress Lady GaGa. Since she won't be around that night, Kelly's putting her full faith in Whitney.

When Heidi returns home, she tells Spencer that she's worried because she hasn't heard from Holly. The two sisters had plans, but Holly's been avoiding Heidi's calls. Heidi has a sneaking suspicion it all has something to do with Spencer, and he readily admits that he told Holly to take a hike. Annoyed, Heidi is afraid that her sister now hates her.

Meanwhile, Lo tells Lauren it was weird how everyone scattered as soon as they returned to The Hills from Las Vegas. Audrina has been especially MIA, and Lauren admits that the two have yet to speak. It's looking more and more like the inevitable is about to happen...

At Area, Whitney prepares Lady GaGa for her performance. But after getting all dolled up, Lady GaGa discovers that her zipper's broken. With a little elbow grease, Lauren manages to save the outfit and Whitney gets the thumbs up from the budding new artist on her choice of clothing.

That night, Holly returns to Heidi and Spencer's apartment. Heidi admits she's upset that she hasn't heard from her sister, and Holly explains that Spencer said they wanted her out. Heidi points out that Holly should have come to her immediately -- Holly should know that Heidi would never send Spencer as a messenger. Heidi apologizes for Spencer's behavior and asks her sister to stay. Still, Holly wonders whether there was any truth behind Spencer's words.

Ready to take action, Audrina walks into Lauren's room for a talk. Audrina doesn't know where to start, so Lauren kicks things off by saying that she isn't mad, she's just hurt that Audrina isn't trying harder to maintain their friendship. Audrina swears she cares, she just feels like Lauren never really listens to what she has to say. Lauren admits that living with two friends that don't get along is awkward, but that shouldn't have stopped Audrina from voicing her grievances sooner.

As the conversation gets deep, a teary-eyed Lauren admits she's afraid she's lost another best friend. Turning on the waterworks herself, Audrina reveals she feels frustrated because she doesn't know how to handle the situation. The whole thing sucks, and the two friends don't know how to fix their damaged relationship. Audrina thinks they just need to stop dwelling on the past and start moving forward. Lauren's up for the challenge if Audrina's willing to meet her halfway. With that, the two girls share hug and promise to stay friends.






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